Last minute: confusing words from Jorge Jesus, with whom Fenerbahçe met! “I’ll wait for May 20…”


Fenerbahce President Ali Koç has visited Portugal in recent weeks and met with world-renowned coach Jorge Jesus.


The photo of the meeting between Ali Koç and Jorge Jesus leaked to the press and social media, and it was revealed that Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa was also present at the meeting.


Jorge Jesus, who traveled to Brazil for Flamengo Championship celebrations after meeting Ali Koç, was questioned by reporters at Rio da Janerio airport. “I spoke to Fenerbahçe, but there is no agreement yet. There are a lot of offers, I will consider these offers in the coming period,” he said.


Fenerbahçe Club issued a statement regarding the leaked photo of Ali Koç meeting with Jorge Jesus and it was stated that the ‘deal has been reached’ approach does not reflect the truth.


The following statements were used in the April 26 statement:

As of last night and as of today, we would like to inform you of the agenda for the Football A team coaching position.

The “deal has been made” approach, which is attempted to be created with reference to a photograph of a private meeting that was served without our knowledge and approval, certainly does not reflect the truth.

As previously reported by our club resources, all options in the training process are carried out in a comprehensive and exhaustive manner, taking into account every detail, from spending limits to the new sports law. Relevant interviews are conducted face-to-face, where appropriate.

The necessary explanations on the subject will be made through our official channels when positive and negative results are obtained.


Jorge Jesus, who ranks first in Fenerbahçe’s coaching list, has made some flashy claims to UOL Esporte’s Renato Mauricio Prado.


“Flamengo must bid before May 20”

“Do you want to go back to Flamengo? on the question of Jorge Jesus; “Of course I would like to come back, but it’s not all up to me. I’ll wait for Flamengo until May 20. Then I’ll have to make a decision about my life.” mentioned.

‘Flamengo didn’t make an offer last year’

Flamengo vice-president Marcos Braz visited me in Portugal last year, but the conversations were superficial. They didn’t offer me for Flamengo, they didn’t ask me if I wanted to go back. Also, even if they made an offer at the time, I couldn’t accept it. I had a contract with Benfica and if I resigned I had to pay 10 million euros. When they came to see me, they had already made the decision to make Paulo Sousa their coach. They were just fulfilling a social obligation to me. When they came to Portugal, they also visited me. Flamengo did not offer me this visit.


“I rejected offers outside of Fenerbahçe”

Apart from Fenerbahçe, I received offers from Atletico Mineiro, Corinthians and Fluminense. I rejected offers outside of Fenerbahçe for one simple reason. In Brazil, I only work in Flamengo. I suffered while running Sporting after Benfica.

“The best Vitor Pereira”

Recently, names such as Paulo Sousa, Abel Ferreira, Luis Castro and Vitor Pereira have worked in Brazil. Which do you think is the best?

The best of them is Vitor Pereira. Discover its results in Portugal. He knows how to play offensively, put pressure on his opponents and score. Maybe he will have problems with experienced players, but I think Vitor Pereira is a great manager.


Question from Domenec Torrent to Jorge Jesus

Flamengo have recently worked with Domenec Torrent and Paulo Sousa, who embraced the positional football that Pep Guardiola is famous for. What do you think of that?

I don’t like positional football. It’s not my style, but nowadays a lot of coaches try to play this football. I think it’s just another system. It can only be selected as the starting strategy for the game and will work if all players agree with it. I think positional football can only succeed in foosball.

“My strategy: Drown the opponent, grab the ball and score”

At Flamengo, my strategy was clear. We would give up hard against the opposing defenders and move the defensive line towards midfield. So we pushed the whole team forward. We would try to smother the opponent there and recover the ball near the opposing goal. Flamengo haven’t played this football since I left. At certain points in the game, it’s understandable to step back and defend. But Flamengo does it too often now.


“I don’t like rotation”

I don’t really like the rotations in the starting 11. Your ideal 11 should have at most 2 changes, not 3. I don’t understand there being a rotation if there are 3-4 days between games. Things change if there is 1 match every 2 days. I only do the extra spin if I play a game after 48 hours.

“Winning is not enough, you have to enjoy it”

Johan Cruyff is the best coach of all time for me. He revolutionized the sport. Teams don’t just have to win. At the same time, he should care about playing flashy and attractive football. One win is never enough. It is important to get a high rating from the audience, to play artistically and to fully deserve victory. Football is a spectacle and should be played as a spectacle. This is what I want to achieve in all my teams. I succeeded in Flamengo.


Brazilian journalist Renato Mauricio Prado, who interviewed Jorge Jesus, made the following note at the end of the interview:

“Jesus will most likely go to Fenerbahçe. He will return to Lisbon on Saturday. Flamengo has time until May 20. If they don’t act by then, Jesus’ address is known.”

Statements by Jorge Jesus at Rio de Janeiro airport

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