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The celebration, which was organized by the Governorate of Batman and the Municipality of Batman on the occasion of the founding of Batman and the championship of Petrolspor, during which dancers and singers, known for their unethical attitude, took the stage, drew backlash from the people of Batman on the grounds that it was against Islam and customs. Fundamental Change Batman Representation condemned the event with a statement shared on social media.

On these days when we leave the month of Ramadan, concerts and celebrations against Islam are organized in some cities under the name of celebrations against Islam. In these celebrations, singers and dancers, who present themselves with their naked images, are invited to the celebrations. Efforts are made to legitimize illegitimate ideas and viewpoints through anti-Islamic activities in an Islamic land.

Reaction from Fundamental Change’s Batman representative: “We condemn it and demand its cancellation”

While NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) and political parties reacted to the planned concert at Batman on Sunday May 8, another reaction came from the Fundamental Change Batman Representative Office.

The Fundamental Change Batman Representative Office condemned the event in a statement on social media and included the following statements:

We condemn the concert scheduled for Batman on May 8 with the participation of a dancer and singer, in partnership with the governor of Batman and the municipality of Batman, and demand its cancellation.

Such projects of subversion carried out within the framework of democratic individual freedoms are another version of the politics of assimilation.

The mentality that has become westernized and tries to inject the western way of life into society, has nothing to bring to the people of Batman through these kinds of organizations that drive young people into prostitution and debauchery under the entertainment name. These types of concerts, which will be staged giving away millions at a time when people are struggling to bring bread home, are a clear indication of how distant the rulers are from their people.

It is not possible to serve the public by organizing such entertainment programs, by erecting statues in the city or by drugging people with football victories (!)!

Identify people’s real problems; the public is served by solving it correctly

Batman’s wish concert must be canceled

On the other hand, in İLKHA News, it was stated that the concert, which was scheduled to be held on May 8 by Batman Governorate and Batman Municipality, and to which everyone reacted, should be canceled as soon as possible. as possible.

Retired Officer – You Batman Provincial Representative Mehmet Şirin Turanin his written statement, said the concert, which will lead to the destruction of the generation, is not in accordance with the customs and values ​​of the people.

Reacting to the concert that was to take place, Turan said, “We demand that the outrageous concert, which is to be held jointly by Batman Governorate and Batman Municipality on May 8 under the guise of Batman Petrol Spor Championship and the founding anniversary of Batman, be canceled immediately, as it is contrary to the customs and values ​​of the people. It must be a terrible situation to organize an indecent concert with the participation of a bizarre singer named Hande Yener, who is known for her immoral concerts.” he said.

Turan pointed out that a great waste happened with the concerts. “We want people to know that such a waste of money is unacceptable in a process where unemployment and economic problems are at the highest level in Batman, and young people need jobs, spouses and of careers, and we want the resources to be allocated for the concert devoted to youth employment. Retired Officer-Sen Batman Provincial Representative Like us, we call on those responsible for the governorate and the municipality of Batman to abandon this bad decision in concert that will lead to the destruction of the generation.” used the expressions.

Are you going to raise Asım’s generation like that?

As reactions to the singer, known for her immoral concerts, giving a concert to Batman, have multiplied like an avalanche, representatives of NGOs in the province have reacted to officials from the governorate of Batman and the municipality of Batman who were planning to organize the concert.Is this how you are going to raise Asım’s generation?” He called.

Stating that the concert was likely to destroy the moral structure of the people and that it would be a waste to spend millions on this concert, which should have been spent on Batman, who is struggling with economic problems and insufficient infrastructure, the NGO representatives demanded that the wrong be righted.

“We expect the authorities to correct this error”

Ramazan Celikal, head of the Ozgur-Der Batman branchIn his statement, he said the planned concert was incompatible with people’s spiritual feelings.

Çelikal said it is regrettable to organize such concerts. “First of all, we would like to congratulate our Petrolspor for becoming champions and reaching the second league. Indeed, it was a long-awaited championship for our Batman. However, there are certain events that cast a shadow about this championship. This of course makes us sad. Unfortunately, the invitation of artists who do not bow to the spiritual feelings of our people, under the pretext of celebrating the championship, has made us very saddened by this joy. Therefore , we expect our authorities to rectify such an error.” mentioned.

Quran Generation Platform Batman Coordinator Rıdvan Üzümcü He also noted that the concert, which was to be held under the pretext of Petrolspor’s championship and the anniversary of the founding of Batman on May 8, goes against religious values ​​and cultures and does not correspond to the structure. social.

Grapefruit, “One thing we are interested in and want to ask is who is planning such organizations that are alien to our culture and contrary to our values. The fact that these activities are financed by public sources brings to mind another strangeness. Despite warnings from the highest authorities of the administration not to waste and waste money, it is not acceptable to use people’s resources as a social activity in the corruption of society.” makes a statement.

Üzümcü said that the spirit of the younger generation is destroyed by such activities. “While cultural and spiritual corruption is a situation that is complained about in every session, we do not know that such organizations culturally assimilate our generation and our society and cause the destruction of our values. With such activities, one wishes to put the new generation to sleep by poisoning them spiritually. Is this how we will raise the offspring of my vineyard? He asked.

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