Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security, spoke to the provincial chairman of the Isparta AK party:

ISPARTA (AA) – Labor and Social Security Minister Vedat Bilgin said: “We see the repercussions of the current cyclical crisis on Turkey, but these are things that can be solved. As long as Turkey keeps its production power alive, it will solve and overcome these problems.” mentioned.

Visiting the AK Party Provincial Presidency of Isparta, Bilgin said in his speech that the AK Party has received great support from the nation in advancing Turkey’s democratization process during its 20-year rule.

Stating that the power of the party comes from the democratization of Turkey and its integration into the nation, Bilgin said that the epidemic and the reflections of the global economic crisis are experienced these days.

Stating that they have seen the reality of inflation and are running an economic program to fight it, Bilgin said, “We will get there and we will keep pushing forward.” he said.

Explaining that everyone in middle age knows best where Turkey came from for 20 years, Bilgin said: “This story is not over yet, it’s a long story, there’s still a long page to go. write. This story is also that of Turkey. As long as Turkey is strong, the welfare of its people increases, and its agriculture and industry grow stronger, we have all seen in a very short time what kind of role it will play in international relations and world politics. used the expression.

Stating that Turkey wishes to be excluded from the Mediterranean, Bilgin underlined that even the independence of the TRNC is not tolerated in Cyprus.

Stressing that Turkey wants to be excluded from riches such as oil and natural gas in the Mediterranean, Bilgin said: “What are you doing in Libya, in Syria? He continued thus:

“Turkey has historical ties with all these geographies. It has not only historical ties, but also geopolitical partnerships. The deal with Libya in the Mediterranean is the deal of our natural wealth there. We have an immense bridge from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea, from the Black Sea to the Caucasus.We have both historical unity and the laws of rights and fraternity in a whole geography that extends to Central Asia.

Bilgin stressed that Turkey will also be in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, adding that he will independently decide Turkey’s relations across geography, from Africa to Asia.

Explaining that the energy, natural gas, transport and supply crises facing the world are reflected in the country in the form of inflation, Mr. Bilgin said that Turkey maintains a growth model based on exports to overcome these problems.

– “As long as Turkey maintains its production power, it will solve and overcome these problems”

Pointing out that Turkey has become a country that exports around $20 billion per month, Bilgin said:

“We are talking about 20 billion dollars. Therefore, an industry-based growth model will be achieved with export-based development by modernizing agriculture. We see the reflections of today’s cyclical crisis on Turkey, but these are things to be solved. As long as Turkey maintains its productive power, it will solve and overcome these problems. We have done important things. Last year, when Turkey’s annual inflation was by 36%, we have increased our public personnel by 31%, as well as our workers and pensioners. So the lowest pension was 1500 lira, we have increased it to 2500 lira. Next July we have made the lowest pension. “We will raise them to a level that will make them smile. the good news that will bring happiness not only to our pensioners, but also to public personnel, pensioners of civil servants and workers. We have f another historic step, we raised the minimum wage by 50% when inflation was at 36%.

Stating that they assessed today’s inflation as part of the Anti-Inflation Program, Bilgin said: ‘As a result, when we reconsider in December, society predicts that we will achieve an increase in welfare that no one expected. Because we achieved this goal last December. We entered the new year with a 50% increase. Most importantly, we eliminated tax on all wage income at the salary level. minimum. I find these historical milestones very important. Our social security system provided a very inclusive social protection security service during the pandemic process. made its appreciation.

Bilgin explained that 308 drugs were included in the reimbursement list and went on to say:

“The majority of them are cancer drugs and expensive drugs for SMA patients. There are drugs that cost a hundred thousand, a hundred and fifty thousand lira per box. We don’t look at their money. We do whatever is necessary for the treatment of our nation, for the needs of our people. Our social insurance system has developed within this framework. We are proud of it. Sometimes there are complaints. Be sure, when these drugs are approved by the world medical authorities, we put them on the payment list. Please know that the Turkish state does not care about the expensive drugs that the patient will use. No matter what the price is, the drugs we pay for are fifty thousand, hundred thousand. “There are drugs that cost dollars and we pay. We will continue to pay. We will fulfill the conditions of a healthy society.

Vedat Bilgin then paid a visit to the provincial presidency of the MHP. Bilgin received the Ispartaspor shirt here.

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