Real Madrid v Manchester City (LIVE) – Champions League

The Champions League runner-up will be announced tonight. Real Madrid welcome English side Manchester City, who they lost 4-3 away to the Bernabeu. The winner of the match will be Liverpool’s opponent in the final. Eliminating PSG and Chelsea after incredible games, Real wants to play the final for the 17th time in its history, the first since 2018, after declaring the championship in La Liga. Manchester City, the last runners-up to challenge for the championship with Liverpool in the English Premier League, dreams of reaching the final again.

Choreography of Benzema by Real Madrid supporters

Ahead of the giant game, Real Madrid fans didn’t forget Karim Benzema, who led his team to success with the goals he scored this season. The fans prepared a special choreography for the star striker. “Another magical evening for the King of Europe.” statements have been included.

minute of the match

4’| Real Madrid’s attack came effectively, Carvajal made the cross from the right wing. Benzema headed into the penalty area. The ball went from the top.

short-term stress

8’| There was a brief tension between Real Madrid’s Luka Modric and Manchester City’s Aymeric Laporte. The match referee showed both players yellow cards.

12’| Real Madrid came effectively with Karim Benzema. Valverde, who encountered the ball on the right side of the penalty area, returned it from the ground. Benzema sent his shot from an area close to the penalty spot. The ball automatically leaves the top.

19’| Finding the ball bouncing off the defense in front of him in the penalty area, Vinicius Junior delivered his kick. The ball went from the top.

20’| Manchester City approached the goal. Bernardo Siva, who met the ball in the penalty area, delivered his kick. Goalkeeper Courtois took the ball for a corner at the last moment.

23’| On Kevn De Bruyne’s pass to Manchester City, Gabriel Jesus tried his luck on the arc of the area. The ball just went out.

27’| Toni Kross hit the right corner of the free kick taken from the left diagonal of the penalty area. The ball hit the bar and went into the corner.

37’| Meeting the ball inside the penalty area, Phil Foden sent a pass to Kevin De Bruyne. The Real Madrid defense stepped in and blocked the position.

40’| Manchester City’s Phil Foden kicks in from outside the penalty area. Goalkeeper Courtois managed to get the ball out.

42’| Hanging behind the defense from the left wing, Karim Benzema entered the penalty area and sent his shot into the far corner. The ball left the field of play from above.

FIRST HALF RESULT | The first half of the game ended in a goalless draw.

46’| Benzema, who encountered the ball in the right diagonal of the penalty area, turned the ball inside. The ball, touched by Vinicius Junior, went sideways.

51’| Luka Modric, who met the ball in the penalty area with the pass from Vinicius Junior, sent his shot. As Ederson tried to save the ball, which hit the defense and flew away, he missed. Manchester City’s intervening defense cleared the ball.

60’| In Real Madrid’s attack, which developed from the left wing, Vinicius Junior entered the penalty area and made the midfield. The middle defense got the ball back.


73’| Ilkay saw the gap in midfield brilliantly, Bernardo met the ball and crossed the half quickly, then left it for Mahrez in the right diagonal of the penalty area. The Algerian star strikes very hard from inside the foot, chase Courtais from the corner he closed: City are ahead 1-0. Madrid now need 2 goals to take the game into extra time…

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When is the Real Madrid – Manchester City match, what time is it, on which channel is it broadcast?

The Real Madrid – Manchester City match, led by Italian referee Daniele Orsato, kicked off tonight at 22:00 CEST and is being broadcast live on TV8.5 with Exxen. Follow the live score and all the details of the giant match in our news.

The rematch of the Manchester City-Real Madrid game, which ended 4-3 and had people talking for days, is being shown again on the open channel in Spain.

Real Madrid-Manchester City 11:

Real Madrid: Courtois, Carvajal, Militao, Nacho, Mendy, Casemiro, Kroos, Valverde, Modric, Vinicius, Benzema.

Manchester City: Ederson; Walker, Dias, Laporte, Cancelo; Rodri, De Bruyne, Bernardo; Mahrez, Foden, Jesus.

Real Madrid – Manchester City match at the last minute!

With the home owner under Carlo Ancelotti out due to Hazard’s injury, the Alaba defense insurance situation is uncertain. Right-back Kyle Walker continues to be injured in manager Pep Guardiola’s City.

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