Veysel Hodja, member of the scientific committee, commented: What trace did Corona leave?

For years… Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Bursa Uludag University, Head of Department of Labor Sociology conducted research. in 2010 Head of Department of Economic Sociology at Istanbul University aspect Istanbul’went to

teacher. Dr. Veysel Bozkurt in 2020 Ministry of Health created by Member of the Coronavirus Scientific Committee He has also participated in studies on the social effects of the epidemic.

On the phone…

When party turns into conversation, “no need to assemble” decided scientific Council We talked about your work.


“Hodja, lifestyles and expectations have changed with the coronavirus… What traces has this epidemic left in society? we asked.


Member of the scientific committee assessed the pandemic in its own domain.


“It has deeply shaken our sense of security. It negatively affected our mood” he started and said:

“Sales of antidepressants in Turkey increased by 10 million boxes between 2019-2021 and increased from 49 million to 59 million boxes in 2 years. That’s a 20 percent increase. In the studies carried out, there is a serious decline in life satisfaction, both in Turkey and in the world. There is a very serious increase in discontent.

He pointed out:

“Increased dissatisfaction, lower life satisfaction, anxiety, depressive symptoms are linked to coronavirus. During this period, people’s fear of losing loved ones has increased, their sense of security has been deeply shaken.


Emphasizing that the same is true all over the world teacher. Dr. Bozkurt continued:

“For a long time, people couldn’t work. The shopkeeper closed his shop, the musician couldn’t do his job, the waiter couldn’t do his job. This resulted in economic contraction. This contraction negatively affected people’s moods.

Here is her look:

“One of the biggest influences he left us was creating a much more restless, restless world, restless people. There’s always an unease.”

The number of daily cases in Bursa has fallen to 6

to 2022… Sotck exchange’We came in with 1,500 daily cases. The number of cases, which exceeded 2,000 on January 9, reached 3,000,500 on January 18 and 7,000 on February 7.


The regression process was initiated and 3,500 daily cases on February 15 were reduced to 2,000 on March 3. Next week six thousand seen.

On holiday…

Sotck exchange’in a daily case of 2.5 years low point it happened. because 6 cases per day detected.

The health system and hospitals have been relieved.

The strength of the virus has weakened, it has decreased in the level of upper respiratory diseases, we are well placed

On holiday… Member of the Coronavirus Scientific Committee teacher. Dr. Veysel Bozkurt’While chatting with him, he made the following assessment:

“We are not as afraid of catching the virus as we used to be. Because susceptible people have their vaccines. 85% of the population has received a double dose vaccine. Again, according to KONDA research, In February, 39% had survived the coronavirus. It can be considered a vaccination.

This rate “Element that strengthens community immunity” accepting teacher. Dr. Bozkurt makes the following assessment:

“Many people feel safer than they did 1.5 to 2 years ago, but the general damage caused by the pandemic continues to affect us around the world.”

He also gave the following information:

“According to our specialist doctors, the strength of the virus has weakened and decreased in the level of upper respiratory diseases. We cannot say that it is over, but we are in a good position.

Summers in Tirilye, the Scientific Council continues

In 1980… The student enters University of Uludag’Why Head of Department deceased teacher. Dr. Veysel Bozkurt He could not forget his 30 years:

“Uludağ University is not a place I can forget, Bursa is not a place I can leave. Our bond continues.

last winter’s pandemic Burgas’He also spent the summers Tirilye’also. His wish is this:

“At the last meeting of the scientific committee, it was decided that there was no need to meet again. But the Council remains. Hopefully he won’t have to meet again.”

The policy of Kemal Demirel of the youth branch in Parliament and VQA

The last… April 10 AK Party Bursa MP Dr. Mustafa Esgin visit the hospital train information done and “We carry on the flag you carry” We were chatting when he said.

Participation in the laying of the first stone of the high-speed train in 2002 the only HPCHe had expressed his happiness with difficulty.

He was taken to the intensive care unit on April 29 and his family prays We were very impressed when we announced it. Fight cancer 4 times winner came. Last year crown he won.


All these struggles exhausted his body. He lost his kidney under the influence of drugs, his stomach went bankrupt, but he didn’t lose his excitement. Obtain hospital clearance Ismat Karaca’participated in the running of the trains.

Our childhood friend Kemal Demirel’in 1977 CHP Youth Branchin his political life Provincial Presidency did, in 2002 and 2007 CHP Bursa Deputy happened in 2010 CHP FMC’or selected.

Advice’give to question paper file it didn’t break. walker for the railway world’s first deputy it happened. He fought for the schools in the village.

Ankara’from cogeneration behalf Akif Hamzacebi and Mehmet Sevigen’While bidding farewell to the journey of sin with the participation of MP from AK Bursa party the one who… Mehmet Emin Toutan’the Kemal Demirel our memories are revived.

Sotck exchange He lost a politician who worked hard. God Have mercy.

Tatlıoğlu’s “station name” proposal becomes policy fidelity

Tuesday… CHP Celebrationstand on the podium President of IYI Paw Group and Teacher. Dr. Ismail Tatlioglu, through his political life Coming to Bursa by train to fight for Kemal Demirel your name Balat StationHe suggested that he should be kept alive.

At the announcement of his death, many messages were sent to us such a wait There are.

Let’s announce it here.

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