The Speech of Our YDK Chairman Uğur Dündar at the Regular Meeting of the Board of Governors


Saturday 07 May 2022 11:41

The speech of our Chairman of the Supreme Council, Uğur Dündar, at the April ordinary meeting of the High Council of our Club is as follows:

“I hope that the meeting of the High Council will be beneficial for our community. I would also like to thank you for the confidence you have shown in me personally, our vice-president Ms Mithat Yenigün, our secretary Ms Ismail Tepecik, our clerks Ms Elizabet Uğurlu and Ms Didem Urmen, and I promise you that we will work with all our strengths to be worthy of your interest and trust.

Distinguished members of the High Council Council; As we all know, it’s hard to be tall, and especially to stay tall all the time. Our community has experienced this many times throughout its history; He knew how to get out of all the troubles he went through. Because there is no place for intimidation and abandonment in the spirit, essence and character of Fenerbahçe. We know this very well; As before, our community will be exposed to all manner of incitement, targeting, obstruction, and attacks.

As our President Ali Koç pointed out during yesterday’s successful press conference; Those who take these initiatives and those who will try to do so must know this very well; From now on, Fenerbahce will fight all kinds of attacks with unity and integrity, and come out of this fight stronger with the white of their forehead.

Very valuable members of the Fenerbahçe community, a great provocation against our community has been exhibited recently and our glorious championship trophy of the 2010-2011 season has been called into question.

For those wondering with your high permission, I would like to briefly remind you how our trophy was taken and where it is now.

Our cup is the sweat of Fenerbahçe fans, who reached the Topuk plateau on July 10, 2011 in the most difficult conditions, filled the training ground and turned it into a stadium, in order to restore morale to the team, which was persecuted by the traitorous FETOs.

It is in the precious efforts and tears of our footballers, who watch what happens in amazement and fit together instead of falling apart.

Calling our technical director Aykut Kocaman, who took an unforgettable position from his wheelchair in this crowd and even gave up his profession, he said: “The situation was so bad that I felt I had to come. Our disabled supporter, Halil Taşkın, who said “We are behind you, teacher” is in the heart of Yılmaz.

Our 2011 championship trophy is in the bullet holes on the window of our team’s bus, which was murdered.

Our 2011 championship trophy is the indelible mark left on the walls of the Metris dungeon by our legendary president Aziz Yıldırım, who launched the greatest resistance against FETO and cast hope in Turkey from the blind darkness of the dungeons to save the Republic and the fatherland by saying: “What is it, the country is leaving”.

Our championship trophy of the 2011 season is in the upright posture of Mr. Ali Koç, who did not flinch from the first day of the plot until the end, who protected his chest against his community and fellow captives, who resisted so that the spring comes to his mountains, and that we wish to be the greatest president of the future of Fenerbahçe, and his fellow leaders with whom he has a common destiny.

Our trophy for the 2011 season is for our female fans, who, under the leadership of Mrs. Yasemin Merçil, filled the stands of Şükrü Saracoğlu and showed the whole world the magnificent example of being one and whole in joy and worry, pain and joy.

Our championship trophy for the 2011 season is here, in your high presence, together with the glorious 28 championship trophies that our club requested to register on March 6, 2021 and which will allow us to put the 5 halal stars on our chests like the our mother’s white milk…

These are not just championship trophies, but medals of honor spilling over fields, grandstands, plazas, dungeons, and grand prizes paid.

Dear President, Dear Members of the Board of Directors, highly esteemed members of the Supreme Council of Büyük Fenerbahçe; You cannot be proud of your position, your identity, your support for Fenerbahce, your unique resistance and resilience in the face of all kinds of problems and conspiracies.

You are; With at least 25 years of experience at Fenerbahçe, you are an infallible compass, guiding all Fenerbahçe fans, from our supporters to our athletes, from our equipment suppliers to the guardhouse security guard, and explaining how to get up after the storms…

Yes, you are the representatives of the greatest Fenerbahce Gazi Mustafa Kemal, who visited our club 104 years ago when we started the national struggle… Especially in the last 10 years, the worthy position that you have put forward with the strength you have drawn from our roots is the greatest source of pride you will leave in Fenerbahçe’s great history.

Esteemed Senate of Fenerbahce, against the attacks and vicious provocations launched against our community recently, our club has reflaunted its strong, lively and courageous position that it displayed in the July 3 conspiracy under your guidance and leadership. Our lawyers, associations, non-governmental organizations and dedicated Fenerbahçe fans have taken action and, as our President Ali Koç has pointed out, have revived the spirit of July 3 in their genes.

On this occasion, I would like to firmly state before all of you that the Fenerbahçe High Council Office will work in harmony with our President Ali Koç and his leadership, stand by our leadership, in accordance with the interests of our great Fenerbahçe, and do its best to help our community emerge stronger from these attacks.

I believe that we will look forward together without forgetting our past, especially in the coming season, when we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of our Republic, we will overcome all obstacles and run from victory to victory and crown our museum with beautiful 100th anniversary trophies.

We will live and see together that there will be no goal we can’t dream of when we put it side by side. We have complete confidence in Fenerbahçe, its supporters, its management and our athletes. I wish the first meeting of the Supreme Council of the new era will be beneficial for our community and our football team to return victorious from the Beşiktaş derby tomorrow, and I congratulate our female fans in advance on the occasion of mothers day.

Long live the Republic of Turkey,

Long live Fenerbahce…”

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