Municipality of Bozüyük Opening of the September 4 installation with a concert by Altay on the occasion of Mother’s Day

Municipality of Bozüyük On September 4, the multi-purpose hall of the social and cultural facility was put into operation with the ceremony organized on Mother’s Day and the concert of the popular artist Altay.
The opening of the multi-purpose hall within the body of social and cultural equipment 4 Eylül, which was completed by the municipality of Bozüyük in the district 4 Eylül, took place with intense participation. The hall was almost full at the concert of the popular artist Altay, in which the mothers especially expressed their interest. During the concert, pop music artist Altay greeted citizens who could not enter the hall and listened to the concert from the garden of the establishment, stepping out onto the balcony. On the program, the opening ribbon was cut by members of protocol and the room was opened. Right after, President Bakkalcıoğlu showed protocol members around the facility with him and gave information about the nursery section. Following the program, Mayor of Eskişehir Tepebaşı, Ahmet Ataç gave a short speech before the concert and congratulated all mothers on Mother’s Day and said, “Bozüyük and Eskişehir are like nails with meat. I am very happy to welcome you. Bozüyük is a place where our dear friends have been for years. But today is a very important day. What they said about Mrs. Zübeyde, “a mother can change the whole world”. You too will live with your spouses, children, grandchildren in health and peace for many years. Afterwards, CHP Bilecik MP Yaşar Tüzün said that we have left a very important week behind us and said: “Today is Mother’s Day celebrated all over Turkey and around the world. . I celebrate Mother’s Day of all our mothers, who realize the importance of Mother’s Day not today, but every day, who live in their own souls and bodies for 365 days, and I kiss their hands. My esteemed mayor, who brought such a beautiful cultural center to district 4 Eylül in such a beautiful week, in short, brought our Bozüyük cultural center, which includes kindergartens for our children, a parking lot with a hall wedding in a magnificent and beautiful lane, green spaces and entertainment centers at the beautiful and distinguished city. I would like to thank Mehmet Talat Bakkalcıoğlu on your behalf” and thanked the Mayor of Tepebaşı, Ahmet Ataç, who did not leave him alone at the opening today.
Then, continuing his speech by saying “My dear family,” MP Tüzün said, “As Bozüyük, we are the people of this holy land who always maintain our unity and solidarity together. Our women are showing the best response to those who want to divide us, who are doing ethnic identity politics through social media and through the press, with unity and solidarity here today. So congratulations to all of you. We were born in this city, we live in this city, our funeral will be in this city after we die. For this reason, we give the best response to those who sow seeds of discord in the development of this city and the unity and solidarity of this city. And we will continue to give. May Allah preserve our unity and solidarity. Happy Mother’s Day to you all once again. I wish you all a good time. I offer my love and respect. mentioned. Pop music artist Altay Bozüyüklü, who then took the stage, was envious of his fans. All participants had a great time in the concert program where Altay sang his favorite songs. Mayor Mehmet Talat Bakkalcığlu, who came on stage and celebrated Mother’s Day for all the guests, said, “We finished this place, we haven’t opened it for a long time. Especially on the occasion of Mother’s Day, we wanted to present this room at the service of all Bozüyük. That’s why we brought it up to date. Here we thought about how to organize entertainment for our women. Altay Bey came to mind. Luckily she didn’t break us, she joined us for this fun Mother’s Day. I thank him very much and give him the plaque of our Great Leader. mentioned. Mayor Bakkalcıoğlu’s wife, Merih Bakkalcıoğlu, thanked beloved artist Altay and the city council’s women’s council for visiting the mothers of martyrs on behalf of Bozüyük Municipality and the city council, and presented flowers to Berna Akdemir Çelik, vice-president of the municipal women’s council. Advice. President Bakkalcıoğlu also presented flowers to mothers in the hall.
The opening ceremony where the mothers of Bozüyük spent an unforgettable Mother’s Day with the concert of popular pop music artist Altay; CHP Bilecik MP Yaşar Tüzün, former Minister of State Bahattin Şeker, Eskişehir Tepebaşı Mayor Ahmet Ataç, Bozüyük Mayor Mehmet Talat Bakkalcıoğlu, CHP District Chairman İhsan Esel, IYI Party District Chairman Yusuf Çırak, Provincial Assembly members Hüseyin Elmas and Osman Çetin, deputy mayors of the municipality, members of the municipal council and mothers of Bozüyük participated.

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