Comment from Arda Güler from Serdar Dursun to Fenerbahçe: I hope he goes to Europe as soon as possible

Fenerbahçe football player Serdar Dursun gave a statement to the press at Samandıra Can Bartu facilities. Serdar Dursun, who started his speech by celebrating the Ramadan feast of all Islamic world, said that they will win the Beşiktaş derby, which they will play in the 36th week of Super League Spor Toto, and has said: “A special game event, derby. We will win. We have 3 matches left. I hope we want to do 3 out of 3 and end the season well,” he said.

“I want to score as many goals as possible in the last 3 games”

Expressing he wants to put his performance at the top next year, Serdar said: “Last year I was the top scorer, and this year there are players with 14-15 goals in the 1st. place. 1 goal to play. There are 3 games. I explained before. Everyone will want to chase the top scorer when he reaches this level. Everyone wants to be the top scorer. Of course I want to score as much goals as possible in 3 games. I want to be in 1st place. Is this performance enough for next year? Still at the top level at Fenerbahçe. Let’s say there are always transfers, attackers arriving, stars coming in. I want to put it on too. I want to end the season in the best possible way. Let’s see what happens next year. No matter who comes, I want to show my performance and be the first striker.”

“I am the worst scorer”

Highlighting that he started the season with an injury, Dursun said: “This year I had a lot of misfortunes. The first game I attended, I was injured and that set me back. I just played. Now, if we look at the top scorer, I am at least the 11th starting player. The one with the fewest minutes is in my top 10. For 2 months, I have been playing the starting 11 more correctly. Starting on 11 is always important for a striker. Let’s see what will happen next year. I hope it will be good for everyone,” he said.

“Ismail Hodja trusted me”

Serdar Dursun, who pointed out that coach İsmail Kartal played in the first 11 trusting him, made the following statements:

“I think we showed the performance we wanted as a team. Since the arrival of İsmail Hoca, we have achieved the greatest stability in the last 15-16 games in Europe. He played 11 games in a row trusting me. Most of the team players are now in the lead every week. He started playing top 11 every week. He turned to the 4-3-3 system, which allowed me to play more balls as a central striker or false 9 in this system. Some coaches want you to stand behind the defense. The teacher wants me to walk in front all the time, I can come to the edges, I can help with the connection of the pass. The most important thing for me is that if you play in the lead, if the ball arrives, you go out more easily. I also want to thank the professor. He trusted me, played it. Sometimes it happens that you cannot score 2-3 games, you will be sent directly to the reserve. I was so lucky.

“I go out to score every game”

Stating that he can score between 20 and 22 goals if given more time, the 30-year-old footballer said: “The number is 14. 3 games to go, let’s see what happens at the end of the season. I want I always hit double digits I can’t say 10 goals 20 goals I go to every game to score goals I start every game with an assist in mind Of course as a number right now, if I had played 14 more, it could have been 20-22. I always have a big imagination as a boss,” he said.

“I hope Arda will go to Europe soon”

The dark yellow-blue footballer also spoke about his teammate, the young footballer Arda Güler, and said: “I have known Arda since the summer. I saw him at the first practice. It inevitably reveals itself. Everyone understands that he has a very different talent. He is very young, only 17 years old. He has done a great job this year compared to the year he played. He is a very good and clean boy. My advice to young people is always; Congregations like Fenerbahce are huge. Especially for young players in Turkey it is difficult to play under such pressure. The first year is a bit easier, but I don’t know how it will be for Arda next year. Hopefully he will improve without injury. It stays that way as a person. Fenerbahce is difficult, there are bound to be strange players. There will also be a swimsuit contest. I hope he will have a good time in the last matches and that he will go to Europe as soon as possible.”

“Scoreboards are good for players and fans”

Expressing that he likes to score goals with different shots, Serdar Dursun said: “I always try something like that. Since my childhood. In terms of self-development, like shooting characteristics. I also scored header goals in previous periods. At the moment, I didn’t have any other strange goals at Fenerbahçe. I have 3 games. It was a penalty, it was different. A goal is a goal, every goal counts. Hopefully generic goals will be better for the fans and the player,” he said.

“Young players need to be confident”

Saying that he took a leap in his career after the age of 24, Serdar Dursun mentioned that this situation should serve as an example for young footballers and made the following statements:

“I have a lot of videos and photos from my time. I came to matches at 22, I played in the 2nd league. This video dates from the time of Karagümrük. I have always been a confident player. I was playing in the 2nd league but I said to myself ‘I will be there one day’. I believed and prayed. We came here this summer when there was such an offer. We shot such a before-after video. It was nice. It is always a source of hope for young people or players like me who arrive in the super league and fall from there to the lower league and from there to the 2nd league. I too have experienced such processes. Some players are starting out in places like this, let’s just say I’ve fallen off a bit. There was a career leap after 24 years. It was digging. If we look at my career, where do I come from? Hopefully there will be hope for the young players. It’s happening here too. They can’t play, they go from the 2nd league to the 3rd league and their heads get confused with “I wonder if it’s over”. All young players need to be confident. That’s how my career has been.”

“As long as I meet the ball in the penalty area, the system doesn’t matter”

After being asked which system he played most comfortably, Serdar said: “I like to play in front of the 4-3-3. It’s a false 9 style. Sometimes it’s good to come to the number 10 or going on the wing. The forward of Le 3-4-3 is also good for me.” The most important thing is as long as the ball is moving forward. As long as I meet the ball in the penalty area. The system doesn’t matter.”

“There are career players in the Super League”

Speaking about the Super League, Serdar concluded his statement as follows:

“If we look at the league, it’s a tough league. It’s a league with strong defence. It’s a talented league as individual players. There are players with good careers. It’s strange for me has it ever been in the super league We have been in the last 3 weeks If we look at every league in the top 15 goals 18- It’s around 20-25 It’s difficult for me to answer. Maybe the league, maybe the defense, maybe the players haven’t performed enough.”


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