Last minute! Fenerbahce President Ali Koç speaks (LIVE)

Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç, who used very harsh expressions about the open banner in the stands after Trabzonspor declared the Super League championship, is holding a press conference today. During the meeting held at Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saracoğlu Sports Complex 1907 Tribune, the president of the Yellow and Dark Blue club made very important assessments.

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Ali Koç’s statements are as follows:

“What happened in the match played on Saturday exceeded the tolerance limit of us Fenerbahçe. It is not our concern whether a team won the championship 38 years later or the championship of any team. However, no championship gives the right to whip into another team.”

“There is a fight against this terrorist organization under the leadership of our esteemed president. He says: ‘Fenerbahce is one of the biggest victims of this process. He also fought to get rid of the organization,’ says- he.

“Mr. Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu also spoke about Fenerbahçe’s position. Our Interior Minister is to be thanked. He also endorsed this by our state using the phrase ‘the championship that comes after 38 years “in championship celebrations.”

Trabzonspor called to managers

“I challenge the leaders of Trabzonspor; it doesn’t matter how much you claim to have 8 championships. You are in a fantasy world. July 3 is an operation. Let’s remember that they have been rejected from everywhere they applied for 10 years It doesn’t matter how much you claim to have 8 championships, our state’s position, and the court’s decision “The common denominator is that July 3 was a FETO operation. This fact has been proven by all the courts. You talk about 8 championships, your trophy is not in your museum! How are you going to fill this museum? You will never get this trophy. Now familiarize your community with the facts.

“You served your tired photos on the benches of the airport. In the 80s, there were imaginary exporters, we saw managers promising imaginary championships thanks to you. You were not right. If you were right, this trophy would not be in this museum.”

Banner reaction

“It is impossible that the club leaders and the federation were not aware of this banner. There is no possibility that the security guards would not share this situation with their superiors! Hang this banner saying ‘ Rejoice unarmed’ is folly.”

“A 12-year-old would say, ‘Can I have your jersey?’ “But how was this rag taken? Are the rules different in Istanbul? Are state officials scared or scared in Trabzon? Who are they afraid of?”

“The dastardly message on the rag in question is clear! We keep fighting these fights! We expose the tweezers they use in all eras and in all institutions, and we stand up. I call on the people at the top of our state, allow them no more.”

“The rules applied in Istanbul without exception, is there any rule we don’t know about Trabzon? Do our police rules work differently in different cities? As ministers not only of Trabzon but of the whole country, you, Fenerbahçe, indeed all of Turkey, knows the sensitivity of this country. We, fans of Fenerbahçe, wonder how they received this banner confirming what FETO did and this assassination attempt against the Turkey.

harsh words

“Unfortunately, the images given during the match and the celebrations made our state seen as part of these celebrations. Because there are politicians and bureaucrats, especially our president, who value impartiality.”

“State officials who have held Trabzon for the past few years are openly displaying it, openly wanting the championship, it makes this community see themselves as privileged. You influence those who govern Turkish football and you put pressure on them. C “is normal. Especially in recent years, our ministers, MPs, mayors and officials who support Trabzonspor openly show it and openly want the championship, it makes this community feel privileged.”

“We are faced with the reality of making Turkish football in Trabzon”

“We are facing the reality of transforming Turkish football in Trabzon. I hope that Fenerbahçe will no longer have to fight this fight alone. There are state officials who support other teams, but their neutral position is not displayed when it comes to Trabzonspor. Have you seen the team minister in Beşiktaş, Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe, Başakşehir games? In the long run. This situation will hurt Trabzonspor the most.”

“Does FETO become legitimized when it comes to Fenerbahçe? Why didn’t you talk about this banner? Don’t you cast a shadow over the fight against this structure, especially our president, by those who are acting irresponsibly? Is there no one in this country who can say stop to that?”

“We waited for disciplinary dismissals”

“I drew attention to the fact that this treat was due to a protective shield. We waited for the sanctions to come out. let’s at least write a proper report’.”

“Trabzonspor became champions after a long time. They still couldn’t digest the championship they lost to us in 2010/11 season. After losing the championship to Başakşehir, they attacked TFF, the system and Başakşehir.For this reason, Trabzonspor lobby has grown and developed every year, today’s infrastructure has been prepared.

It reminded me of the games

“The autonomy and objectivity of the TFF are at a point far beyond questionable. We are talking about a TFF that does not just create scandals with every step it takes and has lost its legality. In the decision-making processes of the TFF, the weight of Trabzon is something that everyone knows but no one talks about.”

“September 19, 2015. There was an incident during the Trabzonspor-Galatasaray match. There was a penalty kick in favor of Trabzonspor. The ball hit Denayer’s hand. After the match, referee Cüneyt Çakır did not been assigned to the Trabzonspor game for 1612 days. The other referees weren’t affected by this?”

“During the Alanyaspor match played in 2019, the president of Trabzonspor Ağaoğlu jumped on the pitch. Sometimes we get lost. The president was physically attacked. With the instructions of Covid, he was sentenced to at least 6 months , but only 15 days. If I had done that, how many games do you think I would get?”

“September 27, 2021. The match between Trabzonspor and Alanyaspor ended 1-1. Referee Halis Özkahya correctly sent off a Trabzon player. Trabzon front made an extremely offensive statement. I will read a section of this Trabzonspor statement: ‘Host of thieves, This mentality that protects and strengthens these people and Halis Özkahya are not alone when they say thank you when someone spits in their face.’ They made such a statement in week 7 of the season. Wow Wow Wow..”

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