Athena’s Betrayal! They opened a bar in the ancient city of Side


The gate leading to the excavation site of the temple built in the name of the goddess “Athena” and dating back to 150 AD in the ancient city of Side in the Manavgat district of Antalya, and its surroundings have been redeveloped as the gate of entrance to the nightclub, which was put into operation under the name “Apollo” in a private property.


For the nightclub, which opened Monday, May 2, BC. In the area where there are temples dating back to the 7th century, very detailed studies have been carried out right in front of the famous “Apollo” temple. The wooden railings surrounding the entrance to the temple and placed to protect the artifacts were completely removed the day before the opening.


Areas visited by local and foreign tourists coming to the region were closed off with iron plates. In addition, a 10-meter-long red carpet has been laid in front of the historic gate, which serves as the entrance to the club, so that customers do not have difficulty walking on the dirt floor. In addition, an X-ray machine has been placed just in front of the millennial door and customer reception counters have been set up. In addition, the entire entrance area has been illuminated with a special application to make the entrance area visible.



Many tourists who came to the area to see the temple, thinking that the illuminated area is a museum, headed to this area. However, security personnel at the entrance to the temple declared the area a private enterprise and chased tourists away from the area. The front door at the back of the private property, which previously only served as a restaurant, was disabled when the new door was opened.


Experts, who participated in excavations in the area but did not want to be named, told Hürriyet: “Before, there was only one restaurant on private property. The entrance to the restaurant was at the back. However, when the nightclub work was completed, they moved the door to the place forward without any permission. We warned the trade authorities several times, but no one paid attention to us and unfortunately this picture emerged. It’s not just a problem with the door here. Loud lighting and noise also have a negative effect on work. It is also very bad for the image. The spotlight springs from thousands of years of history. They arranged the huge building like a pavilion.



Antalya’s provincial director of culture and tourism, Candemir Zoroğlu, filed a criminal complaint against those responsible. Noting that such an image cannot be allowed, Zoroğlu said: “There were some attempts to open this door before, but our friends prevented it. In fact, our director of excavations personally gave instructions to keep a report. A warning was given on the day the business opened, but unfortunately they reopened the door later that night. We are taking all necessary steps for the future,” he said.

Side Museum Director Özay Özgür said: “Unfortunately, despite all our warnings, they have used the area where the Temple of Athena is located in this way. We immediately sent an archaeologist friend to the area. At the same time, we informed law enforcement. What was done is completely illegal. We will never allow this gate to be used like this again,” he said.



Ancient City of Side BC. Founded in the 7th century, it is one of the most important settlements in history. The first empire, the Lydian kingdom, entered this historical city, which belongs to the region of Pamphylia, and remained under this rule for many years. Later, the ancient city of Side, which passed to the Persian kingdom, passed to the king of Macedon with the request of Alexander the Great for the region. Moreover, it is one of the most important historical cities during the rule of the Romans, Byzantines and the Ottoman Empire.

With its magnificent view, it is one of the important centers of the region in terms of defense. The ancient city of Side, dominated by many different rulers, attracts great attention around the world. There are special columns, architecturally very effective temples, a theater and many other historical monuments. The excavations of Side Antique City are conducted by Anadolu University. Excavations reveal new discoveries every day. The direction of the excavations is the faculty member of Anadolu University, the professor. Dr. Feriştah is from Alanya.

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