News about the Yenimahalle Şentepe cable car line has been published

News about the Yenimahalle Şentepe cable car line has been published

The General Management of EGO of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality issued a statement regarding the news about the Yenimahalle-Şentepe cable car line published recently in some newspapers and social media accounts.

The statement made by EGO is as follows;

“The management of the cable car, which serves the Yenimahalle-Şentepe line by the Ankara Electricity, Coal Gas and Bus Operation Institution (EGO Branch), was closed to service on March 21, 2020, as part of the measures to the central administration, taking into account public health during the coronavirus pandemic period. With the transition to the normalization process, heavy maintenance of the line has been carried out to ensure passenger safety and system security, and it was returned to service on April 8, 2022.

Before the return to service of the cable car line:

  • 3,070 m of transport-towing cable in the first stage were acquired by tender,
  • The damaged areas of the 3,960 m carry-tow rope of the second stage were repaired and shortened,
  • Major maintenance-repairs of 20 batteries of cable car masts were carried out,
  • 105 Cabin Terminal systems were renewed,
  • The signaling and communication infrastructure of the line has been renewed,
  • Maintenance-repairs of 6 Drive-Turn-Deflection wheels have been carried out,
  • The replacement of 573 synchronization tires at 4 stations has been completed.

Of these preparatory works, only 3,070 m of transport-towing cable were acquired following the call for tenders launched by our Authority. All other maintenance and repairs are covered by the insurance company.

Out of the total cost of 26,699,562 TL, which is the total cost of all heavy maintenance/renovation expenses made during this period, only 4,848,228 TL was covered by our institution, while 21,851,334 TL was covered. been covered by the insurance company.

As a requirement of our open and transparent management approach, we would like to present data regarding the investment and operating costs of the cable car system to the public. The investment cost of the cable car system, which cost 51,600,000 TL (27,750,000 USD) at 2014 prices, is 424,762,719 TL at today’s prices.

The operating cost of the cable car system is 2,233,714 TL per month and 26,804,568 TL per year. On the other hand, the income of the business is 750,000 TL per month and 9,000,000 TL per year.

As a result, cable car management loses about TL 18 million per year.

As can be seen, in addition to its high investment cost, the cable car is a system with high operating costs due to frequent breakdowns during operation and dependence on a single company as a monopoly of its maintenance.

It was decided to carry out a very comprehensive review and assessment of the system before the operation of the cable car, which was suspended during the pandemic period, is reopened with the normalization process. In this context, it has been pointed out in the reviews carried out by experts holding international certificates that the operation of the system in its current state will pose a great risk to the security of our citizens. As the cable car is closed, it is not out of order. Already in the current situation, it has been determined by experts that there is significant damage in many parts of the system. The fact that the scope of the repair was very large and that heavy maintenance-repair work of this magnitude has not been carried out until today has led to an extension of the duration of the work. Because, even if the operation of the cable car had not been closed during the pandemic period, it was necessary to carry out heavy maintenance of this magnitude in order to prevent accidents which could lead to disastrous results.

Additionally, upon review of the cable car management’s past statistics, it will be found that more efficient, safe and trouble-free service was provided after it opened on April 8, 2022. In previous years, for example, the line was closed due to maintenance-repair work carried out throughout April 2015; 3 months in August, September and October 2016 due to the replacement of the 1st stage motor and heavy maintenance work; Since the replacement of the 2nd stage motor and heavy maintenance work was carried out in January, February and March 2017, the cable car system has never been operated for 3 months. Also in September 2017, the total system wait time due to a malfunction reached 791 minutes (over 13 hours). In most of these cases, we have records indicating that the passengers could not be evacuated and were held in the air.

Residents of the district complain strongly about the cable car system, which is stated by experts and professional chambers to be unsuitable for Ankara’s topography and public transport principles. It has been the subject of complaints and various legal proceedings that the roads caused by the narrowing of traffic, which is a requirement of the cable car system, and the negative effects of traffic due to the location of poles in the neighborhood, in the residential area and very close to the houses, thus causing zoning problems in the areas where the cable car passes, with the violation of security and privacy during the cruise. . Also, considering that passengers transported by cable car can be transported very easily with two or three articulated buses, it is considered that the cable car system is not a suitable public transport alternative.

Despite all this, in order not to cause public loss and to pursue an investment, the operation of the cable car is operated under the most appropriate conditions, with all our means, by favoring the safety of the lives of our passengers, instead of being totally stopped. He will continue to work with the same effort in the next period.

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