Hackers are the biggest danger to wallets

Kastamonu University Faculty of Education Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Selman Tunay Kamer, we talked about the points to consider in the use of social networks and cryptocurrency and the measures to be taken to protect data security.

Kamer gave the following answers to our questions:

Young people need to be made aware

1. Can you list the dangers that the Tik Tok application can cause and the precautions to take against them?

TikTok is considered a medium used for entertainment purposes, such as sharing short videos or live streaming. However, it is seen that sometimes the entertainment is left out and the culture and values ​​are trampled with the publications made in this medium. Today, TikTok ranks first in determining youth trends. The fashion of something now depends entirely on these platforms. Concepts such as ‘being in the trend’ or ‘catching the trend’ already appeared in high school age. This is also important for adolescent psychology. On the other hand, the movements triggered in TikTok can even lead to the death of young people. Young people need to be informed in appropriate language that TikTok is not the place where they are going to show off or showcase their talents. What they share on social media should be controlled. If necessary, sharing content should be prepared with parents and awareness that these platforms should only be used for entertainment purposes should be brought to young people.

one of the biggest threats

2. Deepfake app comes with risks too, right?

Certainly. Deepfake is one of today’s most notable digital developments. As a result of successful studies on artificial intelligence, Deepfake has now become a video manipulation tool that even normal people can use. With Deepfake, it became possible to portray a person who hasn’t actually been to a certain time and place as if they were there, and pretend that they didn’t actually say so. Of course, it’s still hard to say whether this can be done completely indistinguishably. However, this situation will change and it will be impossible to determine whether a video recording is the actual recording or not. Deepfake is one of the biggest cyber threats of the future in areas such as politics, law, economy and reputation. One of the main ways to protect yourself from the dangers deepafake can cause is directly proportional to leaving fewer digital footprints on the internet. In other words, we have to think twice before sharing photos and videos. It is especially important that facial features are clearly visible or that portrait photos are not shared.

Be careful

3. We face fake news and smear campaigns on social media. Youtubers and influencers can deceive their followers, deceive the company or a group of investors. What should be done against them, what measures should be taken by the state and society?

In social media, many incidents such as fake news, reputational damage, insults and abuse are encountered. Legislative provisions should be made by States in this regard. When a news is encountered, it is absolutely necessary to check who shared it, if the account is correct, when the account was opened and if there is a similar publication. Because sometimes accounts are opened in the name of well-known names or by playing with a few letters, and other users can be manipulated or deceived.

must be in the middle

4. Can we also have your comments on social media regulations?

There must be a law. Because when a slander or an allegation is expressed on social networks, it is very important to have an interlocutor. Social media regulations require channels to have representatives in countries; requires them to protect data and pay taxes on their income. On the other hand, who would want to share inappropriate content about children, make terrorist propaganda and make Islamophobic statements? Therefore, whatever the name, it is absolutely necessary to make legal arrangements in terms of safer use of social media.

Watch out for attacks

5. Cryptocurrency apps also face security vulnerabilities. What steps should be taken at this stage?

Investments in cryptocurrencies are increasing day by day in our country as well as around the world. According to research, Turkey shares fourth place with England after Germany, the United States, and Spain in terms of cryptocurrency investors.

To buy and sell cryptocurrencies, it is necessary to use an exchange. There are about 3,500 crypto exchanges in the world and about 30 in our country. The biggest mistake investors make is thinking of cryptocurrency exchanges as bank accounts. For him, there are cryptocurrency hoarding events. The first solution that comes to mind to be least affected by such events is wallet apps.

Be careful! Don’t fall into the trap

It should also be taken into account that cyber attackers (hackers) are the greatest danger to wallets. Some software has access to your private keys in the digital environment. An app you unknowingly installed on your digital device, a link you think is from someone you know can land you in the trap. With social engineering, one of the most used methods, your information can be stolen. Both cold and hot wallets should be used for cryptocurrency investments. When using these wallets, it should be remembered that cyberattacks can occur at any time.

The number of people should be limited

6. What should be done to prevent attempts that threaten data security?

We can list the things that must be done to protect against cyber attacks as follows. Be careful with free Wi-Fi connections. When a user connects to the hotspot, all of their information can be stolen. Most digital devices automatically connect to open Wi-Fi networks or via Bluetooth. Even disabling the device’s auto-connect feature provides protection against attacks. Cyber ​​attackers personalize attacks to increase the likelihood that the link they send will be clicked. One of the easiest ways to collect personal information is through social media accounts. Social media channels record digital fingerprints on the device and the information can fall into the hands of bad guys. The easiest way to prevent these attacks is to limit who can view their social media accounts. While it is preferable to use a public account, messages from unknown people should not be opened and requests should not be accepted.

Software must be kept up to date

Updating digital devices is also important. It is very important to keep the operating system, antivirus and other software up to date. When updates are not installed at the right time, it can become vulnerable to cyberattacks. Using self-updating network equipment can also eliminate these problems.

For years, the weakest situation in digital devices and internet security has been easy-to-guess passwords. Identifying passwords that can withstand automated password attack attempts is one of the most effective digital security measures. It is safer to use two-factor authentication systems to increase security.

There are risks

Using unencrypted websites is important for security. We should prefer websites with https extensions and 3D security measures so that our credit card information is not stolen, especially when shopping online.

7. Do you have any suggestions or warnings regarding the use of social media for children, young people and parents?

Every part of society has a great responsibility in eliminating the negative effects of the use of social media on family relationships. Children should be made aware of the use of social media from an early age. They should be encouraged to develop different abilities. As in the proverb “A tree bends when it is wet”, it is necessary to sensitize children to the use of social networks. The “Digital Media Literacy” course should be added to the curriculum for primary school children. Educating children from an early age will enable them to become more conscious users of social media in the future. It is also important to educate teachers and families in order to protect children from online risks and dangers regarding preventive studies.

Important Notice

Parents should be role models for children and young people in the use of social media. On the other hand, children under the age of 13 should not open an account on social networks. It is very important that children under 18 make their social media accounts private, that their followers are known to their parents and that their direct message sections are closed so that children do not face bullying.

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