9 routes for holidays with children | HT Gastro

The answer to the long-standing question became clearer earlier this week. Ramadan holidays are 3 days. However, those who can take 2 additional days off will be able to have a total of 9 days off. You can take this opportunity and take a short vacation or enjoy your vacation in the city with a full program. If you haven’t determined your destination yet, you should definitely take a look at the holiday itineraries full of fun, culture and relaxation.

  • Atatürk Arboretum – Urban Forest

    Atatürk Arboretum is one of the places where you can take the best autumn photos with its natural beauties. After a pleasant journey, you can take a short lunch break on the Bosphorus line or explore the municipal forest of Kemerburgaz.

  • Pamukkale

    Pamukkale is also a good option for vacation. Pamukkale travertines can be very interesting for children. There are also hotel options with pools filled with hot spring water in Pamukkale.

  • Iznik Lake – Uludağ

    A mini trip to Bursa, where you can visit places such as Iznik Lake, Uludag and Cumalıkızık village, is just a bus ticket away. Hagia Sophia Mosque in the center of Iznik, II. Murad Bath, Süleyman Pasha Madrasa, Roman Bath, Green Mosque, Iznik Museum are among the places you can visit. There are places to stay and eat around the lake.

  • Abant–Bolu–Yedigoller

    Abant-Bolu-Yedigöller-Sünnet Lake-Göynük, one of the most beautiful courses in April. You can see many places around this area. You can stay in hotels to suit all tastes and budgets around Abant and enjoy the natural beauties.

  • Polonezköy – Ağva – Şile

    For those who will be vacationing in Istanbul, there are many activities in and around Istanbul. Museums, palaces and entertainment venues are some of the places children should see. However, if you are looking for a fun and creative activity, you can visit the Green Generation Workshops opened in Polonezköy. In this workshop there are activities where children can develop their skills in many branches such as agriculture, forestry, skills, science, gastronomy and computer science. For kids who love adventure, Maslak Uniq, Survival Trails in Çekmeköy Park located in Alemdağ are also extremely entertaining…Saklıgöl, Ağlayankaya in Şile, Kilimli and Kadırga Bays in Ağva and Hacılllı Village Cave are among the places you can visit.

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