(SUMMARY) Match result Hatayspor – Trabzonspor: 1-1 – Trabzonspor (TS)

Trabzonspor, who declared the championship 3 weeks before the end of the Super League season, faced Hatayspor on the road in the match of the 36th week. Bordeaux-Mavililer under Abdullah Avcı and Hatayspor under Ömer Erdoğan failed to win the match. With the goal scored by Hatayspor in extra time of the match, both teams left the field with one point each.

With this result, the Bordeaux-Bleu team took their score to 78, while Hatayspor, who played 7 games with a desire for victory, made 50 points.

Trabzonspor earned a penalty in the 11th minute of the match played at New Hatay Stadium. Goalkeeper Muric managed to save the shot from Bakasetas, who was in charge of the ball in the Bordeaux-Bleu team. While there was no noise in the first half, Trabzonspor took a 1-0 lead with Djaniny’s goal in the 48th minute. Hatayspor, 90+4. He saved 1 point at the last minute with the goal scored by Mame Diouf in the last minute.

Ahmet Ağaoğlu burst into tears

Hatayspor, who hosted Trabzonspor in the 36th week of Super League, greeted the players of Bordeaux-Bleu, winners of the championship before the match. These moments made Trabzonspor president Ahmet Ağaoğlu very emotional.

minute of the game

1’| After Kouassi shot from outside the penalty area at Trabzonspor, the ball remained in goalkeeper Munir.

4’| After Hatayspor goalkeeper Munir lost the ball, Trabzonspor developed an attack. Left midfielder İsmail Köybaşı was welcomed by the defense. Then, in Hatayspor’s rapidly developing attack, Saba’s left midfielder came back from defence.

straight back

7’| Hatayspor came very close to the goal. At Hatayspor, midfielder Saba from the left wing turned towards goal and the ball returned to the pitch from the post.

Trabzon could not benefit from the penalty

11’| Trabzonspor were awarded a penalty in the 10th minute of the fight. After Mehdi Boudjemaa’s intervention against Murat Cem in the penalty area, the referee of the match, Volkan Bayarslan, showed the white point. Bakasetas, who took the ball, could not benefit from the penalty. Goalkeeper Munir did not allow the Greek footballer to score.

12’| Trabzonspor came dangerously. Goalkeeper Munir took the shot from Yusuf Erdogan, who met the ball in the penalty area. The ball went into the corner.

15’| Kouassi, who had played for Trabzonspor on the left wing, thought of Yusuf Erdogan on the opposite wing. The ball is out.

19’| Ahmetcan Kaplan welcomed midfielder Bertuğ Yıldırım, who entered the penalty area with the right wing dribbling as Hatayspor attacked.

22’| Trabzonspor came dangerously. In Yusuf Erdogan’s cross from the right, Sackey prevented the ball from reaching Djaniny.

27’| In Trabzonspor’s rapidly developing attack, Djaniny was about to tackle the goalkeeper, but Sackey stepped in and sent the ball wide. Trabzonspor have been awarded a corner.

30’| Yusuf Erdogan made the corner midfielder used by Trabzonspor from the right wing. While goalkeeper Munir cleared the ball, Yusuf Erdoğan, who took the ball on the rebound, transferred his pass to Vitor Hugo. Hugo’s shot went over.

36’| In the attack developed by Trabzonspor from the right, Kouassi, entering the penalty area, was welcomed by the defense. Taking the ball out of the penalty area in a hold position, Bakasetas’ shot went just wide.

38’| Bertuğ Yıldırım, who won the ball after İsmail Köybaşı’s loss to Trabzonspor, made the right wing midfield. El Kaabi, who got up on the ball, got goalkeeper Uğurcan Çakır’s header.

45′ | On the corner taken by Dylan Saint-Louis at Hatayspor, goalkeeper Uğurcan Çakır did not allow the goal on the header made in the penalty area.

FIRST HALF RESULT | The first half of the game ended in a goalless draw.

Trabzonspor started the second half with a goal

PURPOSE | Trabzonspor took a 1-0 lead thanks to Djaniny’s 48th-minute goal. Djaniny, who met the ball in the penalty area with a pass from Berat Özdemir, evaded his opponent and sent the ball into the net with a kick from the ground.

51’| Dylan Saint-Louis, who interrupted the cake that Ahmetcan Kaplan sent towards İsmail Köybaşı, managed to grab the ball. Dylan Saint-Louis took a corner from the Trabzonspor defense in the middle of the right wing.

55’| Edin Visca, who collected the ball on the right wing in Trabzonspor’s burgeoning attack, thought of Cornelius, who was heading towards the penalty area, the Hatayspor defense intervened and prevented the position.

62’| Trabzonspor came dangerously. Djaniny, who entered the penalty area, thought of Cornelius, and the Hatayspor defense, which intervened, sent the ball for a corner.

67’| In Hatayspor’s rapidly developing attack, Saba made the cross after dribbling the ball down the right wing. Vitor Hugo welcomed the Georgian footballer. Then İsmail Köybaşı sent midfielder Boudjemaa, who took the ball, for a corner.

73’| In the attack developed by Trabzonspor, Cornelius touched the ball in the middle of Edin Visca from the right wing. The ball stayed in goalkeeper Munir.

81’| Hatayspor came dangerously. Uğurcan Çakır managed to remove the ball from Benzia’s ball in front of the opposition’s penalty area with his fingertips.

86’| Boudjemaa, who entered the penalty area from the left wing, was met by İsmail Köybaşı at the far post. In the current attack, Ahmetcan Kaplan intervened in the middle of Saint-Louis. The ball went outside when Boudjemaa kicked the ball heading for the ball.

Hatayspor reach equality

PURPOSE | Hatayspor 90+4. He equalized with Mame Diouf’s goal in the second minute. Adekugbe’s left in midfield Mame Diouf had six assists and gathered the round leather nets. Firstly, the goal was not counted due to the offside decision, but after the review by VAR, the goal was considered valid.

MATCH RESULT | In the remaining part of the match, there was no sound of another goal and both teams left the pitch with a 1-1 draw.

Hatayspor – Trabzonspor 11s

Hatayspor: Munir, Sadik, Isaac, Burak, Adekugbe, Onur, Mahdi, Dylan, Saba, Al Kaabi, Bertug

Trabzonspor: Uğurcan, İsmail, Serkan, Hugo, Ahmetcan, Berat, Mr. Cem, Bakasetas, Yusuf, Kouassi, Djaniny

STATUS: New Hatay

REFEREES: Volkan Bayarslan, Bilal Gölen, Furkan Product

ATAKAŞ HATAYSPOR: Munir – Sadık Baş, Isaac Sackey (Min. 29 Fatih Kurucuk), Burak Öksüz, Sam Adekugbe, Onur Ergün (Min. 46 Benzia), Boudjemaa, Lobjanidze (Min. 76 Hero), El Kaabi (Min. 65 Diouf), Saint -Louis, Bertuğ Özgür Yıldırım (Min. 76 Muhammed Mert)

TRABZONSPOR: Uğurcan Çakır – Serkan Asan, Vitor Hugo, Ahmetcan Kaplan, İsmail Köybaşı, Berat Özdemir (Min 80 Dorukhan Toköz), Bakasetas, Yusuf Erdoğan (Min 46 Visca), Murat Cem Akpınar (Min 46 Abdülkadir Ömür), Kouassi (Min. 46 Visca ) .46 Cornelius), Djaniny (Min 72 Nwakaeme)

GOALS: min. 90+4 Diouf (Atakaş Hatayspor), Min. 48 Janiny (Trabzonspor)

YELLOW CARD: Onur Ergun (Atakas Hatayspor)

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