Last minute: Frontex statement by Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu

Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu held a joint press conference with Liberian Foreign Minister Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah in Ankara and assessed the European Parliament’s decision to reject Frontex spending. Çavuşoğlu made a statement about this: “Part of the budget was used to push back migrants.”


Holding a joint press conference with Liberian Foreign Minister Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah in Ankara, Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu answered questions from members of the press and commented on the agenda regarding the EP’s refusal to approve the Frontex budget.

The titles of Minister Çavuşoğlu’s statements were as follows.

“We have also been asked for additional information and documents on this matter. The AP has launched an investigation. The AP did not approve Fronex’s 2020 budget yesterday, May 4. Part of this budget was used to repel immigrants.

Frontex has participated in inhumane practices. Failure to approve the budget does not discharge Frontex. Deaths occurred after these pushbacks,

There were also people who died at sea because the boats were skewered in the middle of the sea. Greece also has a responsibility. It is a humanitarian issue. Greece is also responsible for the deaths. Since it is before their eyes, Frontex and therefore the EU also have a responsibility. Those responsible must be held accountable.”


Minister Çavuşoğlu also shared the latest situation regarding the captain of the Liberian-flagged vessel, Erhan Seçkal. Çavuşoğlu had the following words on the subject:

“I would like to inform you about the situation of our citizen Erhan Seçkal. Company flying the flag of Liberia but British, he and the first captain fell from the ship. We informed our embassy when the news broke on social networks, they contacted the ship.

The ship is a cargo ship from Australia to Vietnam. Our citizen was found this morning by a fisherman off the coast of Bali. We have contacted our citizen Mehmet Kaya, who lives next to him in Bali, and in such cases we do not yet have a consulate general there, with whom we cooperate on these issues.

We also thank him. I spoke to Erhan Seçkal on the phone, he was in the water for 66 hours, but he is in good condition.

Once the necessary steps have been taken, he will return to our country. We wanted to buy his ticket, his company will cover the ticket and other expenses.”


Frontex, the European institution responsible for border security, received a veto from the European Parliament because of the scandals in which it was involved. Despite all of Turkey’s warnings, the agency, which turns a blind eye to the pushback of irregular migrants, did not approve its spending in 2020.


Greece has repeatedly pushed back immigrants in the Aegean Sea, Turkey has frequently put this immigrant drama on the agenda on international platforms. He called for the prevention of inhumane practices by Greece.

The European border security agency Frontex turned a blind eye to this illegal practice. After the scandals in which it was implicated, Frontex could not obtain the support it expected from the European Parliament. Frontex expenditure for 2020 has not been confirmed.

Athens’ inhuman immigration policy was supported by Frontex. European newspapers have documented Frontex’s involvement in the illegal pushback of irregular migrants in the Aegean Sea.

It was also recalled that Turkey rescued migrants abandoned at sea by the Greek Coast Guard.



The EU Anti-Corruption Office has opened an investigation into this case. In the investigation, it was pointed out that the President of Frontex, Fabrice Leggeri, and senior officials tolerated the refoulement of asylum seekers. It was concluded that the situation was covered up.

Following the scandals, the president of Frontex resigned last April.

Frontex’s 2020 expenditure will be reassessed

Frontex spending in 2020 was stopped in the European Parliament after these developments.

MEPs, who do not approve of the regularity of the expenditure, invoke the investigations opened against Frontex for violation of fundamental rights as the reason for their decision and ask to see the details of the investigation reports.


Frontex’s budget will be reassessed in the autumn.

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