Trabzonspor coach Abdullah Avci: ‘It was a good message’

Trabzonspor Technical Director Abdullah Avcimade statements after the Atakaş Hatayspor game which ended 1-1.

Assessing the game, Avcı said: “Games after securing the championship are difficult, by the way, we have a game on Tuesday. There were also injuries. We made team planning from what we had , depending on the opponent. It can be evaluated according to the game and the player, it is also a given for us. The match did not start badly. For us. There is a position that we missed, there is a penalty behind. We watched halftime, there is an opportunity to win, and 3 players made moves and the game responded to that. We have both good play and score. Now , there were opportunities to break up the game. The opponent is also one of the quality teams in the league. “He has nothing to lose. This is not welcome, so it can cause problems. Here’s the point; you always have to play defense and the right game no matter how the game goes,” he said.


Referring to the goal they conceded in the dying moments of the game, the experienced technical man said: “The last part of the game was too much for the opponent in numbers. They made the middle, sometimes we met , sometimes they did badly. We caught up a position in transitions, we couldn’t finalize. We conceded the goal 10 seconds from the end. I want to watch the glass half full. I think a something like this at the last second before Tuesday’s game is the right message for the player and for us to prepare. You have to play every moment of the game properly. There are positive things and negative things. It was a good message for Tuesday. Now we will come back to Tuesday, we will prepare for this game,” he said.


Finally, the young name of the team Ahmetcan KaplanWhen asked about Trabzonspor’s performance, Abdullah Avcı said: “When I came to Trabzonspor, he was in the A team, he didn’t take time. After he started working, I said he had great potential, and that he was a player who came out of Trabzonspor’s infrastructure. I said fertile ground, Ahmetcan being one of the faces. “We are happy with his development, but he continues to invest in its development. Significant potential continues its path. I hope it will continue to develop,” he said.


Avcı said in the press conference held after the match at Yeni Hatay Stadium that matches after winning the championship are always difficult.

Recalling that they reached the championship last week, Avcı said:

“On the one hand, we are going to finish the championship. We will want to win both games and players. And on Tuesday, one of our other goals is the second leg of the semi-final. Today we have planned a team with those at risk of injury and the rest of the people in treatment. The start of the game went well. We missed a penalty. We entered position. While the game was going well, the team opposition started to be dangerous from the middle. In fact, the game showed us that it was a good opportunity. We made 3 changes at half time to give the players some time. We got this answer in the game. We both moved forward, and the game got a lot wider. There were chances, there were decent receptions. Sometimes we were finalizing the attacks, sometimes not. In fact, we were taking positions to unplug. But we couldn’t finalize.”


Saying that the opponent no longer had a target, but made numerically risky side crosses, Avcı said that they met some of the midfielders very well and some of them could not be assessed.

Explaining that even though they are not in much danger, there are always risky situations, Avcı continued:

“Football is a game where you always have to do the right thing. You will do the right defense even if you have 10 seconds left. It ended in a draw with the goal we conceded within 10 last seconds. Again the glass is full; today we won players in some parts of the game as a game. Hopefully we will come back to Trabzon on Tuesday. We will play both legs of the semi-finals with the best football team in the league on Tuesday so that we can move forward with confidence towards the next goal with the players who are undergoing treatment in Turkey. Hatayspor also have a good team. They have added a very important color to the league for two years. I wish you success. There are positives and negatives today. There are good messages. I think there was a score that will keep us buoyant on Tuesday.”

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