Here are the new deans of KOÜ!

Kocaeli Bizim Yaka Newspaper writer Galip Ataman wrote Dean’s assignments and staff distribution in the Faculty of Business Administration and the Faculty of Political Science, which were established after the closure of İİBF in the University of Kocaeli. Ataman announced the new KOÜ deans in these terms: “Kocaeli University is a large and respected family with 19 faculties, 4 colleges, 16 professional colleges, 4 institutes and 1 conservatory. While 56,000 students study, 2,330 teachers work, including 288 professors and 221 associate professors. While it should be noted that decisions focused on quality and employment were made rather than quantity, the Maritime School, the School of Health Sciences, the School of Tourism, the School of physical education and sports, the School of Aviation and Space Sciences were transformed into faculties. At the Arslanbey campus, where the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Sciences is located, about 200 decares of unused and unused land has been transformed into a production area for medicinal and aromatic plants. Finally, the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences (İİBF), established in 1994, was closed with the Presidential Decree of March 3, 2022 and numbered 5252. With the Presidential Decree published in the Official Gazette of March 4, 2022, two faculties, namely the Faculty of Business Administration and the Faculty of Political Science were created. Rector Prof. Dr. Sadettin Hülagü announced on his social media account that 2 new faculties have been established, saying, “Good luck and good luck to our new faculties, Kocaeli and our university.”


In the meantime, the distribution of staff has been made to the Faculty of Business Administration and the Faculty of Political Science, which were created after the closure of the EFES, which was created 32 years ago, with the appointment of deans. The distribution of the 5 sections was as follows; A: The Department of Business Administration was attached to the Faculty of Business. Two: Departments attached to the Faculty of Political Science; Economics, public administration, international relations, labor economics. Meanwhile, YÖK determined the quotas for each of the 2 new faculties and notified the OSYM. Students enrolled in the closed Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences will retain their current rights until they graduate. For now, education and training in 2 newly established faculties will continue in the existing building of Umuttepe campus. After the completion of the building, the construction of which is announced by the Municipality of Körfez, the Faculty of Business Administration will be transferred to Hereke. The current building will be used by the Faculty of Political Science.


KOÜ Rector Prof. Dr. Sadettin Hülagü appointed the founding deans of the newly created faculties. As founding dean of the Faculty of Political Science, the director of the Institute of Social Sciences Prof. Dr. Recep Tarı was nominated. Recep Hodja, who was born in Izmit in 1959, completed his primary, secondary and secondary education in Izmit and graduated from Ataturk University, Faculty of Business Administration, also participated in the establishment of the Department of Economics in 1994.


Another assignment; teacher. Dr. After Recep Tarı became Dean of the newly established Faculty of Political Science, he was appointed Director of the Institute of Social Sciences, which was released. The new director of the institute, Prof. Dr. I do not know Fazilet Burcu Çam, but I know that she would like to be the dean of the new faculty of business administration and that she had the rector sought by his well-known knowledge. Like the cliché “We could not make pants, give a shirt”, which was used many years ago, Burcu Hodja could not sit in the chair of the dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, but had to be satisfied with the Direction of the Institute of Social Sciences!

TEACHER. DR. Virtue Sign Pin

Dear Readers, After the closure of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences (İİBF) and the completion of the establishment of the Faculty of Business Administration and the Faculties of Political Science, the decision regarding the Faculty of Engineering is next. . to stand out from digitization, the Faculty of Computer Science, which will include the Department of Software, the Department of Information Systems of the Faculty of Technology and the Departments of Software and Computer Science of the Technopark, will be established on the campus of Yenikoy.


While the founding dean was appointed to the newly established faculties of political and business administration at KOÜ, the deputy dean of the faculty of agriculture Prof. Dr. Abdullah Çağlar has resigned. Vice Rector Nilgün Fığlalı was appointed to replace Abdullah Hoca, who held the position of Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, which was established by presidential decree published in the Official Gazette on February 6, 2021. It is said that Abdullah Hoca asked the dean’s office about the allegation that he was involved in an incident investigated by YÖK. In the meantime, it is alleged that the associate professor named in the investigation filing opposed the decision and was found not guilty by the court. We wonder about the decision that YÖK will take in the next few days and if Abdullah Hoca will resume his position as dean.

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