Başevirgen: “There could be a major crisis in sugar production in 2022” – ECONOMY

CHP Manisa MP and member of the Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Affairs Committee, Bekir Başevirgen, said: “The price of 1 kg of flour in the markets has risen from 5 lira last year to 15 this year the price of 1 liter of vegetable oil has increased from 15 lira to 45 lira, and the price of 1 kilogram of granulated sugar has increased from 5 lira to 15 lira. The rate of increase for all three products reached 300%. If the final product reaching the consumer is tripled, wouldn’t the price of the main item of this product be the same price under normal conditions? While industrialists, electricians and transporters are unhesitatingly passing on the cost increases they have suffered to the product, the government, tied up, will apparently usurp the labor of farmers just to make prices appear a little lower. When floor prices are announced at harvest time, we will understand whether the power is with or against the farmer. mentioned.

“Product prices have increased by 3 times, depending on how the basic purchase prices will be determined?”

Recalling that a decrease in agricultural production is expected in 2022 due to the increase in input costs and the ongoing drought, Başevirgen said: “From 2021, the wheat of producers will increase by 36.6% compared to the previous year, going from 2,250 lira per ton, and 40 percent of oilseed sunflower, 40.25% from the previous year. They bought sugar beet at 420 lira per ton, with an increase of 25% over the previous year. Despite these relatively low purchase prices, the increase in the selling prices of the products in question had reached 300%. Given the irresistible increase in costs and the possible loss of return, increases in the base purchase prices of these products must be announced well above 100% for 2022. When adding to these prices the share of producer inflation that has not yet been reflected in consumption, the increase in the selling prices of these products in 2022 will be felt more than last year. mentioned.

“There could be a major sugar production crisis in 2022”

Bekir Başevirgen, who said that sugar should be mentioned separately, said: “As it is known, there is a sugar beet production quota in our country and contract production is carried out. Sugar factories with production permits enter into contracts with sugar beet growers based on the determined sugar production quota. The sugar quota determined for the 2022-2023 production campaign is 2 million 750 thousand tons. According to information from the field, it is stated that 15 sugar factories owned by TÜRKŞEKER are close to fulfilling the sugar production quotas they have received and will not have any production problems, however, they cannot fill only 60% of the determined quotas. private sugar quotas. Considering that around 65% of our country’s sugar production is provided by private factories, a major sugar production crisis in 2022 seems inevitable. Fertilizer and irrigation costs are cited as the main reason why our growers do not want to plant sugar beets. Of course, the purchase price of 1,000 TL/ton, announced well below expectations for 2022, was also effective in this drop. mentioned.

“Quota increase can be done in exports and NBS”

Başevirgen, drawing attention to the danger of more exports and more NBS if the shrinking of cultivation areas and the decrease in yield come true as stated, said: “Although it is certain that they will open the way to sugar imports due to the reduction in cultivated areas and the drop in yield, we will see together if the increase in quotas will take place in the SBS. Currently, the starch-based sugar (SBS) quota is maintained at 68,750 tonnes, which is 2.5% of the country’s total A quota. As we know, in the Official Journal of June 5, 2021, “the total A quota to be determined for ABS cannot exceed 5% of the total A quota of the country. The President is authorized to increase this rate up to 50% and to decrease it up to 50%. provision is included. Mr. President, who decided to stay at 2.5% last year, can increase this quota to 5% under his authority under these conditions. ” mentioned.

“We are getting disturbing reports on NBS”

On the other hand, Başevirgen said that he has received alarming reports regarding the sale of subsidized sugar and SBS quotas, adding: “We also receive alarming reports that companies that buy subsidized sugar from state sugar factories consider this sugar as contrary to the statement. Regarding the issue, we submitted a question to the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Vahit KİRİŞÇİ. In our parliamentary question, “What was our country’s sugar requirement in 2021 and how much of our requirement was met by the sugar beet we produced?” How much was imported? How much did we export? What are the top ten institutions, organizations and companies that purchase the most subsidized sugar from public sugar mills? How do they use the discounted sugar? Is there a monitoring and tracking system related to this? How is the sugar and SBS consumption of related companies monitored? What operations are carried out regarding the amount of sugar that cannot be consumed by these companies? What will be the estimated sugar needs of our country in 2022? What are our plans for how and where we will get the amount of sugar we need? » We look forward to answering your questions. I hope their responses will allay our concerns. If it is a matter of deceiving our fellow citizens and playing with their health, no one should doubt that we will take the necessary legal and administrative measures against these individuals and institutions. ” mentioned.

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