Reasonable Answers to “Offensive Questions”

(reposted October 11, 2013)

President Özhaseki answered Enver Arsevin’s “conflicting questions” on CNN Türk the previous evening. I listened carefully, taking notes. Considering the format of the show, I would like to say that President Özhaseki was very successful.

President Özhaseki, with whom we have been doing television programs for years, explained the questions put to him with long sentences and examples. In this format, he gave satisfying answers to the presenter’s questions, but with a few sentences.

As the show coincided with the day of judgment in the Sledgehammer case, the opening naturally came with the coup and this case. He said that with party government, coups were broken. President Özhaseki, who said that “different structures continue to exist underground,” said: “Unfortunately, there is a putschist group within the TAF that has existed for years. “Our army is not the Luxembourg or Dutch army,” he said.

He said he believed in the independence of the judiciary. Speaking of Erbakan and Ecevit, the late Özal said that previous prime ministers were unable to create a deep structure within the state.

Asked about the democratization agenda, the president said he had nurtured close relationships with all segments, from Rotarians to Alevis, during his four terms as mayor.

He answered the question about our oath in a way that the people of Kayseri would not mind. He said Turkey should get rid of some ceremonies. He emphasized that people should be “virtuous” regardless of ancestry and denomination. “The Eid ceremonies also seem strange to me,” he said.

He said that for the second time the allegations, which the CHP had been using for years, have been dismissed by the courts. He recalled that 12 of the approximately 40 lawsuits were concluded and that they earned around 200,000 liras in compensation from these lawsuits.

Stating that well-meaning criticism from innocent people should be considered reasonable in reviews of Gezi Park, Özhaseki said that it was not possible to ignore the attempts of some separatist elements against the residence or work office of the Prime Ministry in this process and said, “Even the word marauding started to feel light to them.”

I wondered how President Özhaseki would answer the question about Prime Minister Erdoğan’s candidacy for the presidency and President Gül’s return to the Party.

President Özhaseki had made his intentions clear in an interview he gave to the newspaper “Kayseri Bayram”, published last year by the Association of Journalists of Kayseri. In this interview, he said that Erdogan should go to the Mansion and Gul should return to the Party. This issue was discussed during the first two days of Eid al-Adha last year, when this statement was reported by Kayseri agencies. I know there have been different reactions to this news from almost every segment you can imagine.

President Özhaseki’s response was actually known to me. But I tried to jot down the speech carefully with pen in hand, wondering if he might add a different interpretation.

Stating that they don’t care about the scenarios that first there is a problem between the president and the prime minister and then the president creates or has a new party created, President Özhaseki said: “What I will say at this point is my personal matter. views. There are three terms in the party statute. Our Prime Minister strongly supports this issue. In this regard, the Prime Minister should undoubtedly be a candidate for the Presidency. In this case, Mr. President should be persuaded to return to the head of the Party. Of course, I would like that. But it is the Party that will decide. There may be other names too…”

President Özhseki, after having clearly affirmed his will, did not fail to leave the door open to possible calculations by the Prime Minister, saying “There may be other names of the Decision Party”.

Relations between football teams and municipalities were also discussed at length on the show.

President Özhaseki showed that he was not a “local politician” with the answers he gave to questions on the general agenda.

In summary, I liked the program. I also said I liked that to the clerk. I think President Özhaseki received many phone calls because of the program. There must be some interesting names among these phones…


Selman Seher wrote in his column yesterday, “Who was in that ambulance?” He quoted his article titled exactly and asked a few questions at the entrance. I read the article on the Site the same day. In the event that the helicopter of the BBP leader and his companions crashed or was shot down, certain questions are being asked based on the “need confirmation” information given by the then governor of Kayseri, Mevlüt Bilici, to the general secretary of the BBP. It could be Green or someone else in the incoming ambulance. No feeling comes to me. But the ambulance helicopter that took off landed after Ali Aydın Pasha’s meeting with the governor. I know the Governor’s “pre-advisory” is only well-meaning information. It seems that Mevlüt Bey will not be able to save himself from this incident.

(reposted October 11, 2013)

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