A new technology transmitting “emotional touch” has been developed

A new technology has been developed that allows us to transmit the “emotional touch” to someone who lives far from us. Thanks to this technology, which makes the other person feel how we would touch them if we were next to them, long-distance relationships can now be “closer” than ever.

Over the past two years we have experienced Covid-19 pandemic Because of this, we connect with people both physically and socially. distance We had to put This, without a doubt, showed us how much we depend on the existence of others and taught us how human beings are a social creature.

This situation, of course, made it more difficult for those who had to stay away from their loved ones during this process. Even though we continue to communicate with methods such as messaging and video calls, these methods do not fully express our feelings to the other person. our inability to transmit For the most part, this was quite insufficient. However, with new technology developed by a graduate student at Stanford University, who was touched by his experiences in this process, it seems that it is now possible to transmit our feelings to someone who lives far from us. .

Development of a mechanism that simulates the “touch” of a distant person

Millie Salvato, a graduate student at Stanford University, had to be separated from her girlfriend during the pandemic, which inspired the emergence of new technology. Dreaming of loving and comforting “physical contact” with her lover throughout the pandemic, Salvato and her colleagues are using human contact. able to simulate and convey abstract social messages sent electronically a set of portable arms designed it.

In each test conducted by Salvato and his team, which measured how 37 participants expressed social information in different situations, one of the participants was on his arm. a device that detects pressure While wearing it, another participant responds to scenarios with six meanings: attention-seeking, gratitude, happiness, healing, love, and sadness. hit.

such as squeezing, hitting, shaking, poking 661 different touch gestures After collecting the data, the research team mapped the position and pressure of each of these movements. Following this, the team used a machine learning algorithm to select which moves were the most reliable part of each response; Finally, a wearable is designed to simulate these movements using eight built-in discs that vibrate when signaled electronically. arm cover programmed it.

It is now possible to be emotionally “closer” with our distant loved ones

long distance relation

His inventions naturally resemble a real human hand don’t feel Still, Salvato said it was better than nothing. “To be honest gorgeous it feels. save as.

Touch researcher Gregory Gerling of the University of Virginia, who was not involved in the study, used the study in terms of how social touch occurs and how it can be replicated. “unique” qualifies as. Gerling said in a statement about the study, “Given the little information they had, what key were conveyed to them by the participants? at a fairly high rate I think it’s interesting that they’re successful.” uses expressions.


A technology has been developed that allows us to feel and use our mouths in virtual reality: it is possible to eat, drink and kiss!

How important are social contacts for physical and mental health? important This is something that has been proven over and over again by countless previous studies. This new technology means that in the future, instead of just sending <3 to our loved ones by phone or computer, we will be able to send them how we are feeling at that moment, and in this way, we will be able to help each other. . emotionally closer It means we can feel.

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