Imamoğlu’s ‘apology’, who said ‘Buzz is coming, trotting’, wasn’t enough for Twitter

The reactions to the mayor of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Ekrem İmamoğlu, and the press consultant Murat Ongun on social networks do not stop.

Photo: Twitter

The satires that started after the photo the IMM president gave with journalists such as Nagehan Alçı, Ertuğrul Özkök and Akif Beki during the Black Sea tour increased when Ongun said they didn’t care of these reviews. “Come Trot” His welcome with his words was the last straw.

Although İmamoğlu came out and apologized today, the expressions he used drew further criticism. Twitter users treat the process to say the least. “communication disaster” named him.

Speaking at an IMM event, İmamoğlu said his heart was broken by the criticism and apologized for his words as follows: “Whoever was lynched with a photo, ignored, so to speak, disembarked from the ship of which I was the captain, who was no longer ignored, “I don’t vote” If a person is transformed into a person called a person, his heart is broken, it hurts, I can make a few wrong sentences. I apologize for the words that I misunderstood, allow me to underline it.

Some of the posts on Twitter after İmamoğlu’s release are as follows:

What happened?

During his trip to the Black Sea last week, the IMM chairman exhibited behavior mainly seen in President Tayyip Erdoğan’s trips abroad and identified with him, said took journalists with him and gave a group photo.

Among these names were Akif Beki, who was a consultant to President Tayyip Erdoğan between 2005 and 2009, Nagehan Alçı, known for his support for the government, Ertuğrul Özkök, former editor of Hürriyet, İsmail Saymaz, Özlem Gürses and Gülşah İnce.

Speaking to Fox TV’s İsmail Küçükkaya after the photo sparked reactions on social media, İBB spokesperson Murat Ongun said: “We don’t care about these discussions. These reviews are the comments and criticisms of 200-300 people between them. he said.

This statement by Ongun further inflamed reactions, and netizens, including journalists and artists, blamed him on social media.

Imamoglu said the purpose of calling journalists close to the government on his bus ‘reaching central media’ says that, “I would like to invite Abdülkadir Selvi, for example, to a trip that I will make for the first time in the country. Because he is a person who has been trying to get me to fight my president for two years, like a public servant. Come on, am I that kind of person? How am I? to know, to understand he said.

Imamoglu’s heart was broken, who said: “The whistle comes, the trot goes”: I apologize for the wrong word.

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