The 3rd International OIC Model High School Summit kicked off in Istanbul

The summit at the Grand Cevahir Hotel and Convention Center is themed “Building Global Peace for a More Just World”.

Speaking at the opening of the summit, Taha Ayhan, President of ICYF, said he was happy to host one of the biggest gatherings of youth and said, “The model of OIC is an exchange of ideas, information and experiences in all areas of international cooperation, human rights, economy, social, culture and OIC strategy for youth “This provides an excellent opportunity to be present and to discuss relevant issues openly. We are aware of our responsibility in educating the young people who will shape the future.” mentioned.

Ayhan said that since the day they were established as ICYF, they have been trying to provide young people with opportunities to develop their lifelong learning skills.

Stating that they discussed issues such as unemployment, health, limited access to opportunities, Islamophobia, extremism and social exclusion during the summit, Ayhan said they will continue to cooperate with the member countries to better address most critical issues.

“The establishment of world peace will be discussed”

Chairman of the Beyoğlu Foundation for Education and Culture, Şaban Kurt, noted that the foundation was established to carry out activities aimed at solving the problems of society and the country and contributes to educational activities that can be taken as a model.

Highlighting that they have been organizing the OIC Model High Schools International Project since 2018, under the protocol signed with Beyoğlu Anadolu İHL and ICYF as a foundation, Kurt said, “After our two summits in 2018 and 2019, we will host our third summit this year. In the first, we discussed Jerusalem-ü Şerif. Secondly, we talked about building the future while reviving the past. Today we will talk about “Building World Peace for a fairer world”. mentioned.

Kurt noted that with the summit, they aimed to improve the participating students’ foreign language proficiency, their awareness of issues in Islamic geography, and their skills in the field of diplomacy.

Founding President of Beyoğlu İHL Model İİT Club, Burak Ömer Demir, also said that the young participants will have the opportunity to get to know Turkey closely through the activities that will be carried out during the summit.

Demir thanked the institutions and organizations that contributed to the preparation of the summit.


High school students from 56 member countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and regions with Muslim communities are participating in the summit.

At the summit, it is expected that a total of 224 delegates from Anatolian Imam Hatip High Schools with Arabic and English preparatory classes, Anatolian Imam Hatip International High Schools, Anatolian High Schools, Science High Schools, Social Science High Schools and students from private schools discuss issues on the agenda of member countries.

Other goals of the summit, outlined in the Ministry of National Education’s Education Vision 2023, include developing students’ foreign language, analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.

During the summit, which will last four days, the participants will represent the countries that have been previously notified by the organization team in the relevant committees and will produce solutions for the points on the agenda.

They will draft decision texts in line with these suggestions, and the statement to be prepared in light of the written decision texts will be sent to the OIC General Secretariat.

At the Summit, “Taking the Necessary Steps to End Repression and Persecution in Palestine” at the Jerusalem Committee, “Revival of Islamic Culture Against Cultural Corruption” at the Standing Committee for Information and Cultural Affairs ( COMIAC), “The Revival of Islamic Culture Against Corruption”, Conference of Youth and Sports Ministers (ICYSM), “OIC Youth Youth” “Realizing the Strategy: Empowering Youth in All Fields of Life”, and “Zero Waste Vision: Taking the Necessary Actions to Combat Climate Change and its Global Impacts” will take place at the Conference of Environment Ministers (ICEM).

At this year’s summit, the working language of the Jerusalem Committee and the Standing Committee on Information and Cultural Affairs will be Arabic, and the working language of the Conference of Ministers of Youth and Sports and the Conference of Ministers of the Environment will be English.

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