Rıdvan Yılmaz from Beşiktaş: ‘I want to save money and leave’

Rıdvan Yılmaz, who has improved day by day since playing his first game for Beşiktaş on April 8, 2019, has managed to become one of the team’s indispensable players. This season, the 21-year-old footballer, who has worn the black and white jersey in 32 matches, has contributed 3 goals and 4 assists to the team.

While his market value was €50,000 3 years ago, Rıdvan, who has now reached €5.5 million, caught the attention of many European clubs with his exit. The young footballer close to Torino notably entrusted Hürriyet with all the unknowns, from the performance of the black and white team to his private life.

Important highlights from the interview with Beşiktaş young left-back Rıdvan Yılmaz are as follows:

You started playing for the Beşiktaş A team when you were 19 years old. Did you expect to have the chance to play so soon?

“I went through a very difficult process. I put a lot of effort into the infrastructure. In the Beşiktaş infrastructure, my teacher Haluk Özgüven trained him technically until U13-U14-U15. By the way , let’s not forget Ersin, Kartal and Erdoğan. Şenol Güneş was the first to give me this chance. Abdullah Avcı’s deputy, Şenol Fidan, supported me and helped me to stay in the team A. Coach Sergen Yalçın started playing me as soon as he saw me Coach Sergen understood us very well because he was also a coach in the infrastructure.

In short, my teacher Güneş was the beginning of my education, he watered it, Abdullah Avcı Şenol Fidan’s assistant pruned and supported me, my teacher Sergen Yalçın revealed me. We sailed towards new targets with Valérien Ismaël professor.”


You had a chance in the national football team A with your success. How do you feel?

“It’s not easy being in the national team. I’ve worn the shirts of the U16, U17, U18, U19, U21 and A national teams. In short, I didn’t come here easily.” Teachers like Ahmet Ceyhan, Tolunay Kafkas, Şenol Ustaömer, Turan Sofuoğlu have a lot of effort.”


Your name is mentioned on the transfer market, are you following the evolution?

“My home is Beşiktaş. I act in the direction of the interests of my club. I hear many offers through my manager, but I am not interested. I want to stay in Beşiktaş, but if I can win money for my club like Cenk Tosun in the past, I will not resist. I represent Turkish footballer in Europe in the best possible way. Of course, every footballer has a goal. It is my biggest dream to play in England. Someday, why not.”


What are your strengths and areas for improvement?

“I am only at the beginning of the road. I have a lot to learn. I am improving every day. I benefit from the experience of the experienced players in the team. I am constantly working to compensate for my lack of physicality and fitness, I continue to play calmly and technically. I want to succeed in Beşiktaş and in the national team. In the meantime, I want to succeed in Beşiktaş and in the national team. I take an hour of English lessons.”


“Valérien Ismael is an important technical man who craves success, values ​​youth, works with science and constantly examines statistics. She’s been trying to keep us going in terms of morale and motivation since the day she arrived. She sympathizes and tells us about our mistakes. We have a lot to learn from her. He feels what he is going through. He recounts our individual mistakes one by one. He is hardworking and ambitious.”

You won trophies at a young age, you had a string of defeats. How to survive during the Depression?

“Experienced brothers and names in the team help us in all kinds of areas. Their lives reflect us. I try to improve myself if we include the necessary psychological support and the support I receive from my teachers. I I have the idea to survive in the bad times, not in the good times. · Brother Necip and Oğuzhan are a great luck for us. They always support us in trainings, camps and matches. Pjanic, Souza, Ghezzal, Vida show interest from time to time.”

“My idol MARCELO”

Who is your idol? Do you have a football player you admire?

“There is only one name on the left wing, Caner Erkin. Marcelo as an outsider, Alphonso Davies. Big brother Caner has always supported me. But I have only one idol and it’s Marcelo.”


What is the latest education status?

“Since living in Sultangazi, I have studied and graduated from Rami İnönü High School. I still see my friends. I will enroll in university in the next term.”

If you weren’t a footballer, what would you like to be?

I like sports and football. If I weren’t a footballer, I would like to go to the conservatory and be a television and film artist there. I love listening to music.

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