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new composition and “Spring Mornings on Quarantine Days” The world premiere of the violin concerto that bears his name will take place at the Berlin Concert Hall with two concerts on Friday 6 and 7 May and Saturday.

Leader in song vocalization Christopher EschenbachBerlin Concert Hall Orchestra, violinist Friedemann Eichhornwill accompany him.

As the name suggests, he composed the piece during the quarantine days. Fazil Say.

He also shared his story on his Instagram account. It turned out that it was the rooster of his neighbor from Urla who made him compose this composition.

“Does a rooster from Urla wake up Berlin?” In his article, which begins, he describes the conditions of composition of the piece as follows:

“Let’s go back two years.

The first months of the epidemic.

First days of quarantine.

First complete stops.


My wife and I stayed in our little house in Urla for about two months. For the first time in my life, a period without concerts, without tours, without travels, without stress had begun.

All the time was mine. It was the first long vacation.

Urla was uniquely beautiful in the spring.

Come on, the next door neighbor had a rooster. He beeped at hours completely unconscious. Before it gets dark… 03.45 / 04.15 or something like that…

And it was so loud that I woke up every time.

Moreover, it was a unique rooster, its crowing had an interesting rhythm and a unique melody.

I was someone who woke up at this time in the morning. And everyone except me woke up after 5-6.

What do we do for hours?

For example, he composed a violin concerto!

The neighbor's rooster in Urla composed a concerto


Quiet mornings.

Dawn, dawn, sunrise, empty streets of Urla, deserted beach, raindrops, desolate sky, lonely land.

Fazil SayThe reason for quarantine days productivity is now understood.

The source of motivation was the neighbor’s rooster.

Thank you brother rooster from Urla. Thanks to you, many recordings have been made and works have been composed.


THIS For me, it was the most moving, faithful and meaningful holiday visit image.


master pianist Gulsin Approval seated at the piano, next to another great artist, the violin virtuoso. Suna Kan. He gives her a little concert.

He shared this short concert video on his social media accounts with the following words: Confirmation: “I visited my dear Suna Kan, I gave her a mini concert with works by Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin on the piano in the Ihlamur mansion where she was staying, she was very happy.

With his violin that he can no longer hold, he joins the music with his hands as if accompanying it. The happiness of hearing the music on your face and visiting friends…

The neighbor's rooster in Urla composed a concerto

He has been living in a nursing home in Ankara for some time. State Artist, 86 Suna Kan.

The master artist, who had studied abroad with the Wonder Child Act enacted in 1948 and represented our country around the world for years, announced that he had stopped playing the violin due to his illness and was living in a retirement home.


In 2017, at the meeting for the winner of the international violin competition organized on his behalf by the Ankara State Conservatory Association, he announced that he had now closed the violin box and said that following :

“I say the paper disease of the population because when I play the violin bones come out of my knuckles. It can be in your mother, aunt, grandmother and grandma. You can’t press the wire anymore because it hurts. I have closed the violin box for now, until it is gone from this world. I am really happy to leave behind a name and a competition that will bring young people together despite everything.


KUTAHYAThe ancient city of Aizanoi, located in Çavdarhisar district in Turkey, will host the film festival for the second time. Chairman of the Board of Aizanoi Cinema and Photography Art Association (ASIFSAD), which organizes the festival Bulent Cebeci; He said the festival will begin with the screening of the film to be held at the Temple of Zeus on June 2 and end with the gala concert and award ceremony to be held on the evening of June 4, after screenings of short films, interviews and workshops. international holiday, “Cultural heritage”, “Environmental awareness and climate crisis” with ‘Sports and health’ will consist of categories.

The neighbor's rooster in Urla composed a concerto

The Temple of Zeus, located in the ancient city of Aizanoi, fascinates its visitors with its magnificent appearance and being one of the two strongest surviving Temples of Zeus. The city called the city of firsts, “Aizanoi Short Film Festival” She realizes for the first time a film screening in the temple, signing another first with the company.

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