Brisa breaks the export record in its history

Brisa becomes the “travel leader” in Turkey with the acquisition of Arvento…

Brisa has strengthened its finances through effective risk management, strong working capital management, successful channel and product portfolio management.

Exporting the Lassa brand to 87 countries, Brisa broke a new record and achieved the largest export shipment ever. The company’s total exports in the first quarter reached $80.5 million.

Brisa, which has completed the process of acquiring Arvento Mobil Systems, the market leader in digital vehicle tracking systems, has become the “Leader of the Journey” by taking its leadership beyond the tire.

Brisa, the Turkish tire market leader with its main brands Bridgestone and Lassa, has shared its financial results for the period from January 1 to March 31, 2022 with the public. Turkish tire industry leader Brisa, a subsidiary of Sabancı Holding and Bridgestone Corporation, posted a strong performance in the first quarter of 2022 and added value to its stakeholders. In the first quarter of the year, the company’s total revenue was TL 2.7 billion and its EBITDA size was TL 795 million, an increase of 101.5% from the previous quarter. same period of the previous year. In the first quarter of the year, the Company maintained profitability through effective risk management despite increasing cost pressures, and managed its working capital, sales channels and product portfolio in a balanced manner. Working capital turnover reached -9 days in the first quarter of 2022.

Building on the high performance of its international activities with value-added production to ensure this growth, the Company has implemented its strategic steps. With the Lassa brand, Brisa achieved the highest shipment amount in a month so far in March 2022, breaking the record for the highest shipment in the first quarter in export history. It increased its export revenue to $49 million and ended the first quarter with its breakthroughs. In February 2022, the company also gained market share in 17 countries with its Lassa brand.

Brisa acquired Arvento Mobil Sistemleri in the first quarter to transform its existing tire-focused business portfolio into a mobility solutions business. This acquisition will allow the company to extend its pioneering services beyond the tire and become a solutions partner that makes life easier for fleet owners and drivers and brings efficiency and productivity.

Assessing Brisa’s performance in the first quarter of 2022, Brisa CEO Haluk Kürkçü said;

“With our production responsibility in the development process of our country, we have ensured the continuity of our operations with the highest level of efficiency. In the difficult global and local conditions of the past period, we focused on our strategic priorities, managed our costs and expenses well and continued our stable and balanced growth.

At this time, as we receive signs of the pandemic abating, we are seeing stagnant markets partially revived. Based on data from the first two months of the year, the European aftermarket, which we see reaching saturation point, recorded remarkable double-digit growth in the passenger car and light truck tire segment. Under these conditions, the performance we achieved on the export side was of great importance for the overall performance of our company.

While creating a balance between export markets, we have also accelerated our work. We have broken a major export shipment record with our Lassa brand in the international markets in which we operate. We outperformed the market and increased our market share in a total of 17 countries in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and the Commonwealth of Independent States. We achieved the highest number of shipments made in one month in Brisa’s history, and we broke the highest ever export record in the first quarter. All these results prove our preference and success on a global scale.

Kürkçü said that the demand for tires in the aftermarket has increased in the domestic market; “We maintained our leadership with our Lassa and Bridgestone tire brands, achieving sales figures above the first quarter target in the consumer and commercial segments, with our dealers. The number of Otopratik and Propratik stores increased to 95. We will reach 140 points by the end of the year.

Haluk Kürkçü added that they are preparing stores for the future in a way that will support the electric transformation of the automotive world:

“We provide training for store employees in the rapid maintenance of electric and hybrid vehicles. Electric charging stations in our stores, which is a major need for the distribution of electric vehicles, have reached 15. Our objective is to increase it to 35 by the end of the year. The business partners of Otopratik, which is the first brand in the minds of consumers among chain stores offering fast food services, are strengthened by a profitable, efficient and reliable business model under the strong roof of Brisa and Sabancı Holding . IWe take our business “beyond the tire”. Our priority is to offer vehicle users a complete experience with enriched services beyond the tire. We have touched over 700,000 tires with our digital fleet solutions and saved our customers 16 million TL. We are working to provide mobility and tire telematics solutions with Arvento Mobil Systems, whose procurement process we have completed. Thanks to the analysis of driving data from 56,000 customer fleets, it is possible to evaluate and monitor the in-vehicle performance of our products after they have been launched on the market, as well as to develop joint products and services. We will provide convenience, efficiency and productivity to our customers through data analytics based fleet management services.

Kürkçü underlined that our country has very important logistical opportunities both in terms of production and because of its geographical location;

“With our experience in export markets, our industry expertise, our logistics position, our agile customer-oriented business management models and the power we derive from digital transformation, we have an advantage over the countries with which we are We are striving to realize these opportunities and potential in the coming period. While doing all of this, we are taking actions today that will help us reach our 2050 net zero emissions goal, and we are implementing work that contributes to the low-carbon economy. Recently, 3,000 tonnes of CO per year2nd We have made the largest solar energy rooftop investment in the region, which will prevent emissions, at our factory in Aksaray. I would like to thank our employees and our business partners who have made all this possible in our company, as well as our shareholders for their confidence in our work. mentioned.

The global tire industry recorded growth despite the shrinking automotive market. Distance traveled has now returned to pre-pandemic levels in many markets as restrictions on movement due to the pandemic have eased. This supported the strong growth of renewal channel tire sales globally. During the first two months of the year, the market for replacement passenger and commercial tires experienced significant quantitative growth compared to the same period of the previous year. Growth came from European markets. In the first quarter data of the Turkish replacement tire market, we see that although the demand is affected by the difficult global conditions, there is still growth, but it has not progressed as strongly as in the past first 2 months.

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