334 billion TL contribution to Vodafone’s economy in 15 years

Vodafone Turkey continues to be the fastest growing market among Vodafone Group countries. Turkey presents significant opportunities for the company with its young population, R&D investments and telecommunications infrastructure. We spoke to Engin Aksoy, CEO of Vodafone Turkey, one of Turkey’s largest international direct investors, about the sector and his near-term plans.

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  • Stating that Vodafone Group is a long-term investor in Turkey, Aksoy said: “We have left behind 15 years in the industry. To see where we are, we worked on an economic impact analysis with the Policy Analysis Lab. As a result, the actual value of our total investments was TL 63 billion. We have calculated that our business has a direct impact of TL 152 billion on the economy, and this figure has grown to TL 334 billion with the multiplier effects created with our ecosystem. We expect our R&D investments to exceed TL 80 million this fiscal year. Our team, which has achieved many national and international successes in the field of R&D, employs around 300 people at OKSİJEN”.


Informing that they plan to invest in data center, cloud solutions, cyber security, personalized mobile network and internet of things for the next 5 years, Engin Aksoy said: “We have also moved into the structure of a holding company in order to support the growth of our new business sectors. Vodafone Holding A.Ş. We have 13 companies operating in various fields ranging from finance to insurance. Our goal is to continue the growth of these companies by maintaining our focus on digital services. »


  • Referring to the career opportunities offered by the company, Aksoy said, “As Vodafone Turkey, we have over 3,000 employees and an ecosystem of over 55,000 people. During the period 2020-2021, we directly and indirectly created 58,000 full-time equivalent jobs in Turkey. With the effect triggered, this number reached 127 thousand. Every job of one person provided within Vodafone Holding triggers the employment of 41 people in the Turkish economy. Addressing the issue of fiber infrastructure, which has been one of the most important topics of discussion in the industry in recent years, Egin Aksoy assessed that “it is important to facilitate access to fiber infrastructure existing fiber at reasonable prices and with improved service levels, and to facilitate infrastructure sharing”.


Engin Aksoy said the “Coding Tomorrow” project, which started 6 years ago, set an example for Vodafone Group and had a global impact. Stating that the project was held up as an example to the world at the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society in 2021, Aksoy said: “Additionally, in the global report ‘Connected Education’ released by Vodafone Group in 2017, it was given as an example. in the world in the field of digital literacy education. In 2020, it was one of the projects that were able to benefit from the 20 million euro fund allocated by our Group, with Turkey, to develop digital skills and support digital education in 13 European countries.


  • According to Engin Aksoy, 5G will have significant effects on economic growth. By 2035, the 5G value chain is expected to contribute approximately US$3.8 trillion to the global economy and create 22.8 million jobs. Considering that our country holds a share of about 1% of the global economy, we can think that the economic value to be created by 5G will reach 2.5 billion dollars per year. In fact, it is stated in the National Technology Transfer Strategy of the Ministry of Industry and Technology that 5G will bring more than 10 billion dollars. Aksoy says that for all these reasons, they care to do the 5G tender as soon as possible. Aksoy said, “Making the award of additional spectrum without waiting for the 5G tender will facilitate technology transformation and bring speed and predictability to the industry in the transition process.
Meets your technological needs in a single point


Meets your technological needs in a single point

Provided solutions to 1.2 million enterprise customers


Provided solutions to 1.2 million enterprise customers

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