President Demirtaş entertained women on Mother’s Day

Gökhan Mustafa Demirtaş, Mayor of Gülüç in the Ereğli district of Zonguldak, organized an animation for women on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

Gökhan Mustafa Demirtaş, Mayor of Gülüç in the Ereğli district of Zonguldak, organized an animation for women on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

Gülüç Mayor Gökhan Mustafa Demirtaş had a fun evening at Gülüç Beach Cafe for Mother’s Day.

Işıl Demirtaş “I bow to our mothers with respect”

In the program which started with a minute of silence for the martyrs and the singing of the national anthem, Işıl Demirtaş, wife of Gülüç Mayor Gökhan Mustafa Demirtaş, spoke about the importance of mothers and women. In his speech, Demirtaş said, “It is the greatest symbol of unrequited love and selflessness of our mothers, who are the key to heaven today, affirming the importance of May. It is our port which we cannot face in all the difficulties, as in our happiest moments.” I bow to our mothers who are symbols of love, each of them fulfilling her highest duty with selflessness and patience. I congratulate Mother’s Day to all our mothers who add strength to our strength and hope for our hope.”

President Demirtaş “Gülüç has become the shining star of Zonguldak”

Mayor of Gülüç, Gökhan Mustafa Demirtaş, meanwhile, said in his speech that he has been trying to meet all kinds of demands from women since the day he took office and attaches special importance to women. President Demirtaş spoke the following words in his speech; “As the Municipality of Güluç, we continue our services without interruption. We have fun with you in our new places. We fulfill everything we promised during the elections. March 8, Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, Holidays of circumcision, iftars of Ramadan. Municipality of Gülüç and its team are talking everywhere at the moment. Thanks to you, our esteemed women. I always owe you a debt of gratitude. You stood behind me like a castle, God bless you “I continue my work at full speed with the strength I receive from you. My love for Güluç, my love for Gülüç always continues. We have started our national garden project. “Our stone walls are being built. We are realizing a project soon which is not available in Zonguldak and Ereğli with picnic areas, waterfalls, bungalow houses, breakfast halls We will have a rural wedding hall here for 1,500 people We will bring you a place with a bird’s eye view of Kdz Ereğli and Alaplı Our school with 24 classrooms is completed. We worked hard for them to get an education in this place. We are happy with that. We opened our health center. 2. One of our medical specialists will soon start working in Gülüç. As the municipality of Güluç, we have never forgotten the support of our women in every program we organize. This is the beach we built in Ereğli, in Zonguldak we speak as follows; Those who see the photos taken here say: “Is it the Bosphorus or the Sile?” They are yours. In the morning, you can prepare your breakfast from home, come and have your tea here, you can have your family breakfasts there. One of our cafeterias was not enough, we did the second. As the municipality of Güluç, we give priority to social projects. In previous periods, the municipality did not have enough services. We brought the social municipality to Gülüç in every way. You have just visited Edirne. Our travels will continue. Now I am being asked to go around the Black Sea. I hope we will make this trip for you too. Don’t stop, I say continue the service. I said we will make Gülüç the shining star of Zonguldak. This is just one example. There are currently no houses for rent in Gülüç. House prices have gone up. Previously, it was said that there was no activity in Gülüç. Gülüç, who was despised before, today has become the shining star of Zonguldak. Happy Mother’s Day to all our moms.

After his speech, President Demirtaş performed with his wife Işıl Demirtaş in the accompaniment of the games.

Afterwards, the women participating in the program had fun and relieved stress with songs and dance performances performed by pianist Sezer Oruç and soloist Zeynep.

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