We don’t care about these discussions, Nagehan Alçı is very popular there, we look at the big picture.

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Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Spokesperson Murat Ongunamong them Nagehan plaster, Ertugrul Ozkok, Ismail Saymaz, Akif Beki, Ozlem GürsesHe responded to criticism leveled at the photo of the Black Sea voyage taken with journalists, including Mr.

From Fox TV about the photo that is on the public agenda Ismail KucukkayaSpeaking to IMM Spokesperson Ongun, “We don’t care about these discussions. These reviews are the comments and criticisms of 200-300 people among themselves” mentioned.

Ongun, on Nagehan Plaster’s reviews, “Nagehan Plaster is very popular in this region. We are looking at the big picture.” mentioned.

Ongun said:

We don’t care about these discussions. We see it as discussions within the media itself. These reviews are the comments and criticisms of 200-300 people between them. We don’t really care about that. We don’t watch Twitter.

I wanted the photo at the last stage. Articles were written, posts were made, I walked a little on journalists. This is not our first trip. We will do that later. There is a trip to Ardahan. In fact, I had invited Hande Fırat on this trip. He couldn’t come because there were discussions about his wife. We invited other people, someone took a vacation, someone got something else. I don’t really like these discussions.

Nagehan Plaster is very popular there. I don’t do it myself, I didn’t make this list myself. While preparing for the trip, I present the list to the President. Could I have organized this trip if Mr. President had not approved it? Imamoglu is in a good mood. He does not care about these discussions. We look at the overall picture.”

Who said what?

Some of the criticisms leveled at IMM President Imamoglu regarding the right of photography are as follows:

Umit Ozdag: Why Mansur Slow? Because Turkey doesn’t need a second Erdogan. Those who walk with the psychological warfare elements of conspiracy cases cannot pull Turkey out of political hell. Our country cannot overcome the crisis with a forked tongue that speaks separately in Diyarbakir and Istanbul. You don’t need a showman, you need merit.

Irfan Degirmenci: Addressing the neighborhood opposite is one thing, giving credit to the wind turbine is another. Compromising is one thing, being cowardly is another. As time turns, so do those who worship power, but luckily there are those who stand up for the right every time. The neighborhood game can be bulgur at home, while going for dimyata rice.

Mehmet Ali Guller: Why are you mad at Nagehan Plaster? Plaster you know Plaster; He gets on the plane, the boat and the bus… Therefore, do not get angry with Nagehan Alçı, but with Kılıçdaroğlu and İmamoğlu, against those who favor Alçı.

Timur Soykan: So, will we forget Nagehan Alçı’s praise of Fetullah Gülen as conspiracy prosecutions continue, and that he bought a house overlooking the Bosphorus with a loan from Bank Asya?

Umit Kivanc: What a symbolic attitude not to cling to Ertuğrul Özkök by the presence of Nagehan Plaster, alas! All our disaster is hidden here. Thank goodness for both, “What’s up?” there are those who said.

Erk Acarer: Even if the times change, Nagehan and his derivatives will make a 180 degree turn and find the same place. Maybe times won’t change. It will rotate around its own axis!

Yalcin Karatepe: If you ask yourself “but why” when you see people in this photo… Because he sees you “already in your pocket”… You are worth nothing!

Ali Kemal Erdem: Times change, the leader changes, the staff of journalists next to the leader on the plane or the bus remains more or less the same. It is understood that time will not change much.

Fatih Polat, editor of the Evrensel newspaper: Thus, we thought that Evrensel did not correspond to this photograph, so it was not called. Who is invited is as important as who is ignored. CHP Head Office does not discriminate in this way.

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