How did the İmamoğlu landing in the Black Sea resonate in the CHP?

ANKARA – Turkey has left behind the 3-day Ramadan holiday. While the immigration debate dominated the political agenda, the program that made the most noise was the Black Sea campaign of the mayor of the metropolis of Istanbul, Ekrem İmamoğlu. İmamoğlu’s visits to Rize, Artvin and his hometown of Trabzon, as well as the messages he gave during these visits, and the journalists who accompanied him were discussed. Some said İmamoğlu’s visit was a ‘challenge’ that conveyed the message ‘I am in the presidential bid’, others said it was a ‘massive show of support against government attacks’ . So how did this visit, which we will talk about a lot in the coming days, resonate with the CHP?

First of all, recall that the visit was with the knowledge of the party administration, drawing attention to previous statements. Party members drew attention to the fact that İmamoğlu had made similar visits in previous holidays, and they explained that requests from organizations in the region were also effective in this program. They mostly pointed out that the visit to Rize was a special invitation and that İmamoğlu had promised.


Stating that İmamoğlu’s program should not be reduced to a candidacy debate, a party official said: “We need İmamoğlu, Mansur Yavaş, Tunç Soyer and all our mayors who have achieved significant successes in during the recent period, for the next elections. Our party is one of those treasured names. We must take advantage of it. Their work will go to the party. İmamoğlu has a counterpart in the Black Sea, we have to see it. There will be prominent figures in politics, but that doesn’t mean they are problematic when they align themselves with the same goal. Here too, there is an effort to strengthen the opposition against the government. After all, there is an effort to strengthen the opposition. It also benefits the opposition,” he said. .

Another influential party figure commented on İmamoğlu’s visit similarly: “All streams and streams flow into the sea. Every channel that influences and persuades large masses of people against the government is gathered in the channel This main channel is the covenant channel, the table of six, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu.” Stop,” he said.


Assessing İmamoğlu’s visit to the Black Sea, another party member drew attention to the AK Party’s voting potential in the Black Sea and Central Anatolia regions. Stressing that there are splits and withdrawals among AK party voters in both regions, but these have not yet translated into votes for the opposition, İmamoğlu, who has influence in the region, can help convince these voters. When party members rate it in terms of profits, he draws attention to the results of these visits, even if they lead to candidacy debates, “At the end of the day, they will write to the opposition. It’ is what counts”


While CHP politicians categorically reject comments from media close to the government that there is tension between Kılıçdaroğlu and İmamoğlu and that İmamoğlu’s exit is a “challenge” for this reason, they point out that there is a respectful relationship between the two names. However, those who think so do not exclude the fact that İmamoğlu will make plans for his own political career. While it is claimed that this is natural like any politician, he points out that everyone should be as loyal to the opposition’s common plan and program for the change of power as the weather on the ground.

“If Imamoglu gets on the table with his social counterpart, won’t those plans change?” One answer to the question is: “These are discussed on the day the candidate decision will be made, but we should not look at this election as just an election day. It is an election that should be successful even after the victory of the election. The process of transformation promised after the election is very important. There can be no transformation without victory, it is true. , but we will not have won if we cannot to achieve this transformation. Therefore, it is necessary to focus not only on the election, but on how the next process will be managed, and how it will be done, with what mechanism. When these are presented as a whole, the candidate will only carry it. That’s before the election, on election day, and after the election. In terms of planning, the job of ‘master’ will be the choice.”


In his speech in Rize, İmamoğlu gave a message to 6 tables which brought together the opposition leaders and said, “I will be the strongest soldier of the thought advanced by the 6 leaders.” While İmamoğlu’s words were interpreted by a party member as “He is courting the 6-party table which will determine the candidate”, it has been stated that it should be understood that İmamoğlu, who is a young politician, has political career goals.

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