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The championship’s chief architect, Abdullah Avcı, started his coaching career in Istanbulspor facilities in 1999 and worked at Başakşehir for a total of 10 years in two separate tenures. He gave 2 very important messages which are incompatible with Turkish football culture both in these 10 years and in the Beşiktaş/Trabzonspor periods:

1- The coach’s job is never to talk to the referee.

2- The job of the coach is to examine the 90 minutes at the extended microphones at the end of the match, to evaluate the pluses and minuses.


Abdullah Hodja constantly told us about the game plan, stats, distances covered and tactics in our sick country about the referee. It helped our understanding of this beautiful game and the interpretation of what we saw on the pitch. As part of “respect”, he mentioned the referee one in a million, thanks to his life. TFF, Coach Education Curriculum “How should a coach be off the pitch?” Abdullah Avcı should open a column with topic title. Obviously this will be beneficial as you see the new coach candidates.


The chaos, the obscurities, the accusations, the investigations created on March 8, and the judicial struggle of the arbitrators against the reasons that could not be concretely presented…

Despite Mr. Nihat Özdemir’s statement, “Respecting the decision of the Supreme Court of Football”, a fresh start was made when the arbitration decision was not implemented, the TFF and MHK process, and the resignations …

One of the few names that can unite the community under a single list, the return of referees to life with the board under the roof of Sabri Çelik, the increase in the barometer of community happiness…

The excitement of the return not only of the referees and observers who were executed on March 8, but also of names such as Mustafa Teacheroğlu and Koray Gençerler, who were brought to a fait accompli at the start of the season and were included in the VAR team and were put on the ‘unwanted’ list with Serdar Tatlı’s Week 7 report.

Indeed, it is possible that the assistants, including Bahattin Duran and Tarık Ongun, will set foot on the green field this week. When the power of law wanes, does the law of the strong prevail, the statement of the great leader Ataturk puts an end to: “There is probably law in the world, and law is above power.


This is the vision of respect for work and management.

There are princes from all eras of the MHK, and those who are forgotten…Those who were promoted by jet, those who took their place with political power, those who were promoted without gaining experience, those who were destroyed because they were not under the yoke, those who were replaced by the opinion (!) of the MHK even if their performance was very good, and those who were solicited through the clubs. Examples abound…

In my country, where the life expectancy of MHKs is short, there are beauties, although rare. The MHK instruction has been modified 4 times since June. Why? Setting the stage for the structure that will turn referees into playthings, as was the case on March 8, to get what they want and shoot what they don’t want at all times. As you know, the TFF made an election decision on June 16. So, how far back is MHK’s Ferhat Gündoğ ranking schedule?


Before the elections! If the new TFF didn’t want to work with them, they could shape their feet.

What did the experienced Sabri Çelik MHK do, who came to bring the community together in the first place? He left the ranking schedule until after the election. Since it was unclear if the new TFF board would continue with them, they acted ethically. Respect for work, management vision and etiquette must be that!

Did you say business?

Beşiktaş, rule error by Zorbay Küçük in the Trabzonspor match; Altay Club also seized the TFF on the grounds that “Alper Çetin participated as an AVAR in the Antalyaspor match, although his refereeing was interrupted as part of the MHk decisions of March 8”. Trabzonspor declared their championship after a 2-2 draw against Antalyaspor. No official decision has been made by the TFF regarding Beşiktaş’ claim for a rule error. TFF ordered us to verbally understand that “there are no mistakes in the rules”. However, Yeniceoba Youth Municipality immediately responded to Belediye Spor’s request in arbitration decisions!


Suat Arslanboga and others

Likewise, there is no explanation regarding Altay’s request. “Altay’s ‘not a referee’ request for Alper Çetin has been rejected. Since the MHK’s March 8 decision was ignored in the Arbitration, the old classification of all who attended or did not attend the Arbitration was accepted as valid” is it very difficult to take a decision ? Moreover, since this decision was not announced, unfortunately Suat Arslanboğa and some assistant referees, who did not go to arbitration to assert their rights, but naturally regained their rights with the rejection of the MHK’s decision, do not cannot take office.

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