FENERBAHÇE 115 YEARS | Unforgettable successes in football, Aziz Yıldırım made history

These two attempts by the youths of Moda and Kadıköy, who came together as “Black Socks” in 1899 and later founded Kadıköy Football Club in 1902, could not be realized due to the rule of that time.

With the relaxation of the monarchical regime, the same young people founded the Fenerbahçe Football Club in 1907, which will never be closed again.

Fenerbahce, which made history with its struggle in the National Struggle and the War of Independence, became the first President, Ziya Bey (Songülen), the first General Secretary, Ayetullah Bey, and the first Captain General and Treasurer , Necip Bey (Okaner). Fenerbahçe Football Club became the first club to become an association in 1908.

Fenerbahce Football Club, whose colors were yellow-white when it was founded, changed its name to Fenerbahçe Sports Club in 1909 and took over the dark yellow-blue colors used until today.

Fenerbahçe’s first badge, designed by footballer Hikmet Topuz and commissioned by former president Tevfik Taşçı in Manchester, was translated into Turkish in 1929.

Due to the visit of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish Republic, to the club on May 3, 1918, every year on May 3, it began to be celebrated as the founding anniversary of Fenerbahçe.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, visited the dark yellow-blue club together with the president of Fenerbahçe Club and his close friend Sabri Toprak on May 3, 1918, during World War I.

Atatürk, Elkatipzade Mustafa Bey, handed him the club’s newspaper, in the old Turkish version of the book: “I heard about the well-deserved work of Fenerbahçe Club and it was my duty to visit this club and congratulate the connoisseurs. The fulfillment of this duty can only be done today.” I am permitted to register my appreciation and congratulations here.” made statements.

Due to this visit of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, May 3 is also celebrated every year as the anniversary of the founding of Fenerbahçe.

– Present in 9 branches

Fenerbahçe Club achieved significant success in 9 branches.

The yellow-dark blue team competes in football, basketball, volleyball, athletics, sailing, table tennis, boxing, rowing and swimming.

– Historical achievements in football

Fenerbahce has achieved great success in its main branch, football.

The yellow-dark blue team became Turkish champions 28 times, including 19 in the Super League, 6 in the National Division and 3 as the Turkish Football Championship.

The yellow-dark blue team, which won the Turkish Cup 6 times and the Turkish Super Cup 9 times in its museum, 1 Balkan Cup, 8 Prime Minister’s Cup, 2 Atatürk Cups, 16 Istanbul League, 4 Istanbul Shillings, 1 Istanbul Cup, 1 General Harrington Cup, 4 He won the Navy Cup and 12 TSYD Cups.

Fenerbahçe reached the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League in the 2007–08 season and the semi-finals of the UEFA Europa League in the 2012–13 season.

– Became Europe’s greatest in men’s basketball

Fenerbahçe have become the first Turkish team to win Europe’s most important trophy in men’s basketball.

The first club-level basketball organization, Turkish Airlines EuroleagueThe yellow-dark blue team, which won the championship in the 2016-2017 season in Turkey, achieved the greatest success at club level in the history of Turkish basketball.

Fenerbahçe have played the last 16 6 times and the quarter-finals twice in the same cup, and have participated in the Final Four for 5 consecutive years.

The yellow-dark blue team won 7 Presidential Cups, 9 Super League, 7 Turkish Cups and 3 Turkish Championships in Turkey.

Fenerbahçe won the Turkish Men’s Basketball Championship 3 times, held in 1946-1967 to determine the Turkish team that will go to the FIBA ​​European Champions Cup.

Fenerbahçe has become a great school for women’s basketball. After winning 15 Super League titles, 13 Turkish Cups and 12 Turkish Presidential Cups, the yellow-dark blue team finished third and fourth twice in Europe’s most important cup. Fenerbahce played the final 4 times in the said cup, but could not take the trophy to their museum.

– Volleyball

Fenerbahçe have caught the eye with their success in volleyball, especially among women.

The yellow-dark blue team won the FIVB Women’s Club World Championship in 2010 in women’s volleyball, while they were third in 2012 and 2021.

Fenerbahçe became CEV Women’s Champions League champions in 2011-2012, second in 2009-2010 and third in 2010-2011, 2015-2016 and 2018-2019.

The dark yellow-blue team, which took the CEV Cup to its museum in 2013-2014, reached the happy ending 5 times in the League of Sultans and 3 times in the cup.

Fenerbahce once participated in the CEV Champions League in the Men’s Volleyball Round of 16 and played in the CEV Cup semi-finals in 2016-2017.

The yellow-dark blue team became champions 5 times in the league and 4 times in the cup.

– Great achievements in amateur sport

Fenerbahçe has proven its success as the first club that comes to mind in amateur sport in Turkey.

The yellow-dark blue team obtained 2 4th European places in the Olympic classes in 2019 in the sailing branch created in the 1910s. Fenerbahçe won 2 world championships in the youth category in 2019.

In the athletics branch, which was officially established in 1918, dark yellow-blue athlete Ramil Guliyev won Turkey’s first gold medal in the history of the World Championships in Athletics.

At the 16th World Championships in Athletics, hosted by London from August 4-13, 2017 that year, Ramil won the title of “fastest athlete on the planet” in the 200m final where he competed in the national jersey.

Ramil, who finished the men’s 200 meters in London in front of 56,000 people as world champion with a time of 20.09, broke the championship record with a time of 19.76 in the 200 meters final at the European Athletics Championships held in Berlin exactly one year later and achieved the gold medal.

Fenerbahçe caught the eye with their success in boxing.

While the dark yellow-blue athletes won the championship in many organizations in Turkey, Buse Naz Çakıroğlu reached the European championship in 2019. Buse Naz, who reached a quota to participate in the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 and became the first boxer in Turkey to win a quota for the Olympics, won the silver medal in the flyweight division at the Tokyo Olympics.

The rowing branch, which was established in 1951, left 220 championships with 150 official championships.

Fenerbahçe became the first champion of the Istanbul Cup, which was first held in 1965, and became the champion of the tournament, which was last held in 2007.

The dark yellow-blue team, which had been leading with 38 championships in the Turkish Cup organized since 1977, would not be the club with the most championships (39) in the Turkish Championship.

Fenerbahçe established themselves as the first and only Turkish team to become European table tennis champions.

The women’s table tennis team of the yellow-dark blue team won the European Champions League final for the first time in the 2013-14 season and came second, then made history by winning the trophy for the 2014-15 season without losing a single game. The women’s team also has 12 championships each in the Turkish Table Tennis Super League and the Turkish Cup.

The men’s table tennis team, meanwhile, has won the championship 12 times in the Turkish Table Tennis Championship, 23 times in the Istanbul Championship, 4 times in the Turkish Table Tennis Super League and 5 times in the Turkish Cup.

Fenerbahçe is the club that has won the most championships, with 35 Turkish Swimming Championships.

Dark yellow-blue swimmer Emre Sakçı has already managed to enter the history of Fenerbahçe and the country with the European records he broke one after another.

Competing in Turkey Interclub Short Course Junior Swimming Championships Şehitkamil Arena – Open Age and Juniors, record swimmer Emre Sakçı both surpassed his own European record (25:29) with a time of 24:95, achieved at the 50 meters. breaststroke final He also lowered the world record from 25:25 to 24:95.

– 33 presidents served

Fenerbahçe Club is so far managed under the administration of 33 presidents.

Nurizade Ziya Songülen, Ayetullah Bey, Tevfik Haccar Taşçı, Hakkı Saffet Tarı, Galip Kulaksızoğlu, Osman Fuat Efendi, Emirzade Arif, Mehmet Hulusi Bey, Hamit Hüsnü Kayacan, Sabri Toprak, Nazim Bey, Nuri Eightinci, Ömer Faruk Efendi, respectively. , Ali Muhittin Hacıbekir, Osman Kavrakoğlu, Bedii Yazıcı, Zeki Rıza Sporel, Agah Erozan, Medeni Berk, Hasan Kamil Sporel, Razi Trak, Ismet Uluğ, Faruk Ilgaz, Emin Cankurtaran, Ali Şen, Fikret Arıcan, Tahsin Kaya, Metin Aşık, Güven Sazak, Hasan Özaydın, Aziz Yıldırım and Ali Koç became the president.

Faruk Ilgaz chaired the yellow-dark blue team in 3 separate terms, while Ali Şen, Osman Kavrakoğlu and Razi Trak presided in 2 separate terms.

– Aziz Yildirim made history

Fenerbahçe’s longest-serving president Holy Flash it happened.

Yıldırım, who was elected president of the yellow-dark blue club in 1998 by a margin of one vote, has drawn attention especially with the growth in facilities.

Yıldırım assumed the 20-year presidency in 2018. Ali Kocgiven to

– The name of Şükrü Saracoğlu was given to the stadium

The name Şükrü Saracoğlu, one of Fenerbahçe’s oldest names, was given to the stadium.

The name of former prime minister and minister Şükrü Saracoğlu, who chaired the dark-yellow-blue club for 17 years, was kept alive in the stadium by decision of the board of directors on July 22, 1998.

– Became the club that sent the most athletes to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020

Fenerbahçe Club has caught the eye as the club that sent the most athletes to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

While the yellow-dark blue team sent 22 athletes from 6 branches to the Olympics, one out of 5 athletes representing Turkey was from Fenerbahçe.

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