Ali Koç: We will put 5 stars on our emblem

Fenerbahçe club president Ali KoçHe targeted Trabzonspor. championship celebrations, Trabzonspor-Antalyaspor He criticized both the Burgundy blues and the federation on many points until the match.

Here are the highlights of Ali Koç’s statements;

“What happened in the game played on Saturday exceeded the tolerance limit of us Fenerbahce. It is not our concern whether a team wins the championship 38 years later or the championship of any team . No championship gives the right to attack another team.”

“There is a fight against this terrorist organization under the leadership of our president. He says: ‘Fenerbahçe is one of the biggest victims of this process.’ Our president said that Fenerbahçe is fighting for this country to get rid of this organization.”

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu also spoke about Fenerbahçe’s position. We must also thank our Minister of the Interior. It was also endorsed by our state using the phrase “the championship to come after 38 years” in championship celebrations. As a member of Congress, even though these images upset us…”

“I call on Trabzonspor leaders, no matter how much you claim to have 8 championships, the common denominator of our state’s position and the court’s decision is that July 3 was a FETO operation. This fact has been proven by all courts.”

“There is an unresolved incident committed against us at the Trabzon provincial border, involving the finger of FETO, and still unresolved! There is no unresolved incident of this level in Turkey. You have claimed this incident with the banner you opened. Where are those who put up this banner, those who gave in, this courage, do you find it?

“We know that club leaders and federation officials are aware of this. We are also undergoing the same procedures. It is not possible that the security officers do not share this situation with their superiors!” weapon”, is a mental eclipse. Recall that the club in question was rejected from all the doors where it applied for 10 years without exception. TAS, FIFA, Swiss court… You spent the money of the world on lawyers. Even some lawyers turned out to be members of FETO.”

“A 12-year-old would say, ‘Can I have your jersey?’ “But how was this rag taken? Are the rules different in Istanbul? Are state officials scared or frightened in Trabzon? Who are they afraid of? Who are they afraid of? do you find that courage?”

“We know that club leaders and federation officials are aware of this. We are also undergoing the same procedures. It is not possible that security officers do not share this situation with their superiors. It is mind-boggling to hang that banner there by saying, “Rejoice unarmed,” he said.

“The fact that the state officials who hold Trabzon in recent years openly display it and openly want the championship makes this community see itself as privileged. You influence the leaders of Turkish football and put them under pressure.”

“Which team minister did you see like this in the matches of Beşiktaş, Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe, Başakşehir? In the long run, this situation will harm Trabzonspor the most. As ministers not only of Trabzon but of all Turkey , we wonder how you welcome this. It’s a crime. Why didn’t you react to this banner, which made a statement? The dastardly message on the rag is clear! Don’t you cast a shadow on the fight against this structure, especially on our President?

“Trabzonspor became champions after a long period. They still couldn’t digest the championship they lost to us in the 2010/11 season. The autonomy and objectivity of the TFF is far beyond the question. After losing the championship to Başakşehir, they attacked the TFF, the system and Başakşehir.”

“During the Alanyaspor game, the president of Trabzonspor entered the pitch and physically interfered. He should have been punished for at least 6 months, but only 15 days. If I had done this as president of Fenerbahçe , how many matches will I have September 27, 2021… Trabzonspor-Alanyaspor match 1-1 It’s over. Referee Halis Özkahya correctly sent off a Trabzon player. Trabzon front made an extremely offensive statement.”

“Part of Trabzonspor’s statement ‘This mentality that shelters, protects and empowers thieves. Those people who say “thank God” when they spit in their face, and Halis Özkahya are not alone. They made such a statement in the 7th week of the season. Do you know why they start so hard? Fenerbahçe is the first home game after this one. Famous, the game where Kim Min Jae was sent off. An extremely inadequate referee is assigned to this game, you all know what happened there. You know.”

“This cowardly mentality, which responds to every statement made by Fenerbahçe within hours, cannot even respond to the statement made by Trabzonspor at the start of the season, they pass with fines and disqualifications.”

“Cüneyt Çakır was not appointed for the Trabzonspor game for 1615 days because he did not give a penalty in favor of Trabzonspor in the Galatasaray-Trabzonspor game. Do you think other referees are not affected by the power that does this?”

“An incredible torpedo system is circulating in the appointments of representatives. People who have nothing to do with football or sports are working there. I will hold a separate meeting for the chairman of the TFF Council of Representatives, Abdurrahman Arıcı. A great torpedo system goes when appointing representatives. I will explain them on the special day we will dedicate to Abdurrahman Arıcı.”

“Omer Demir, who was a manager at Trabzonspor, is the deputy chairman of the TFF council of representatives. The person who took the referees hostage in the famous Gaziantep match in the locker room. He was banned for 1 year, but look at the position he reached today. A person who has been sentenced for more than 6 months cannot serve here. They throw this friend away. This person asks the TFF for a new trial and they quietly clean up this person’s record. This friend is considered the next president.”

“There is a person on the board who says ‘Fenerbahçe fixed a match’

“You can’t call the penalty in the Adana Demirspor game a penalty. They were afraid that the point difference would decrease to 6 with 3 weeks to go. They entered the pitch, it was announced that the players of Antalyaspor were beaten. Normally the referee match should be suspended. In 2013-14 season, the Beşiktaş-Galatasaray match was suspended because the public came in. Beşiktaş was sentenced to play 4 games without spectators and they also lost by forfeit. The Fenerbahçe-Beşiktaş match is canceled, the decision is redone and Fenerbahçe is sentenced to 3 matches without spectators. I congratulate Antalyaspor for their upright position. If it was me, I would take the team off the field. If Antalyaspor had scored in the final minutes, what would have happened?

“Without looking at the representative reports, they declared Trabzonspor champion in 5 minutes. There is a request breaking the rules regarding the Beşiktaş-Trabzonspor game. It has been rejected. There is a 7-day arbitration period. This arbitration period had not expired since this game. Therefore, Beşiktaş can apply. Before the arbitration result, you cannot register this league, right?” Before this result comes out, without even looking at the representative reports of the Antalyaspor match, the TFF broadcasts a congratulatory message exactly 5 minutes after the end of the match, as if stealing fire.”

“The flag on the bridge… Before the end of the season, the flag was hung on the bridge? You will see, this flag will be the earliest and the longest to be hung. The flag of another team must not not be hung on Istanbul bridge anyway. Is our flag hung like this in another city? Is it wrong to say that there is favoritism here??”

“There is a derby on Sunday, a Trabzonspor celebration is taking place in Yenikapı. What if Beşiktaş players come face to face on the way to the game? Couldn’t you have done it on Saturday, Monday Have you lost your mind, what are you trying to do?

“They still couldn’t answer for the Super Cup match in 2010-11. We applied with Beşiktaş! Shame on you. I hope you leave soon, all of you! They are scared! They think that if we let’s leave the match, they will accept 2010-11 It is written on your site.

“They want to bring their home games back to Istanbul. Isn’t that a provocation? Beşiktaş will be champions, they will play their last game in Trabzon! Galatasaray will play such a game in Eskişehir! Fenerbahçe will play in Bursa! say, the T of TFF is for Turkey, not for Trabzonspor.”

“As long as Trabzonspor President Ahmet Ağaoğlu is the Chairman of the Club Association Foundation, we will not attend the meetings. I have no problem with Ahmet Bey. The person who authorizes such a banner does not can’t be at the head of the clubs.”

“I call on our state, that what is necessary for this banner be done, those who shoot our bus be found. The absence of these weakens our state. We have not received a response about 28 championships in 427 days March 6, 2021, 28 championships December 30, 20212 Super Cup bid, 127 days have passed since January 31. In 2022, we requested the removal of the phrase “2010-11 champion” from the Trabzonspor official website.

“From the 2023-24 season, we will put 5 stars on our emblem. We will already put 5 stars on Fenerium products.”

“We will go to Mr. President and our state elders. If Süleyman Soylu wants to meet us, we will also go to him. The monument of Trabzonspor is natural to create funds. If they say 8 championships, it is their own business. Those who celebrate 8 championships will have 8 trophies in their museum.”

“After the match was over, a few presidents received congratulatory messages. I sent the following message to the presidents WhatsApp group: ‘I would like to congratulate you, but I won’t.’

“As the incident, which was filmed in 2015 and whose perpetrator has not been found, is etched in our memories, I said that we will not accept that they make fun of it by reflecting it on a banner at a league game and that we’re not going to be at the same table as a president who allows it.”

“At least for a temporary period, the foreign referee will do no harm, it will help. I have come to this point.”

“I won’t be going to the game on Sunday. We started talking about this problem back home too. My mum called last time and said, ‘Oh my son, be patient a bit longer, don’t go’ . ”

“Bring Mourinho, bring Guardiola, change is needed. It’s not an unfair thought. Unfortunately, it is so. We will fight to do our best, we will keep alive the belief in divine justice that we don’t want never lose.”

“I didn’t see the Beşiktaş and Galatasaray fans who weren’t bothered. Why didn’t they come in with congratulations? Come on, we didn’t come in with birds, etc. Why did they and haven’t many teams praised them? It’s going to change, it’s going to change over time.”

“The sports law has been enacted, according to the current situation, all the presidents of big clubs should be locked up, I mean seriously. Covid, exchange rates, publisher’s discount…

“The Republic of Turkey 100th Anniversary Championship suits Fenerbahçe best. It suits a club that has produced martyrs and veterans.”

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