A Turkish scientist produced cosmetic raw materials from “flies”

Dokuz Eylul University (DEU) Department of Dermatology Lecturer Prof. Dr. Emel Erdal Çalıkoğlu produced cosmetic raw materials from Black Soldier Fly (BSF) larva, which is known as an eco-friendly fly.

teacher. Dr. Çalıkoğlu established a business within DEÜ Technopark (DEPARK) and met his radiation oncologist wife, Dr. He started working with Tamer Çalıkoğlu on “BSF” translated into Turkish as “black soldier fly”.

Çalıkoğlu, who established a facility in Güzelbahçe with the support of TÜBİTAK, obtained from BSF an oil with moisturizing, cleansing and regenerating properties, described as “environmentally friendly” because it is fueled by waste products such as fruits and vegetables.

In addition to high protein oil, quality fertilizers and animal feed were provided from BSF and its waste.

“The larvae are fed biologically”

teacher. Dr. Emel Erdal Çalıkoğlu told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the cosmetics industry has been in a raw material crisis for a long time and the existing raw materials pollute the environment and leave a high carbon footprint.

Noting that they are looking for a sustainable raw material that does not harm the environment, Çalıkoğlu said that they decided to use fly larvae in their projects.

Stating that they created the living conditions for the larvae in a small facility, Çalıkoğlu said:

“We have created suitable climatic conditions for the flies to mate. We collect the obtained eggs and turn them into larvae. We feed these larvae. The important thing here is that we feed the larvae. We feed the larvae with organic waste, that is, with our fruit, vegetable and food waste, which turns into waste before it reaches the fork.So we are actually doing waste management. larvae eat the waste, it turns into quality food, quality fertilizer and quality oil.

“Contains lauric acid equal to coconut oil”

Noting that coconut and palm oils are used for lauric acid, which is used in the cosmetics industry, Çalıkoğlu gave the following information:

“Our oil is also a very valuable oil that contains lauric acid equivalent to palm oil and coconut oil. Test results revealed that the oil is a very good quality oil and data from the literature confirms this.Lauric acid, which is especially concentrated in breast milk, is found in our oil.It is also available.It contains both palmitic acid and linoleic acid It is a product with antibacterial, cleansing and moisturizing properties.Therefore, we believe that it will be successful in healing wounds.To this end, we have planned various animal experiments at our university.Due to its high oil content. and intense after a period that will put its use as an anti-aging product on the agenda because it contains proteins.

75 euros per liter

Stating that they make soaps, lotions and creams from oil as trial products, Çalıkoğlu said, “We tried some products, and their moisturizing properties are quite obvious and effective. mentioned.

Çalıkoğlu noted that the equivalent of BSF oil found buyers around the world at 400-500 euros per liter, and they set a start-up fee of 75 euros for the product obtained from BSF oil.

Stating that the raw material appeals to the dermocosmetic industry and people with high environmental awareness, Çalıkoğlu said they are receiving inquiries from domestic and international companies.

“There is a demand from abroad”

Çalıkoğlu said companies from France and other European countries, as well as Azerbaijan, show great interest in BSF oil, adding, “This product has several advantages. First, it is produced in our country, we do not have to import it. Second, it’s good for the environment, we eliminate waste Third, it’s our country so we can easily deliver it inside. mentioned.

“It is also used as a feed for chickens and fish”

Stating that high-protein BSF larvae can also be used as chicken and fish feed, Çalıkoğlu said:

“The fact that the oil and protein content is high allows us to use it when it is dried. You know there is both a feed crisis and a fertilizer crisis in the world in This time. Feed and fertilizer are very expensive. In fact, our growers, especially small businesses, can use it as feed or fertilizer if they can raise this larva.”

Emel Erdal Çalıkoğlu added that they cooperated with a chain of stores in a social project and provided free larvae to small family chicken businesses.

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