Recep Ergenç – Championship and beyond

Dear friends, I am happy for the Trabzonspor championship, apart from the enthusiasm to celebrate it.

But my concern is to sustain the gains of the championship and to increase the added value of the city.

I have two points of view.

Boring towns can’t compete

The people of Trabzon have created the largest open-air discotheque in the world: it has blown deep into the ashes.

This ancient city seemed to be shedding the dead earth that had covered it, shaking and coming back to itself with the desire to have fun.

Hundreds of institutions, organizations and individuals, from FIFA to UEFA, have shared these images of entertainment in the form of a city championship, but such a glorious celebration for the whole world. It created huge publicity, huge positive perception and sympathy in the world.

We remembered and showed the world that this city is not only horon and kolbastı, but it is cheerful and civilized people who like to have fun with their youth and wives.

There will be a series of continuation, such as lifting the trophy, and the Turkish Cup championship, so fortunately.

Will Trabzon have fun?

Yes, you have to have fun. By producing the right content, it should show the world that this city is a fun city.

But it must perpetuate it, it must not remain as one or two entertainments, Trabzon must emerge from its colorless and funless life in which it is locked up.

How many people were there in that crowd of dancers that night who had never been to a club in their life, never danced in crowds to techno music, or had fun with a group of men and women, with the possible exception of the horon? I am very happy for these young men and women, because they had fun.

The fire of this enthusiasm in Trabzon should not go out.

Trabzon needs both this fire as a business model and these color tones to make its people more positive and joyful.

Look, these images don’t appear in a black sea music, not with kemençe or kolbastı. (these are our local values, they are still our crown jewels, but they cannot be the only ones) These images have emerged in the genres of electronic dance and pop music, which are one of the most listened to in the world. Moreover, there is no famous singer, but a successful DJ, presenter/director of our friend and people. The cost is minimal.

Everyone compared those entertainment images to Tomorrowland, said it was better. I asked my son about Tomorrowland, we watched some videos, I was stunned. What a crowd, how many DJ performances, how many laser shows, stage shows. How did we do better than that? Luck, coincidence, preparation?

Anyway, I say we take this wind under our wings. The next move is clear.

Bring 3-5 of the most famous DJs in the world for the next events, set up 2-3 separate stages, like in Tomorrowland, take our young people who do this job well with you, have fun for 3 days and 3 nights in this city after the cut. Produce amazing content, use it in tourism and sports organizations marketing. Is not it?

Well, we celebrated 3 days, is it over? No.

Now it is very important for future generations that this fire is sustainable, that Trabzon becomes a fun city, that it has colors, that everyone respects each other and breaks taboos. Don’t imprison the young, the old.

Young people who can have fun, feel like they belong and enjoy the city they live in are more important than roads, tunnels and hospitals.

sports economy

One can’t help but wonder what the outcome of this championship might be.

Football players from the champion team will receive offers from Europe. Maybe we will evaluate some of them and generate income. What are we going to put in its place? I believe in the management ability of this administration, and I wish it cooperates with the city, amateur clubs, TÜFAD, universities, especially sports performance and data center, and prepares a development plan for 5 years in football so they can do very conflicting jobs in infrastructure.

Let’s turn this city into a football field, what investments will follow.

Can we build a hospital specializing in “sports disease and injury”, which is the most suitable among our hospitals that will remain idle during the construction of the city hospital?

How about a sports university?

There are no limits to dreams.

All it takes is a rational plan and the staff to follow it.

There are many examples in Europe, there is no need to count.

It’s not a one-time championship, it shouldn’t be. We need the spirit to use this as an opportunity.

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