Light in load, heavy in price! Made in Turkey: we have sold to over 80 countries

According to the statement made by the ministry, Varank received information about his activities from DOF Robotics President Mustafa Mertcan during his visit to Istanbul and tested the platform developed by DOF Robotics while wearing virtual reality glasses. .

In his statement, Varank said the company exports by combining mechanics and virtual reality in the entertainment industry, making high-tech production.

Highlighting that the products developed by DOF Robotics are technology used in entertainment industry theme parks around the world, Varank said, “Here our company produces its products, which it has developed, designed and created its projects in the R&D Center supported by our ministry, then export it all over the world.” used the expression.

Noting that especially with the spread of animation, the entertainment industry has started shifting to a different dimension all over the world, Varank said:

“Now people can have the opportunity to access and experience the mechanical but high-tech and high-security versions of amusement park amusement devices, which we can call real roller coasters, much more easily. We rode the roller coaster here with Mr. Mustafa. We put on our VR goggles, we had an interesting experience. “We tried a version together where you can do struggles that look like the Far East , which will make children and young people more excited, while you are feeling like spinning around and tumbling around while flying in the sky. Of course, you only attempt this with the support of mechanical systems through goggles.


Stating that this is a government that wants to develop Turkey with value-added production, Varank pointed out that engineers and technical personnel have started gaining momentum in the development and production of products at higher added value, in particular with the development of R&D centers and technology parks. .

Varank said an animation studio they visited recently also sold animations worldwide and went on to say:

“Today we have seen the creative products developed by DOF Robotics in the entertainment industry. Major companies that have licensing rights in the entertainment and animation industry in the world allow such a company to use these licenses and allow the sale of entertainment devices to everyone in the world.Therefore we can say that we have come to a point.The production in Turkey in this area.We also have different companies that do production serious in the entertainment industry, water world or roller coaster world we call theme parks..DOF Robotics has developed such capability by itself and get a global market share, which we always say is the best value-added production one of the examples.”


Stating that while the company is making these productions, the state is with them with their support every step of the way, Varank used the following phrases:

“We continue to support all sectors with the support of TÜBİTAK and KOSGEB or with the R&D and design centers opened by the companies themselves. If our companies are going to make large investments, our investment incentive system comes in. Contractors do this work themselves, but our state’s contribution to them is undeniable.” This company has done about 5 projects with TÜBİTAK. The first development of some of the products here was through TÜBİTAK projects. Of course, the fact that these opportunities offered by the trigger state of the real sector shows how correct our work is.”

Noting that DOF Robotics is one of the top 3 companies in the world in its field, Varank said, “But we want to see them first. It’s not enough, we want to see a lot more companies doing the same job. ‘What country is there in the world of entertainment that combines virtual reality and mechanics? ?’ “We want Turkey to come to mind first when they say that. I hope we achieve that through our businesses.” made his assessment.


DOF Robotics board chairman Mertcan said it exports about 90% of its products and exports to more than 80 countries.

Stating that they mainly work with the United States, Mertcan pointed out that they expect an increase in exports in the coming period, also to regions they have not been able to reach due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Expressing that they are trying to get all the support given by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Mertcan thanked Minister Varank for his visit.

The company, which received awards at CES in Las Vegas and IAAPA in Orlando, one of the world’s largest and most important tech shows held in the United States, is located in theme parks the most visited in the world, especially in the United States and China, such as Marvel Studios and Universal Studios.

One of the company’s most significant achievements in recent times is that it has combined the naming rights to FELD Entertainment’s world-renowned brand, Monster Jam (Monster Trucks), with its technology.

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