“As science and technology advance, we pay the price by aging faster”

Assoc. Dr. Gürer Budak said that people today unexpectedly encounter chronic diseases just when they say “I’m going to relax” while meeting the demands of modern life. Dr. Budak said that while advances in science and technology are making people’s lives easier in a positive way, they also cause significant problems.

Stating that the problem of mucilage (sea saliva) causing pollution in the Sea of ​​Marmara is very similar to this, Dr. Budak said: “As science, technology and civilization advance, human beings are paying for it. the price by aging faster or getting sick more easily and quickly. In fact, it’s not something unexpected, it’s a result that we can predict. The problem of mucilage, which is on our country’s agenda, is very similar to this one. Under normal conditions, people today come to a certain point with great effort through modern life, but just when they say “I’m going to relax”, they encounter unexpected chronic illnesses. When he looks in the mirror, he realizes that he is aging faster. It is not a surprise. As I said, the progress of science, technology and the development of civilization are on the bright side, and that also causes us problems. We pay the price by getting sicker and aging faster.


Budak noted that when the disease groups they encountered as physicians in the past and their factors are examined, the patients, disease groups and factors encountered today have changed significantly. Stating that they have difficulty in diagnosing and treating, Budak said: “When you look at it in general, people today are encountering an internal and external harmful factor that maybe a lifetime ago. 100 years, maybe in 1 day. These are one of the most important factors of city life. Many internal and external factors such as closed offices where fresh air does not circulate, sunlight, air conditioning systems, lamps, monitors, cell phones, very intense electromagnetic radiation from tablets, nutritional problems , processed foods, external toxins, stress, Although it is not a concrete factor of disease, it creates a constant feeling of alarm in the cells of the body’s immune system. This situation causes our immune system to remain permanently active and at a certain dose, as if there were a great risk and disease factor.


Emphasizing that they are exposed to internal and external toxic factors for a longer period of time, Budak said:

“As life expectancy increases, the incidence of certain chronic degenerative diseases, which we will not encounter in a short time under normal conditions, increases. 300-500 years ago, the average lifespan of a person aged 40-50-60 years was the result of the problems encountered both by their genetic heritage and by external factors, for example, while the disease rate was 20-30%. , now the expected lifespan is extended to the 80s and 90s and this The most harmful factors that we are exposed to over time cause us to get sick more often. However, the nature of diseases has also changed. In the past, when we struggled with certain concrete and easily treatable diseases, whose causes we could more clearly determine, it is not easy to fight chronic inflammation only with anti-inflammatory agents. Because continuous internal or external stress will not be able to reduce toxins with certain anti-inflammatories.


Budak said diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease are more common with longer lifespans and increasing numbers of older people around the world. Just like the major critical factors that cause mucilage in the Sea of ​​Marmara in order to age healthy, it is also up to the person to prevent and destroy the factors that cause the destruction of his own organism, veins and organs, make the make you sick more often and cause faster aging. What are we going to do, we will exercise regularly. I think the disease of 100 years is inactivity. This is the common problem for everyone. The beginning of the fight against this problem is the human being himself. We will move, we will eat healthy. We will reduce the load of free radicals in our body. We will try to be healthy and to age healthy with the right supplements that will support our immune system in this way.

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