Davutoğlu’s remarkable statements! ‘In an office with 6 collaborations…’

Regarding the presidential election to be held in June 2023
A remarkable statement came from the chairman of the Future Party, Ahmet Davutoğlu. “According to the new electoral law regarding entry to the Turkish Grand National Assembly, there is no difference between being in an alliance or entering separately.” says Davutoglu, “In this context, we favor the registration of our own logo and our own name. However, we are open to all options. In this context, different options may arise within the cooperation table at 6.” he said.

Future party chairman Ahmet Davutoğlu came to Antalya to attend the opening of the International Yörük Turkmen Festival organized by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. Stating that he came at the invitation of President Muhittin Insect, Ahmet Davutoğlu paid a visit to the Antalya Journalists Association (AGC) after the meeting at the Provincial Future Party Presidency. Davutoğlu answered questions about the agenda here.


Referring to the refugee issue on the agenda, Ahmet Davutoğlu underlined that Turkey is one of the most important issues of the last period and the days to come. Davutoğlu said: “Finally, we see an approach to transform the refugee problem into a social problem in Turkey, a tension, or to reinforce authoritarianism in a possible tension, as was clearly revealed in the discussion between the Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu and Zafer Party President Ümit Özdağ First of all, I consider Süleyman Soylu’s statements to be extremely reprehensible in terms of political courtesy, state experience and incompatible with political morality It’s a legal process to start a court process because it’s a felony charge,” he said. mentioned.


Stressing that the refugee problem will not be solved by fueling it, Davutoğlu said: “Sometimes language that can bring the masses against each other and cause social tension by the existence of such an invasion in Turkey saying “silent invasion” is not One of the main reasons for the increase in the number of refugees from Syria in recent years is immigration from Idlib, especially after the fall of Aleppo, as well as the influx of refugees and the failure of the resolution process, which was decided by the General Council of the United Nations on December 18, 2015. In other words, 7 years ago it was decided to establish a transitional government in Syria with the guarantee of the United Nations Council. By implementing this, Turkey should pave the way for a new era in Syria. With such a period, Syrians can only return in a climate of peace. Also, in 2016 with the European Union In negotiations statements on the visa waiver that we held, there was a commitment for one million refugees to go to Europe. “After I left the prime minister’s office, that wasn’t done,” he said.


Stating that the new government should be established and there should be elections immediately, Ahmet Davutoğlu said that they signed a cooperation agreement as the chairman of the 6 parties and they will host the new meeting to be held on May 29. Davutoğlu said: “We have agreed on a common candidate for the chairman of the 6 political parties in the presidential election. When the day comes, we will finalize our work on the candidacy. Turkish Grand National Assembly, there is no difference like being in an alliance or entering separately. In this context, “We give priority to entering our own logo, with our own name. However, we are open to all options. In this context, different options can come to the fore within the cooperation table of 6. The important thing is to find together an answer to the question of how we are going to get the most deputies to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey,” he said.

Source: DHA

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