Who is Gozde Kaya? From where – Height – Age – TV series – Family

Gozde KayaHe was born on November 7, 1988 in Antalya. Turkish television series, film and theater actor.

First name: Gozde Kaya
Date of Birth: November 7, 1988
Place of birth: Antalya
Length: 1.65m.
Mass: 52 kg
Sign: Scorpio
Eye colour: Blue
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gozzek/
Pets: They have cats.

Family: He was born and raised in Antalya. He says his family supports him in every way. “My grandfather was a filmmaker and my sister is an actress. I used to watch a lot of movies with my grandfather when I was a child, but at that time I had no desire to be an actor, I liked decorations more, I studied painting at high school and college, then things turned into theater time. My family always supported me while I was looking for my way, thank you.

School life : He completed his studies at Dokuz Eylül University. “I studied fashion, but I am not active in it at the moment, but I have designs. I even want to produce products with my own designs in an industrial area.”

First step towards acting: He began his television adventure in 2011 with the character of “Ipek”, which he embodied in the television series “My Heart Has Chose You”.

With what project did he shine? She attracted attention with her character “Çağla” in the TV series “Çilek Kokusu”.

Personality characteristics: She has always presented herself to the public as a woman with assertive roles. He has an energetic character. “I trust my energy, but I can’t say that Gözde is an assertive person. I am assertive in areas where I am confident, I am generally a self-confident person. My research is always on my inner journey and I try to understand myself. It depends on my mood, my environment and the people.

View of love: “I believe in the absolute power of love, but there is transformation in love because you allow it. Love heals. If you believe in it, let life transform when it comes to change , to transform, to rest.

State of mind: He has no regrets in his life. “It’s not like I thought I had proven myself when I got on stage. I still don’t think I’ve proven myself anywhere, I love being on stage. I have no wishes. It’s a good thing I made a mistake that I could be the person I am now. The thought of “I wish I hadn’t done that” won’t change the moment. I wish what you said couldn’t go back and heal things. This is why making peace with the past and pursuing the future with the good ones can make you grow.

source of happiness: She is happiest when she plays with her cats, does her job on stage and cooks. “I am happy when I see the facial expression of someone who likes the food I cook, when I get lost while painting a picture, playing the piano, riding a horse or swimming. I am very happy things that make me forget time and I do the things I do with love.

First movie: Çağrı Bayrak / Offended Cousins

View of life: Fame has changed nothing in his life. “Being known has changed nothing in my life. My glasses, my headphones, I walk everywhere. People can meet me on the ferry or at the market. I think it’s about digesting your work… I still smile when people recognize me like on the first day. I am not afraid of change as long as I make peace with myself and grow spiritually. Do not be afraid of change, life prepares new surprises for you.

Business outlook: While studying in Izmir, he decided to become an actor after arriving in Istanbul. “Before coming to Istanbul, I found my job. In 2010, Istanbul became the cultural capital of Europe and a series of films were to be shot. I was also a senior student, I already wanted to come to Istanbul. While still a student in Izmir, I contacted the artistic director of his films and got a job as an assistant. It was very quick, I guess I got a bit lucky. But I was not indecisive, I knew what I wanted. After deciding to act, I did education, television and theater together for a long time. There were times when I couldn’t see my way, but I never left my profession. Over the years, I have learned to let go. Now, in times like these, I try to look at myself and things from the outside.

You can wait long hours and work in difficult conditions, but when the scene starts to sink, it’s worth living and sharing the excitement of the moment. I love all the roles I play. Character of the sultan in Vuslat; He was a naive, joyful, unique angel, I formed a very thin bond. I played the life of Marie Curi. It was also very special. I loved Çağla’s character transformation in Strawberry Kokusu, I had a lot of fun with her spiritual ups and downs. Sultan Abdulhamit Hatice Sultan, I formed a deep bond with him, my heart was broken. Lots of characters. All have a special place in my life.

Concerns: In the world we live in, women are concerned about the problems they face. “All women must learn to protect themselves mentally and physically in a world like this. Of course, I am also afraid of any danger that may come my way, but I try to act by healing this fear. Today, women and girls still wonder if they can cope with situations they cannot cope with and they hesitate to ask for help. We need to raise our voices now girls!

Biggest excitement so far: “The horse I was riding wanted to swim in the sea, because it was shallow, we went far from the shore, it was a wonderful experience.”

Beauty routine: He takes care of his skin and his hair. “I take good care of my hair because it’s beautiful and I’ve never dyed it before. As I have fair skin, I go out with sunscreen even on cloudy days. I can’t sleep without cleaning my skin. And maybe everyone does, I don’t know, but I put my eyeshadow on my nose as an illuminator and I use ice for acne breakouts. I love makeup when it’s done with natural products. The products that I generally use are vegan, I particularly want that there is no animal testing.


2022- Modern Woman

2020/2021- Ramo/ Nadia

2019/2020 – Vuslat / Sultan Korkmazer

2017/2018 – Payitaht Abdulhamid / Hatice Sultan

2015 – Strawberry Perfume / Çağla

2015- Nickname Cavidan / Enough

2014 – Erase Again / Maya

2014 – Those in the shadows

2013 – I still have hope

2012 – Abyss / Masha

2011 – My Heart Chose You / İpek


2018- Offended Cousins


2012- Ay Emesi / Moon Girl

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