Late-breaking transfer news | Great suitor of national footballer Salih Özcan! Galatasaray, Fenerbahce, Beşiktaş transfer news…


Trabzonspor declared the championship 2-2 against Antalyaspor in the Super League. Which teams will fall to a lower league has also become largely clear.

The fight for second place, which will shape the teams’ standings in the league, has continued between Fenerbahçe and Konyaspor for the past three weeks. The yellow-dark blue players enter the last section with a 4-point advantage. Rizespor and Altay also seem to have little luck in the subsection where Yeni Malatya and Göztepe were relegated. Gaziantep FK, in 16th place, will guarantee to stay in the league with just one point.

In our league, where the standings are largely shaped, the teams have started working on structuring the next season. Here are the transfer requests reflected in the day…


Berke Özer, whose contract at Fenerbahçe will expire at the end of the season, is leaving the team. The young goalkeeper, whose contract will not be extended by the yellow-dark blue team, wants to continue his career in Europe. Berke’s next stop could once again be Belgium. Anderlecht are said to be one of the teams who want the young Berke.



It was claimed that Fenerbahce wanted goalkeeper İrfan Can Eğribayat, who was dropped from the squad after a row with Göztepe fans.

It was claimed that the yellow-dark blue team, which had no intention of continuing with goalkeeper Berke Özer, considered hiring İrfan Can as their second goalkeeper. It has been claimed that Göztepe plans to sell the 23-year-old goalkeeper instead of forgiving them.

Late-breaking transfer news |  National football player Salih Özcana aspiring giant Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe, Beşiktaş transfer news...


Muleka, whose testimony is at Standard de Liège, was loaned out to the Bleu Marine-Blanc team at half-time. Acting for the Congolese footballer whose purchase option is 3 million euros, the Istanbul team have informed Standard Liège Club that they will use the option.


Pasha will deposit the money this week and officially add Muleka to his team. 3 year contract to come. According to Fanatik News; Kasımpaşa Management, who also met with Muleka and his manager, reached an agreement on every issue. It has been clarified that a 3-year contract will be signed with Muleka. The successful striker is expected to be Kasımpaşa’s biggest asset during the transfer window.

Kasımpaşa is expected to sell the star at a profit after making the payment. It is said that many clubs in Turkey and Europe are already yearning for Muleka.

Late-breaking transfer news |  National football player Salih Özcana aspiring giant Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe, Beşiktaş transfer news...


Salih Özcan, who plays for Cologne, one of the Bundesliga sides, has entered Borussia Dortmund’s radar.


Transfer inquiries have started for Salih Özcan, who caught the eye with his performance in Cologne and was invited to the national team. According to reports in the German press, Borussia Dortmund, one of the strongest teams in the Bundesliga, want to include the national footballer in their squad. It has become known that Salih Özcan, who has a contract with Cologne until June 2023, is also interested in other major European leagues in addition to Dortmund. We know that Salih Özcan, after Cologne, wants to continue his career in a team that plays in the Champions League. Salih Özcan, meanwhile, said he’s thinking of nothing but his team’s success for the transfer rumors at the moment. Stating that he has one more year contract with Cologne, the national footballer said his current priority is the success of his team. After the announcement of the transfer of the national footballer, the German press showed great interest in the training carried out by Cologne this morning.


Sporting director Keller and the fans want him to stay

On the other hand, Cologne’s sporting director Christian Keller plans to continue with the young players by not paying a high fee for the next season. However, the German press started discussing how Keller could keep Salih Özcan in the team. It has been noted that Salih Özcan, who is considered the two best players in the team along with Modeste with his performance this season, is the only Cologne player who can enter the 11th week of the Bundesliga. In Cologne, which is in 6th place in the championship and struggling to participate in the European cups, coach Steffen Baumgart and the supporters want Salih Özcan to stay in the team.


Cologne’s Champions League chances continue

Cologne, played by Salih Özcan, took 6th place with 52 points in 32 games played this season. Cologne are 3 points behind Freiburg in the Champions League standings and 2 points behind Leipzig in the Europa League standings.

Late-breaking transfer news |  National football player Salih Özcana aspiring giant Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe, Beşiktaş transfer news...


According to news published in Footmercato, one of the important football portals in France, with the signing of Santi Aouna, Lyon’s head scout Bruno Cheyrou, who came to Istanbul to watch Kerem Aktürkoğlu in the Galatasaray-Besiktas match, was very impressed with Mohamed’s match performance.

In the news, the Egyptian star was said to have scored 18 goals in around 1.5 years in the Galatasaray shirt, while it was reported that Lyon were preparing to make a transfer move. Previously St. We emphasize that Mostafa Mohamed, who is of great interest to Etienne and Bordeaux, is also very keen to continue his career in France. The management of Galatasaray received his testimony by resorting to the option of the star footballer at the end of last December.

Late-breaking transfer news |  National football player Salih Özcana aspiring giant Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe, Beşiktaş transfer news...


Thinking they could part ways with one of Kim Min Jae and Attila Szalai, who are on many teams’ transfer lists, the Yellow-Bleu Marine management have already set out to find alternative defenders. According to the information received, the management have turned to names such as Kim and Szalai who are inexpensive, young and can bring money to the club in the future. According to news from Fotomaç; It was learned that the administration had prepared a list of such names and Danilho Doekhi was at the top of the list.

The 23-year-old footballer, who played for Dutch team Vitesse,’s contract expires at the end of the season. The second name on Fenerbahçe’s list was determined to be Haret Ortega. The 21-year-old defender’s contract, which plays for Toluca, one of the Mexican League teams, will expire at the end of the season.

Late-breaking transfer news |  National football player Salih Özcana aspiring giant Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe, Beşiktaş transfer news...


Beşiktaş officials will also be seated at the table with Leipzig early next week. The German team had refused the 8 million euros offered by Real Sociedad without participating in the subsequent sale. Beşiktaş, on the other hand, will offer 6 million euros in exchange for Sörloth, and a 50% share of the subsequent sale.

According to the response of the German team, the black and white team will revise the figure. However, it is claimed that President Ahmet Nur Cebi and his team will reach a maximum of €7m.

Late-breaking transfer news |  National football player Salih Özcana aspiring giant Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe, Beşiktaş transfer news...


According to information from the Black Sea newspaper, the Bordeaux Blues, which particularly focus on young players, have reached a tentative agreement with Altay for 19-year-old left-back Kazımcan Karataş.

It has been stated that Trabzonspor will pay a satisfactory testimonial fee to Altay for Kazımcan, whose name is also mentioned with Galatasaray, and will also send one or two young players to the Izmir team on loan.


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