Manisa radiation conundrum: Scientists have complained about data ‘hiding’


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The Nuclear Control Authority (NDK) announced that the highest radiation rate in Europe was measured in Manisa on April 26 and 27. ‘electrical surge’ attached. Nuclear energy expert Prof. Dr. Tolga Yarman said he heard the phrase for the first time.

so much ‘a chiseled sentence to soothe the public with instruction’ said Prof. Dr. Yarman, “Excuse me, this sentence comes back with the same understanding as the effort to keep inflation low. mentioned.

Image: European Commission Joint Research Center (JRC) Environmental Radioactivity Monitoring (EMR)

According to graphs published by the Radioactivity Environmental Monitoring (REM) group of the European Commission’s Joint Research Center (JRC), the highest radiation rate in Europe was detected in Manisa on April 26 and 27.

The brief statement from the Nuclear Control Authority after this news was as follows: “It was deemed necessary to make a statement on the news regarding the Radiation Early Warning System station installed in Manisa on social media. As a result of research conducted by our institution, it was assessed that the high value read from the station in question was caused by electrical fluctuation.

“To place the public in the instruction…”

Yarman for this explanation of the NDK “Very treacherous” mentioned: “I have been a technical teacher for all these years, ‘electrical surge’ This is the first time I hear the phrase. The context in which it is intended to be used here is very vague. who ‘electrical surge’ How does this affect nuclear measuring instruments? This too is uncertain. It is unbelievable that there was an explosion in the sun and a huge wind of electrons blowing from there towards our world disturbed the instruments.

If you use this word without any other description, it either means that you are ignorant or that you are trying in your own way not to do stupid things. You know “The tools are broken” You can be more persuasive. But then you must be able to explain how all the instruments could have been corrupted.

Digging probability

Photography: Greenpeace (representational)

Teacher. in Manisa in 2008. Dr. In the study conducted by Ahmet Şaşmaz on behalf of TÜBİTAK, it was determined that the villages of Kasar, Kınık, Killik, Çamyurdu, Kemhallı and Döğüşören north of Köprübaşı are above the uranium deposit.

Assoc. Dr. During the measurement of Enver Yaser Küçükgül in the same region in 2014, 140 times more radiation than the annual radiation in Köprübaşı was determined.

Yarman, “Could the radiation detected on April 26 and 27 have a link with these uranium deposits” When we asked him the question, he replied:If it was me, I would look like this. Was there a dig nearby? If so, it means that the ground has been upset, which explains the radioactive explosion.

“A risk to human health”

Yarman said the rise in cancer cases in the region should also be looked at. This is one of the problems most mentioned by the inhabitants of the region.

Because the uranium mine, which operated between 1970 and 1980, remained as it was, without even a fence around the quarries and shafts, and without a radiation warning. There has been no rehabilitation in the area. Experts we interviewed said children were playing in the area where they were going to take measurements.

Derya Pekbayık, the former head of the Manisa Medical Chamber, issued the following warning about the region seven years ago: “It is revealed that the water in the area where the Köprübaşı uranium deposit is located is at least ten times more polluted according to the criteria of the World Health Organization. It is mentioned that uranium mixed with groundwater can also accumulate in cultivated agricultural products.

Public health expert Prof. Dr. Ali Osman Karababa said that there are risks to human health due to the high level of radioactivity in the region: “Because it enters the life cycle of radioactive uranium. It exists in the soil, there is also water, it enters the structure of plants. Since people consume these plants, there is a cancer risk In Köprübaşı, the radioactivity as binding to uranium is very high and therefore the risk of cancer for people living in this area is very high.

The Ministry of Health does not disclose the data

We searched for data on the increase in cancer cases in the area, but the authorities were unable to provide any information. The Ministry of Health does not share this data either.

Karabıyık said: “I have no way of knowing how much the cancer rates have increased. For this reason, we do not have the statistical data announced by the Ministry of Health. There is no such data in the data from TÜİK. They specifically avoid disclosing it anyway. We have filed a request with the Ministry of Health regarding the disclosure of cancer data, but the Ministry does not share this data, even for scientific research purposes.

The ministry has very serious reliable data, particularly on cancer patients. That’s why I say this because the cancer registry system in Turkey started at the Faculty of Medicine of Ege University, where I also retired, and spread to Turkey. These cancer records are obtained through a reliable data collection system. In Turkey, perhaps the most reliable disease-based registries are the cancer registries. That is why we are requesting these records from the department. We say that the Köprübaşı process and thermal power plants create serious environmental problems. For this reason, the cancer data in the hands of the ministry is data that will greatly broaden our horizons. But unfortunately, they do not share. Scientifically, I can’t give the data on the increased incidence of cancer in this region, but scientifically, I can say that if there is such a high level of radioactivity in this region, there will definitely be, depending on the uranium, but unfortunately we have little chance of being able to give a concrete rate on the level of this one, it is not even the question.

The ministry is required to carry out a medical examination of health problems caused by radioactivity in the region. It is a public duty. “

One of the points that Yarman draws attention to is that scientists or officials measure radiation in cow’s milk. increase in radiation ‘electrical surge’It is unclear whether the authorities who passed it have researched this issue.

“The institution’s statement is childish, they should withdraw it”

When we asked what the possible scenarios would be if uranium deposits were not the cause of the April 26-27 spike, Professor Yarman replied: “I don’t want to blame anyone, but the explanation given by the competent institution is by no means satisfactory; beyond, literally, childish. For once, let them take that statement back with appropriate language. Let them make a frank and informative statement. I wonder if the ground was pulled from somewhere there? As I pointed out, I would look at that first. In the meantime, I will reach out to our villagers who are constantly exposed to radiation. How much it is, I can’t see it from where I am, I don’t know.”

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