Latest election poll from MetroPOLL Research: Even if Erdogan brings together the undecided…

In MetroPOLL Research’s survey of 2,164 people in 26 cities between April 14 and April 20, the presidential election scenario was posed with three candidates. What if the National Alliance candidate rivals President Erdoğan and HDP’s Selahattin Demirtaş is under investigation. In the presidential election, the candidate of the National Alliance, the mayor of the metropolis of Ankara Mansur Yavaş, won by far in the first round against the president and president of the AKP Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Slow is 44%, Erdogan 34.3%, Demirtaş 13.3%.

According to the results shared by Halk TV writer İsmail Saymaz in his article, “In research, if there was a parliamentary election this Sunday, which party would you vote for?” Six of them said they would vote for the IYI party, 9.7 for the HDP and 5.7 percent for the MHP.DEVA received 1.5 percent, the Felicity and Re-Wealth parties 1.1 for cent each, and Future and Zafer 0.5 percent each. dispersed, the picture took the following form: AK Party 32.1%, CHP 22.4%, IYI Party 18.6%, HDP 12.3%, MHP 7.3%, DEVA 7.3%. It went to 2. The others are below 1.5%. used the expression.

Saymaz said: “These data reveal that the Iyi party, which turned away from the ‘Omar path’ and turned to the center-right, has climbed to 20 percent. In fact, 38.3 percent of participants find that the Iyi party is more successful than in the past.” made his assessment.


Saymaz used the following statements:

“The scenario of the presidential election was requested with three candidates. In other words, what if the candidate of the Alliance of Nations competed with President Erdoğan and Selahattin Demirtaş of the HDP was the subject of an investigation.

If the Nation candidate is Yavaş, Yavaş gets 44%, Erdoğan 34.3%, Demirtaş 13.3%.

If the candidate is İmamoğlu… Erdoğan gets 37.5%, İmamoğlu 36.2%, Demirtaş 13.8%.

Yavaş collects votes from Cumhur and HDP voters. The assumption that “Slow can’t win votes from HDP members” is totally unrealistic.

If the candidate is Akşener… Erdoğan gets 38.6%, Akşener 34.2%, Demirtaş 16.3%. And if the candidate is Kılıçdaroğlu… Erdoğan gets 40.1%, Kılıçdaroğlu 30.2% and Demirtaş 15.2%.


According to the research, Erdogan’s vote ranges from 34.3% to 40.1%. However, he won the presidency four years ago with 52%. Millet’s candidate’s vote rate is between 44% and 30.2%. In the previous election, the total votes of Muharrem İnce and Akşener reached 38%. Obviously, the opposition is stronger. The main blow is the growing HDP vote. The HDP candidate obtains at least 13.3% of the votes. The rate rises to 16.3%.

Demirtaş won 9.7% in the 2014 presidential election and 8.4% in 2018. It seems that the HDP doubled its vote despite the closure affair and the pressures. It is impossible for an alliance that opposes HDP voters to win the election. An electoral scenario cannot be done without HDP.


When the presidential election reaches the second round, Erdogan receives fewer votes than the four candidates. If Erdogan and Yavaş compete with Yavaş… While Yavaş obtains 53.9%, Erdoğan remains at 36.5%. The rate of undecided and protesters is 9%, Slow collects the votes of 73.2% of HDP supporters and 23.1% of MHP supporters. If Erdogan and Imamoglu are in competition… Imamoglu gets 49.7%, Erdogan 40%. Undecided and demonstrators 9.8%. İmamoğlu won the votes of 82.6% of HDP supporters and 8.3% of MHP supporters.

If Erdoğan and Akşener clash… Akşener gets 43.8%, Erdoğan gets 41.9% Undecided and protesters get 13.7% If Erdoğan and Kılıçdaroğlu clash… Kılıçdaroğlu gets 43.3% and Erdoğan gets 42, 5%. The undecided and the demonstrators are 13.5%.


“If there is a presidential election on Sunday, if Erdogan is a candidate, will he win the election?” he was asked. 46.3% said they would win, 48.6% said they would lose.

5.1% did not answer.

Therefore, Erdogan is still one of the strongest candidates.

In fact, “Are you voting for Erdogan or his opponents? The answer to the question also confirmed this data. 31% said they would vote for Erdogan and 32% for their opponent. 33.2% will decide based on the opponent.”

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