Response from Nagehan Plaster of Ekrem İmamoğlu

Metropolitan Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu responded to reactions from Nagehan Alçı, known for his open support for the government, accompanying him on his visit to the Black Sea.

Imamoglu, “Today Mrs. Nagehan came, they will see more different examples. I will speak to those who dare to speak to me. I would also like to invite Abdulkadir Selvi tomorrow. used the sentences.

Ekrem İmamoğlu, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), made statements on the discussion that started with some journalists who took part in the Black Sea tour to celebrate the holiday. Emphasizing that as IMM President he aims to make the voice of the people of Istanbul heard by all, İmamoğlu said: “Ms. Nagehan has arrived today, I want to invite Abdülkadir Selvi, for example, tomorrow . Because he is a person who “has been trying to beat me with my president for two years, like an officer. Let her come to me. Am I a person? I will do it with those who have the courage to speak” , did he declare.

Imamoglu; He made statements on the discussion that started with some journalists who participated in the Black Sea tour, which included Rize, Artvin and Trabzon.


Speaking at Sarıyer Büyükdere Nursery, where he was on an inspection tour, İmamoğlu said: “Unfortunately, some of the things that we experience, which would actually be considered normal at normal times and times, go in very different places and I think it hurts people. It’s not good for society. Perhaps there is no message to society from these discussions of people who see the power of discussing this matter in themselves, first. Let me put it this way: what is the plan to do here; no one is watching this. What was asked here? What was the target? Ekrem İmamoğlu’s goal is clear. To raise the voice of Ekrem İmamoğlu on behalf of the people of Istanbul.


Stressing that his remarks were distorted, İmamoğlu said:

“Even in the domain that we call the central media, the right to speak is not given. Even in the media channels we know today, not a single word is given. He comes out, someone slams us to the ground, declares us traitors… So to speak, they become spokespersons for some so-called high identities in government. And I say, let these people come and get to know us. And we’ll do it even more from now on. Today Mrs. Nagehan came, we are discussing it; I will invite another name tomorrow. I would like to invite Abdülkadir Selvi, for example, to a trip that I will make for the first time in the country. Because he is a person who has been trying to get me to fight my president for two years, like a public servant. Come on, am I that kind of person? How am I? You know, you understand.

During this period, some journalists hurt people who love me very much with messages in front of journalism. But let them know that they burned me too. They burned too much. However, I show dedication. To remember; How was I treated in the TV channel I went to before the elections or on other TV channels. I always try to contact them. A country does not change by ignoring it. There are these people in society. If rehabilitation is possible, if we can overcome them with mutual dialogue, we will be happy. I show this effort. I will never back down from that. No one can bring me back. I am open to everyone. I show this effort. He who receives receives, he who does not receive does not receive. Tomorrow did not take; ‘Are you going to call back?’ Yes, I will call back. But I call after 6 months, I call after 1 year. I show my efforts.


This is how society can heal. Otherwise, we would have started a process that is the opposite of what we are complaining about today. In other words, Turkey does not demand such a change. On the contrary, Turkey wants us to recover. As our president aptly said, “Halalleþe”, he said. So it’s not a goodbye, but let’s get better. There are other issues we can say goodbye to; Goodbye. We are members of such a courageous process. This is an argument gone wrong, unfortunately. In these subjects, I have given the instruction that I want ‘Yes adversaries’, and my friends will follow them one by one. Those who come have a place over our heads. Moreover, during our trip to Trabzon, there were almost 50 journalists from all newspapers, all TV channels. OK, maybe 8-10 of them were selected and discussed separately. I will do them. And I’ll have a separate conversation with the bad writer. They may see even more different examples of this in the coming days tomorrow. The only condition, of course, is that I do it with those who have the courage to talk to me.”

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