Actress Pelin Karahan: “Being a mother changes your outlook on life”

Actress Pelin Karahan embarked on a new path in her acting career and took the stage with the play “Amazing Me”. While the beautiful actress is excited about this new experience, she has been successfully married to businessman Bedri Güntay since 2014. We got together with Karahan, who has two sons named Ali Demir and Eyüp Can from this marriage , on the occasion of Mother’s Day. The famous actress says of her children, “Life is completely different with them. Child marriage is life-changing. For me, the foundation of a family is a child.”
You are in a busy period of your life. In all this intensity you How are you, how are you?

I have a cooking show on TV and our play has started to be staged… Both want a high tempo, but I like that tempo.
You are the mother of two boys, one three if you count your wife Bedri Bey. How is life at home with a man? Would you like to have a daughter too?

It is beautiful, but at the same time very difficult. Sometimes I tell myself that if there was a girl at home, she would understand me more easily and even help me. May God give it to those who want it. While I already have two healthy sons, I obviously have no eyes for a daughter.

As a young mother, your maternity in regards to from your own mother Is there a life lesson?
Now I do the things that I was most angry with my mother for. I also have my mother’s ability to be omnipotent and manage everything at the same time. I love it when my kids see the woman in the house like that. The mother also works, she is enough for everything, she runs. I don’t want them to see passive women. For example, when I was little, there was a broken tool at home, my mother tried to fix it first. My mother was a woman who could do anything, she also cut my hair. I saw from her how a woman is so active both in life and at home. I want my kids to see this too.

your children with you choose the same job Do you want them to be?
Why not, it’s up to them… If it’s a job for them, they have to act.

Sometimes as mothers you think you miss him Are there moments?
First, let me say: every time I’m at work, I feel bad about them. Of course, so I say to myself; I’m happy to be a working mother, they want me to be a happy mother too… After all, they go to school too, they have a life too… Or sometimes by teaching them something, I wonder if I’m doing the right thing or not. I think that feeling of awareness and incompleteness never goes away.

male mothers it’s a joke although he still thinks; Do you think your wives how against would you be a mother-in-law?
If you ask my friends, they say; “You’re going to have a very bad mother-in-law”… Jokes aside, the most important thing here is that the children are happy.


You look pretty healthy and fit lately, Is there anything special you do about it?
I have a dietitian we have worked with him and he is ketogenic I lost a lot of weight while eating. Even a bit I did it like the intermittent fasting system. as well I exercised. In fact, rather than weakening I started for my health. about my belly there was a problem and I felt very swollen, I used to have a pregnant belly at night. I am 48 kg it’s now and early in my senior years in college I can say that I was overweight.


Have your own style There are. Do you have support for this? Otherwise, all your choices are up to you. does it belong
I’m at a gala or a program If I go to participate, I usually get support. I prefer. more myself I make my choices, be colorful I love. As I lose weight some of my style I also changed. Just a fashion It’s not for me to carry the thing. anyway fashion strikes me a bit late. A lot I don’t like flamboyant parts, usually I’m more classic. too much for clothes I don’t give money but shoes and bags I pay great attention to the subject.


The first years of your marriage with Bedri Bey and the following ones an assessment between when you arrived What would you say if you had to?
We became parents very early. with bed Our dating period didn’t last long either. even U.S we spent this period of meetings as parents. So I can say that we just come to ourselves. The basis of being a family is the child, without him. So I don’t know… Of course, everyone is parents. it’s not necessary; You can’t choose you cannot be in this dedication, this patience, childless You can also continue your life.

Intense from the first days of your marriage work-life-love balance in your work rhythm Do you have times when you find it difficult to settle down?
I never stop. When I stop things seem to be leaking. don’t miss anything I do not want.

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