TIKA puts a smile on the faces of Afghan orphans during the Ramadan holiday

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) organized an entertainment program for children to have a joyful holiday at Alaaddin Orphanage in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.

Turkish Ambassador in Kabul Cihad Erginay and embassy officials, TIKA Kabul office coordinator Zühtü Çal and employees of the institution participated in the program.

While the children laughed and had fun on the Ferris wheel, TIKA officials distributed ice cream, cotton candy, popcorn, various foods and drinks to the children.

Enthusiastic with different activities accompanied by the mascot, the children jumped rope, played volleyball, basketball, badminton and various games.

In addition, an Eid allowance of 500 Afghani (about 90 TL) was distributed to more than 100 children.

Ambassador Erginay took care of the children one by one and received information from the orphanage authorities about their problems. Çal and the employees of the institution accompanied the children in their games.

“We had very good activities in Afghanistan”

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Erginay said that they are carrying out very important aid activities in Afghanistan with the Turkish embassy and institutions, and that the 4th of the Goodness Train, which has brought thousands tons of humanitarian aid, continues its distribution activities in Afghanistan. each province.

Erginay recalled that TIKA constantly provides help to the Alaaddin orphanage and said that they care about helping the Afghan people.

Calling on non-governmental organizations in Turkey to help here, Erginay said: “Orphanages have been given a very special importance in this context. We have organized fast breaking programs in several orphanages, and as you can see today there is an activity going on to entertain the orphans and lift their spirits.” mentioned.

Erginay said they had a great holiday with the girls and boys and noted that the relief activities will continue after the holidays.

Erginay said: “We do our best not to leave children alone during this holiday, as we do throughout Ramadan. As a state and as an NGO, we have had very good activities in Afghanistan. he said.

Expressing that being a partner in children’s happiness makes them happy, Zühtü Çal said:

“When children laugh, the world laughs. Making all children laugh, not just orphans, is one of our goals. Happy children, a happy world. Of course, the fact that they are orphans also excites us These brothers and sisters live here under difficult living conditions. As TİKA, we also provide orphans with various projects. We carry out such an event with the idea of ​​being with them on this Eid day, spending the vacation with them and make them happy.

Azize Azizi, deputy director of dormitories at the orphanage, also noted that TIKA had provided various aids before and that the children living at the orphanage had survived a harsh winter.

Azizi said: “Today, with the help of TIKA, the children are happy and laughing. TIKA provided this opportunity and I thank you with all my heart for their constant support. used expressions.

Mercan Nuri, 12, who lives at the orphanage, said she had a lot of fun with her friends today and said: “We were very happy. We had a lot of fun. Today was the best day of my life. . Thank you.” mentioned.

Gift Sefik, another 9-year-old orphan, said: “We played a game today. We played ball. We ate a lot. he said.

There is a problem with the supply of food, clothing and fuel for the winter.

The economic crisis, which worsened in the country after the Taliban took over the administration of Afghanistan, has also shaken orphanages.

The electricity is frequently cut in the orphanages, the water does not flow and the existing generators do not meet the needs. There are also problems with the supply of drinking water. The building, rooms and cafeteria of the orphanage also have serious hygiene problems.

The biggest problems in orphanages are listed as lack of food, clothing, medicine and medical supplies, stationery and winter fuel.

TIKA offices in Kabul, Herat and Mezar-i Sharif help meet the needs of orphanages across the country from time to time by providing various aids such as food, clothing and fuel.

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