“Incapable” reaction to Süleyman Soylu’s confession about Syrian workers: “He is not ashamed”

last day in turkeyheyour policy heg wetaThe problem of immigrants, undeclared employment and the unemployment crisis, which are among the main subjects,athereaIt has also become a hot issue due to its effect on thrush.

bugan In the program where he was a guest on TGRT Haber, aThreein the clicks Interior Minister Suleiman noble too discussions will ignitehemoney spent.

According to the Presidential Decree No. 1 on the Presidential Organization of the Presidential System of Government, the main scheme of the duties and powers of Soylu as Minister of Interior “To protect the indivisible integrity of the country and the nation, the internal security and public order of the country, public order and morals, and the rights and freedoms enshrined in the Constitution by managing the internal security institutions affiliated with the ministry.consists of.

Today, however, Süleyman Soylu, the interior minister responsible for these functions, works in factories in Turkey. Syrians uninsured aspect exploited and exploited aThreelightThreeexpressed a.

Stating that there are 3 million 762,000 Syrian immigrants in Turkey, Soylu said that 200,000,950 Syrians have also been granted citizenship. aThreeclicked. Regarding the debate over whether to send noble immigrants if “Employ Syrians in the factory, exploit them, don’t take insurance. So step on their toes and say, ‘What’s going to happen to these Syrians?’ A million people are going to leave. Do you know who is going to rebel? It’s the bosses.I commented.

Soylu’s Threeok it will be discussedhetheir tracks aon Aysel Tekerek, President of the Communist Movement of Turkey (TKH), and Adnan Serdaroğlu, General Secretary of DİSK, He made assessments at the Republic.


Stating that the statements made by Süleyman Soylu today are an admission, TKH President Aysel Tekerek said: “Today the issue of asylum seekers has come back to the fore, starting from the heart of politics. Refugees are seen as a cheap labor force by the capitalist class and the AKP. Süleyman Soylu is also not ashamed of this admission. With this admission, the cooperation between capital and the AKP was once again revealed. Moreover, the AKP, as the party that caused this problem in the upcoming elections, does not hesitate to apply the problem to the elections.“mentioned.


Expressing that it was the AKP government itself that plagued Turkey with the refugee problem, Tekerek said:The AKP government followed imperialism and was the co-chair of the Greater Middle East Project. He was a partner in the war of destruction of Syria. He sent troops to Afghanistan under NATO. He committed this complicity with the bosses of our country. The AKP government speaks as if it has no guilt or contribution, as can be seen in the statements of Süleyman Soylu. Behind the refugee problem are the US, the EU, the AKP, the capitalist class and the jihadist terrorist organizations. Asylum seekers who have been driven from their homes and the workers of our country are suffering together. The solution to this problem cannot be to go with gasoline to a burning fire,” he said.


Tekerek continued his remarks as follows: “The end of the war in Syria will be ensured by the establishment of peace, by sitting at the table with the legitimate Syrian government and mutual agreements”.

“The AKP meets Egypt, which it describes as a putschist, sitting at the table with the Israeli administration, of which it says nothing, but with Saudi Arabia, which it considers to be the author of the murder of Khashoggi , but for some reason he does not sit at the table with Assad. For this reason, the issue of Syrian refugees is no longer Assad’s issue. Because the refugees are always used as an asset for the AKP in its plans to divide Syria.

Furthermore, we must state once again that it is not possible to fully understand the problem without going to the source of the refugee problem and seeing its causes. SThe reason why the number of refugees has increased several times today is the destruction and occupations created by imperialism in Syria and Afghanistan. Imperialism has opened up the refugee problem. From this point of view, we say clearly and unequivocally that no political power which is not opposed to this mechanism, which is not against imperialism, can solve this problem. Another important point is that the AKP keeps asylum seekers in Turkey in exchange for the money it receives from the EU. Turkey has clearly been turned into an epicenter of asylum seekers by the AKP. The refugee problem cannot be solved without the support of the European Union.


DISK Secretary General Adnan Serdaroğlu said: “It is a sign of weakness for a minister to make such statements. These explanations should reveal the understanding of knowing the existing problem and not finding a solution to it. If the leaders of this country, the president and the ministers, know about this problem, if they express something that shouldn’t be there instead of finding a solution, it shows their shortcomings.” he said.


To say that they have been saying for years that there is no sound immigration policy in Turkey, Serdaroğlu said;

“Countries like us bear the responsibility for errors that occur in strategies vis-à-vis neighboring countries. People who flee their country are condemned to live in much worse conditions, and the inhabitants of this country are transformed into a means to be offended by It becomes a factor that changes the balance of the labor market. All of these things, of course, relate to immigrants. “It’s a problem. It is significant that a minister also speaks out and says so. , we do not consider it right to deliberately provoke provocations against migrant workers in Turkey during the last period. But this can be avoided by policies that require these people to be sent to their own country as much as possible under normal conditions. This is also a problem.” “Unfortunately, it is not implemented in Turkey. He shows an understanding that is used as a tool for his own domestic politics.”

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