A day in the life of Sahne Işık

“Brother, drop the yellow! Ditch the yellow! Where does the yellow come from?

Comrade Temel, a stage technician (roadie) whom I introduced to you in a previous article, jumped off the stage screaming and came running to Işık. It was the second song of the concert, and the band’s “light designer and technician”, let’s go, “light maker” Işık had painted the stage bright yellow, as he had planned, without informing person, as a surprise. In the chorus, the group’s soloist, who ate the bright yellow light on his face, gave Temel, who stood cautiously on the edge of the stage, an eyebrow and pointed at the lights, “Which foot?” He tried to tell his troubles, bending his mouth and face as if to say. His reaction was so strong that just as he was doing this, he couldn’t properly sing the chorus of the song which started with “uuuuu-puzuuun” as he twisted his lips to match the letters “e” and “has”. The light shifted to general blue and white, turning off the yellow lamps in a panic. He was fed up.

From the day he started working with the group, Işık had run out of patience, whose creative ideas on light design were definitely rejected by at least one person. It had been nearly seven years, but he still couldn’t establish the order he wanted. He did not find what he hoped for, neither in the concert operation, nor in the production, nor on the creation side. He had as many progressive and original ideas as he could imagine, but he constantly encountered obstacles, sometimes many, in implementing them. He couldn’t remember a single concert that they had done without problems or obstacles. Even though there were 1-2 stuck in between, maybe he was a little drunk, his memory was not saved. However, he always strived to be the best, the most beautiful. He always tried to keep the most impressive concert lighting ideas for the audience, and the most contributing music for the audience, and to stay enthusiastic. This time he printed yellow, which he thought would serve the song, which is about looting and construction hire, evoking construction machinery, although it’s not a favorite color for light artists. , but it immediately elicited a negative reaction; as well as the songwriter who deserves the most credit. He was fed up.

During the production meeting, which was held a few days before a municipal concert they were going to give one day in Kayseri, he specifically asked the organizer to provide six MX-5 model robots (360° rotating headlamps degrees whose movements can be controlled electronically from the light table). He was going to apply a wonderful design for the song that the band would play for the first time at this concert. He would use the MX-5s in his crescendo, which is the most striking part of the very catchy song. Arriving on the field early for the sound and light rehearsal with the technical team, he saw the MX-5s blowing on the spot, with grouped PAR-64s (one of the most common among stage lights) hanging from their square. The PAR-64s were fixed lights and only had on-off and power adjustment functions. This idea, which he had dreaded for days, was also crushed. However, even when he asked two hours ago, he was informed that the robots were coming. When he found the organizer in the arena and asked him why, he got the following response: “My brother was at the festival in Malatya last night. The manager of Bulut, who saw the robots you wanted on stage, wanted to hire them for their own gigs tonight. While the kids were loading the truck, he begged to be taken down. But instead, we got you these PARs. They said they were doing the same job. He was fed up.

He was really appreciated. As a creator, he tried to offer the best, the most, but he was not bad at following the conditions as the possibilities allowed. What had they seen in the past? They hadn’t done the impossibilities or the scenes together. Whatever happened to them, the show had to go on and the concert had to take place. One of his most unforgettable memories is that when the light table ate some rain, since a sound-light tent (a covered portable structure established to protect the sound and light tables from rain, etc.) n was not brought to a concert in October, one of the rainiest months of the year, it was an electrocution due to a malfunction in the channel to which the whites used to light the stage “in general “. Since he had to light up the stage between each song, he was hit at least 21 times during the 18+3 bis-song concert, and he was taken to the right hospital after the concert and the serum was given. Although he couldn’t come to his senses for days, he maintained that the electricity was good for him and gave signs that he was younger at later concerts. Until, eight months later, during the Konya concert, he encountered the light table which exploded as soon as he pressed the main power button because it was connected to the wrong voltage. He was fed up.

He had a migraine. Staring at a single point for hours with hawkish concentration was tiring on his eyes and his mind. He wasn’t as strong as before. Especially during the big concerts of the festival where he had to watch the stage from afar, his migraine was triggered at the end of the rehearsal. He discovered that he could only find a solution to the pain with a drink, because the drugs or something weren’t helping. Almost every big gig started out drunk, after a few hours of non-stop drinking from rehearsal to gig. Only Temel was aware of this situation and watching over him. In one of the concerts he worked in this way, when he neglected the piano ballad in the song sequence and activated the light program of the very fast tempo metal song that followed, all the elements bright on stage, including the “strobe” lamps, which were dominant and intense enough to trigger epilepsy, in the song which began with gentle keys of F minor. “Star Wars” took to the stage in the opening notes of this delicate song that the soloist sang solo and wrote for herself. love. As I was trying to close the program and switch to manual use in a panic of dishonoring its star, when I accidentally activated the program for the next song, everything became more confusing, and one of the highlights of this concert, which was the video recorded at great expense, have become garbage. He already felt very embarrassed because of this, a truckload of swear words from the director turned into salt and pepper. He was fed up.

He could no longer tolerate the vetoes I mentioned at the beginning. Moreover, these vetoes did not come only from the members of the group. He was able to express any opinion about the spotlight that came to mind. It was the easiest thing for the eye to comment and indicate a preference, depending on the situation, the director, assistant director, venue owner, production manager, even the conductor of the equipment van had their preferences on colors and what kind of scale of light would look best on stage, and they could express it freely. They saw no problem in doing so. They were talking about these ideas mostly while the song was flowing, i.e. while Işık was performing a feverish performance. At a concert in a hotel ballroom in Sivas, a young boy nuzzled his nose and said, “Brother, can’t you use the lights on the sides of the stage?” It makes my girlfriend’s eyes very uncomfortable. He could never forget what he said. Likewise, how many times had he had to usher an audience out of the production tent, which no one but himself and the other light and sound technicians should ever enter? “Mr. Işık, our child is tired, he is small, he can’t see anything anyway. Wouldn’t it be nice if he stood (!) right in front of you? »… « Excuse me, can we watch the concert on your side with my girlfriend? We won’t disturb you, I promise.” He was fed up.

Işık stared out the window on his way home from the concert, in which the yellow color palette he had carefully crafted for days exploded. Perhaps it was time to turn the nose of the ship. Maybe it was time to quit those jobs and enact the plan to move to the beach town of his dreams instead of the lighthearted plans he didn’t like. The soloist’s girlfriend, who came backstage right after the concert, said, “Ay Işık, it’s good that you turned off those yellows right away, honey, it looks terrible with that color Especially this new orange-green suit doesn’t fit at all. Oh, don’t use it anymore. He was fed up.

But he couldn’t get tired. He should have left. But he couldn’t leave. Like all voices that have not died out, the applause of the tens of thousands of spectators at the end of the dozens of songs he has ignited has not died out. Worst of all, it didn’t just come out of his ear, but also out of his heart. The light had to keep shining. He couldn’t get enough of it, couldn’t live without it.

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