As if he did not belong to this world! The Movile cave that surprised scientists with its unusual ecosystem

Movile Cave in Romania has been one of the most amazing places on earth for 5.5 million years. The cave is completely isolated from the rest of the world! Because of this, it looks like it belongs on another planet! The cave has a unique atmosphere and ecosystem, and it is extremely toxic inside. But here live creatures that live nowhere else on the planet! We have explored the breathtaking cave of Movile for you…

Cave of Movile, discovered in 1986

The Movile Cave was discovered by chance during the feasibility study for a power plant to be built near Constanta, Romania. After the discovery of the cave, Romanian scientist Cristian Lascu became the “first human” to go deeper into the multimillion-year-old cave…

Scientists who began working to explore the cave and reveal its footage were amazed.

Because Mavile Cave was unlike any cave they had seen before. It was amazing both in its structure, its air and the creatures that inhabited it.

As they went deeper into the cave, the scientists’ perplexity grew.

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In the cave, which has an entrance of 18 meters, descents and ascents, which widen from time to time and narrow from time to time, continue for 300 meters. There is a small lake at the bottom of the cave. On the other hand, it has an intense sulfur reserve. Because of this, the interior of the cave is filled with poisonous gases, especially hydrogen sulfide. On the other hand, the interior walls of the cave are covered with a thick layer of clay. In this way, the cave existed isolated from the rest of the world for millions of years.

As the secrets of the cave are revealed, the scientists realize they are working on something very important.

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It is impossible for any living being to live in this cave, completely isolated from the world, under normal conditions. For this reason, “ordinary” creatures do not live here. In Movile Cave live 45 different species of creatures such as insects, scorpions, worms, snails and spiders unique to this area. 33 of these creatures have never been seen anywhere other than Movile Cave!

There are different theories about how the cave creatures got here.

However, one of these theories is gaining more and more acceptance. According to the theory; The cave creatures went deep into the cave to escape the cold during an ice age millions of years ago! With subsequent geographical changes, the cave became a completely isolated place. Because of this, the creatures here got stuck in the cave and adapted to the harsh living conditions in the cave over time.

Nothing can enter from the outside, not even light…

It is dark inside the cave. For this reason, living beings here have adapted to this situation for millions of years. So the creatures in Movile Cave don’t need light. As such, they don’t need eyes either. Almost all creatures here live without the ability to see. Also, due to the total darkness, the creatures here lack color pigment. For this reason, living beings are born in a transparent or translucent form. Light, or rather the lack of light, has another effect on the creatures in the cave. Since the creatures in the cave do not have the ability to see, they can determine their direction with the antennae on their bodies. But because they’ve been in darkness for millions of years, these antennae are much longer and more sensitive than their “outdoor” counterparts.

We are not exaggerating in saying that nothing can enter from the outside, there is no source of food but light in the cave!

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So how do the creatures here continue their lives? These creatures, who are firmly attached to life, have also found the way! Thanks to a species of bacteria living in the lake at the bottom of the cave, they manage to create a food source. While the bacteria produce food, they use the poisonous gases inside the cave. Because there is no other option! The air in the cave contains half as much oxygen as the “outside” air. The level of carbon dioxide is 100 times higher than outside!

Movile cave contains many mysteries that have not yet been discovered.

The cave is full of secrets to discover, as it looks like it is from another planet and is covered with good insulating material. Scientists believe the atmosphere in the cave is similar to the atmosphere in the early days of Earth. For this reason, it is believed that research in Movile Cave may reveal more information about the formation of the world. However, even what is currently known about this “alien” cave and ecosystem is enough to amaze people…

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