Integrate the principles of cogeneration into the constitution

6 arrows, the symbol of the Republican People’s Party, and principles, On February 5, 1937, the Assembly was enacted into the constitution in violation of executive principles. For some reason, no one objected to this situation, which is an arbitrary act of one party. When reminded, many politicians still “ox looking at the trainThey are speechless like”.

There is an important question to ask these people who are the product of a fascist education system and admire oppressive regimes. “Why do the principles which are the symbol of a party enter into the constitution which is binding on the whole country?

Here are some of the so-called CHP principles in order to break the memory of some and understand the pure state of the fascists.6 arrowsIt is necessary to explain what these values ​​symbolized by ” mean. Because these principles are in accordance with the Constitution of 1982.cannot be changed and cannot even be offered to change.counted as “items.”

Republicanism principle is the most emptied and changed meaning. Because, in the one-party regime of the CHP, the Second Party, the Communist Party of Turkey, the Republican Progressive Party and the Free Party; has been closed. The multiparty system, which is the sine qua non of freedom, has been abolished under various pretexts. Even in the Ottoman era, there were dozens of parties called Ahrars of the Union and Progress Party; During the time when the CHP was in power, there was no trace of them, and the period of multipartyism was destroyed for a long time. Many opposition party leaders have been killed either by hanging or assassination. The others tried to save their lives by fleeing abroad. Very few disobedient politicians’ lives were spared and they were advised to sit on the sidelines without voicing their opinions.

principle of separation of religion and state secularism On the other hand, as the official definition was not made, it led to strong religious pressure on the people. So, this heroic nation that has proudly carried the flag of Islam for a thousand years; humiliated and oppressed. First of all “Caliphal institutionBy eliminating the Islamic world, the greatest wish of Western states, especially England, has been granted. Adhan was removed from its original form, madrassahs and dervish lodges were closed, and Islamic works were rendered unreadable by a revolution in letters. Religion and state affairs were not separated, on the contrary, all religious establishments were either closed or placed under control.

Some CHP politicians, statism Even if he rather advocates a mixed economic model, he is no different from the Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union. The private sector, inspired by communist revolutions, was almost completely eliminated. The few private businesses that survived as exceptions were left to non-Muslims and converts, generally considered minorities. Even the factories that manufacture national planes have been closed and their owners sometimes destroyed by fires or various pressures. Although the mixed economy model was applied for some time saying that the private sector would be allowed in the Izmir Economic Congress, even this was not allowed later. During the era of the one party, although certain rights were granted in part to non-Muslims, especially those who brought imported hats and alcohol, the private sector was completely suppressed, except for these men of ‘business.

In the one-party regime of the CHP, the people have been impoverished and everything has been taken from them. The villagers who came to the town were expelled and humiliated in various ways. CHP leaders, who despised the public, were able to serve as governor, city party chairman and even mayor. Nevzat Tandoğan, who is such a person, told Osman Yüksel Serdengeçti “Beef is AnatolianWe have not forgotten that he insulted her by saying “. Meanwhile, Western civilization has been forced to wear a hat on the heads of blessed people, and their age-old traditions and customs have been humiliated. Populism that is how it was implemented.

Nationalism With the principle of racism, complete racism has been applied and imposed on our people. In fact, this racist fascist attitude is at the root of many problems experienced today. So that; craniofacialism has wreaked havoc: “Is the brachycephalic head or the dolichocephalic head Turkish? A painful lesson has been given to the world. Even Mimar Sinan’s grave was opened and his skull was measured, and the ugly situation in which the crastic racism happened was declared to the world. Worse still, Mimar Sinan’s skull is still missing.

Revolution; not in the sense of “reform”revolutionused to mean “. Many of our values ​​that have survived from the Islamic civilization to the Ottoman Empire and from there to the present day have been destroyed. Important works of our civilization, from Sufi music to works of art, were prohibited. These prohibitions continued for the most part until the process of extermination. Madrassahs and lodges were closed and people remained ignorant. With the revolution of the alphabet, all libraries and books have been rendered incomprehensible. In the parliamentary tribune”It is possible that some heads will be cut offWith the message “it was attempted to give a revolutionary identity to all supporters. We live every 8-10 years”Continuous impact process“That’s what happens with the implementation of this principle.

These are the general characteristics of the principles enshrined in the constitution. If the meaning of these principles, which are symbolized by the 6 arrows of the CHP, is understood, the foundations of a civil constitution will be laid, my dear.

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