The neighborhood affected by the flood for the third time is on the brink, they cannot enter their homes for fear

In the district of Çatalzeytin, which was affected for the third time after the catastrophic floods in Kastamonu on August 11, 2021, citizens cannot enter their homes out of fear. Due to the flood disaster that occurred last night, 9 bridges over the stream were destroyed, transport to 26 villages was cut off and roads collapsed.

In Çatalzeytin district of Kastamonu, the water level rose on the Akçay stream due to melting snow and torrential rains immediately afterwards. 9 bridges over the Akçay stream were destroyed by rising flood waters. With the demolition of the bridges, transport to 26 villages cannot be assured.

In addition, due to heavy rains, the level of the Akçay stream, which connects the provinces of Kastamonu and Sinop, has increased. The bridge over Akçay Creek was closed to traffic as floodwaters rose.

On the other hand, the road to the village of Çatak was also submerged due to the rising waters. Work could not start because the water level is still high in the area.

Due to the soil being eroded by the flood waters, houses along the Akçay stream were evacuated and animals such as geese and chickens in a barn were caught in the flood waters. In addition, 12 cattle in the barn could hardly be saved from the flood by their owners.


Ayşe Demirkıran, who said she was watching day and night because of the flood and was afraid that the animals in the barn would be flooded. “Let them find me a place so that I can get out of here. Let them show me a place and I’ll save my animals. I’m afraid my animals will be flooded. Day and night I think of my animals, I will finally go crazy. Flood approached the edges of the stream to the barn. There were almost 10 meters between us. We have 12 cattle. During the last flood, my geese, my chickens and my vehicle in front of the barn were all flooded. I am very afraid that my animals will be flooded, I barely saved my animals during the last flood. That’s why I stand guard here day and night. I’m waiting for this place day and night, I’m going to go crazy because my animals are going to flood. My hay got flooded, I bought some hay” mentioned.


Hikmet Aydın who said the torrential rains were effective in the region for 3-4 days and the flood disaster was experienced said: “We again suffered a major flood, in particular because of the night rains. The road we are on now is the road of our villages connecting 26 villages. Our weekly market was established yesterday in our neighborhood. It was a day when our villagers supported themselves. But no one could go to their village market in the district center because of the flood. Our roads are closed, machines cannot operate due to the high water level at the moment. Nine of our bridges, such as Kızılcakaya Bridge and Duran Bridge, were destroyed, and there was a big landslide on the group road inside Paşalı village, which connects 22 villages. After the flood disaster we experienced on August 11, we experienced the biggest flood last night” he said.


Stating that bridges were destroyed and roads flooded due to flood waters, Aydın said: “Currently, there are dialysis and COPD patients in Karacakaya village and other villages, which are completely blocked by flood waters and not allowed to pass. These villages are experiencing shortages of electricity. Transportation to these villages is currently not available from anywhere. The only means of transportation is a helicopter, weather permitting, and if the weather is not suitable, these people are sentenced to death. We don’t know if they have food or water right now. They have no roads, no transportation. We want a solution to these problems as soon as possible. After August 11, This is the fourth disaster we have experienced. But it is the greatest disaster after August 11. Allah Almighty is testing us with disasters. We are currently being tested by the flood. In the catastrophic flood experienced yesterday, the teams of he police and gendarmerie emptied the bridges, vehicles were not allowed to pass. Homes near the creek were evacuated. Again, with rising flood waters, several houses in Çayağzı neighborhood were inundated. Their barns were flooded. Since the bridges were destroyed, there are no more crossings to the villages opposite. We have relatives who live here. We cannot communicate with them at this time. he said.


Paşalı Village Chief Ahmet Özcan also said: “The main flooding happened on August 11. Our districts such as Bozkurt, İnebolu, Çatalzeytin, Abana and Ayancık have been heavily affected. Our district suffered the most damage during this flood. This is where 5 streams meet on Akçay. If the structure of the earth was not widespread, it would have carried them away. There would be no settlement here. But there’s a lot of ground here. As it is a large land, the waters spread. That’s why small bridges are left without clothes here. During the last flood, 9 of our bridges were destroyed. 9 bridges collapsed around Akçay and Karacakaya. These bridges connect our 26 villages. It connects 21 villages of Çatalzeytin and 5 villages of Sinop. There was also a village road where the digger worked here now. But it’s underwater. This is a road connecting Çatalzeytin to the villages across the bridge and even to the villages of Türkeli. Currently, this road is under flood water. On the other side of this road, a place called the Turkmen Market is established. It is a historical place. As can be seen there, as the flood waters of the creek rose, it remained under a pile of rocks and rubble. he said.

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