TIR doping technology leaves October 10 to discover the leaders of tomorrow – Reuters

Always moving forward by applying the most contemporary learning and teaching approaches, Doping Memory builds an innovative learning culture.

After 10 years in the education sector and focusing on academic and technologically innovative R&D studies, Doping Memory, an AI-supported smart test panel first used in Turkey, mind maps, infographics, orientation videos, a development information system specially prepared for parents, questions. Solver app with video solver has not only supported hundreds of thousands of students but also helped them achieve their dreams through innovative and conceptual courses developed as a game such as Now I Got It, Mathematics with Reflexes , Science with Adventures and History Journey.
“We have set up our Doping Technology Truck project in order to reach our children all over Turkey and open up scientific and technological horizons for the young people of tomorrow”

Doping Memory is advancing by investing in its vision to be a known digital technology company in the global ecosystem, producing technology and adding value to people’s lives with modern education and training technologies. Semih Hakyemez, CEO of Doping Memory; “Based on this mission, we have set up our Doping Technology Truck project in order to reach our children all over Turkey and open scientific and technological horizons to the youth of tomorrow. Our esteemed leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk; Inspired by the motto “There is not a single individual to sacrifice in education”, we believe that every child and every individual in our country has great potential. Doping Technology Truck, which allowed our children to discover their own potential and never stop dreaming; It aims to reach every child in the country. This journey started with a dream… We dreamed of touching children’s world, broadening their horizons and introducing them to the development of science and technology that they were not even aware of and that they didn’t know. wouldn’t have seen that day if they weren’t on that truck. Now we are making that dream come true. Because we know that a child can change everything. Children who have this experience in the Technology Truck; We are convinced that he will be one of the most valuable scientists, researchers, engineers or doctors of tomorrow.


Emphasizing that they are aware that technological and scientific experiences at an early age will create a domino effect on children, Hakyemez said, “As part of this, we launched the Doping Technology Truck project in March 2021 with the instinct to feed children. imaginations and contribute to their technological, scientific and artistic horizons. In this process, we worked hand in hand with Ömer Karakuş design and application office. Doping Technology Truck starts on October 10, aiming to reach every corner of Turkey. Our aim is to reach all pupils up to the eighth year of primary school. Starting from Adıyaman Gerger, we will visit our village schools in Southeast and Eastern Anatolia provinces. Our route consists of villages and neighborhoods, which are the most difficult to reach technology and science. After Adıyaman, we will take the direction of Malatya, Elazığ, Bingöl and Muş and bring our children back with our truck. As part of this long-term journey, we aim to reach over 15,000 children by the end of 2021 and touch the lives of over 60,000 children by the end of 2022.”


In the Doping Technology Truck, many technological tools ranging from VR glasses to drones, from UAV consoles to 3D printers; there are also experimental sets such as the Tesla coil, the Van de Graaff generator, the plasma sphere and the Stirling engine. “Here we will introduce children to technology and show the points that technology can reach. Explaining that the Doping Technology Truck differentiates itself by showing application methods and providing an experiential perspective to children, Hakyemez went on to say, “During the design process, we looked at projects, museums and similar formations around the world. In the Doping Technology Truck concept; There is no such comprehensive project that provides children with real-life experiences, adds vision, expands their horizons, initiates a process of inquiry, and provides detailed answers to why-how-why questions in experimental processes. We also care about the development of our children’s mathematical and artistic skills. For this reason, we will also offer a chess set and a musical instrument to each child. We wholeheartedly believe it’s the truck; It will guide the process by which our children will become a scientist, an engineer, an artist, a doctor, an astronaut, a software developer or the inventor of technology that will change the world in the future.


Semih Hakyemez stressed that they hope this breakthrough initiated by Doping Memory, with the cooperation of public and private sector companies, will change the lives of many children across Turkey and turn into a permanent and lasting journey that will open the horizons of our youth. , who will become the leaders of tomorrow, the children of today and the leaders of tomorrow: “We trust the children of this country, we work for them. We know very well that a spark today will turn into a torch tomorrow. We are here to both inspire and guide our young people who will write our future in a much brighter future. We will continue to undertake new projects with the motto “Every child deserves to be noticed”.


Ömer Karakuş, the designer of the Doping Technology Truck, expressed the importance of participating in this project with the following words: “The Doping Technology Truck, in which technology, education and science-based processes are intertwined; It was a project that Doping Memory had long dreamed of and worked on meticulously. Witnessing the story of the birth of this project and participating in the design process was also a whole new experience for me. The design process of the Doping Technology Truck, which is on a mission to fulfill our children’s dreams, which will shape the future of Turkey, is also a big responsibility for me.


Karakuş, who said that he completed the design process and determined an innovative roadmap by evaluating each issue encountered and resolving them internally, said: “After all these processes, we started the Doping Technology Truck project in March 2021. We started the design of the project in April 2021. The first stage of the design process; The truck’s body type and trailer opening mechanism have been determined. Next, we focused on content management. When you look at it from another angle, you can say that we actually worked on a screenplay. We have reviewed many museums focusing on science and technology in different parts of the world, from China to South Korea, from England to America. Although experimental studies involving children are carried out in some museums, it is observed that this process remains at a certain level. A living space is created where children can travel more and observe while reading. From this point of view, the Doping Technology Truck that we signed in Turkey is unique in the world. Our Kids in the Technology Truck, which brings a whole new perspective to museum logic; will be able to experience all the innovative processes, from robotic software processes to modeling for 3D printers. 20 people played an active role as a design and project team in the realization of the Technology Truck. At this stage, 20 people worked within Doping Memory. We signed a project in which 250 people worked, from the construction of the truck trailer to the preparation of the content and the experiments.


Emphasizing that we are going through a time when more than ever we need to be open to development, learning and innovation, Ömer Karakuş finally made the following comment: “To reinforce our shortcomings in today’s world where technological developments transform rapidly and pursue innovations values ​​in order to be able to attack in the competitive race.

Only one question arises here: how can the children of today and our young people, who will be among the leaders of tomorrow, guide the future without being aware of these developments? The Doping Technology Truck was designed to provide these experiences for our children, to open their horizons and to guide the generations that will shape the future of Turkey.

On October 10, he will embark on a long journey through Turkey. of our children all over Turkey; May the Technology Truck, who will guide their progress through the triangle of science, technology and design, into a much brighter future, hope for us all.

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